depth and girth

topic posted Thu, July 22, 2010 - 7:48 PM by  Raven
Hey fellow butt dudes,
I'm really wanting to take a deep toy, say 18 inches. I've tried with only moderate success and am beginning to wonder if my body is just not built for it. I am doing my best to "train" my hole, but I am unwilling to damage my hole or guts in the process. Anyone have some pointers on how to train for really gut-deep dildo fucking?

Also, I've just recently been able to take my boyfriends fist successfully. The 1st time was wild, but I wouldn't call it pleasurable. The 2nd time was better. 3rd time's a charm- I got off like a rocket. I'm curious to know how to train to take that kind of girth deeper. Is it simply possible for some people and not for others? I get that every body is different, but I will be disappointed for sure if turns out my hole can't do it. I'm open to suggestions... or your cocks, hands and toys ; )
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Grand Rapids
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    Fri, July 23, 2010 - 3:42 AM
    Not all that sure if i can offer much advice here, but id have to say that perhaps with persistence like anything, the more you practice the more expansive and receptive your hole will become, i would say that try receiving a good half hour or so of really nice intense anus massage, really gettting that love area nice n relaxed and hole opened, and go from their, i wish i could be there to assist you and offer such a massage to you....
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    Re: depth and girth

    Fri, July 30, 2010 - 10:52 AM
    I am curious, I tried to put in some nice toys into my ass, but not very deep every time. I am too anxious to hurt anything inside. But on videos I saw fists and arms of dudes fisting another going very deep, so I think it is possible. I really would love to find out.
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      Fri, July 30, 2010 - 11:15 AM
      Hey Wolf,
      sometimes it just takes abit of time to really open up the asshole,,, ive had a 8.5 inch dildo with a fairly thick girth deep inside me rihgt to the max and i feel like i could have gone a bit further even.... the asshole really relaxes and opens up if you enter slow and give yourself time...
      once i had 8.5 inches in side me, id slide right up and down on it, from head to base and man does it ever feel nice.. so dont rush and you will soon find that you can take something much bigger....;-)
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        Re: depth and girth

        Fri, July 30, 2010 - 10:03 PM
        That's so hot.
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          Re: depth and girth

          Sat, July 16, 2011 - 12:57 AM
          With the outer constrictor I dont have problems. My biggest dildo slips in, only the head gives a short pain when passing the constrictor. Aw, turns me on. When kneeling in front of the mirror, seeing my hole is opened and the dildo vanishes at half in my ass, looking at my tits feeling humiliated, feeling the big head of my dildo touching my prostata, I wank, I can't get hard then but after a while I cum, cock still being flaccid. This it must feel like being a castrated slave having his master inserting him big dildos in that slave ass. Aw, feels so good.
          But I also have a small but long dildo, I try to nagivate deeper. There is the inner constrictor as far as I know. Trying to open this always gives me a strange pain, not hurting, but unpleasent. When trying to open this my ass hurts a while after all is over ... this also feels great, as if I was used intensively. I really could have a helping hand with this.
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    Wed, August 4, 2010 - 6:46 PM
    I may not be the best one to speak on this, but hell if I don't speak I definately can't help anyone. So here I go. I used to try to shove a dildo up my ass, and it hurt. I would try for a short time, get fustrated, then get pissed at myself. By this time, I couldn't get anything in my ass and I would be scared to try with anyone or anything. Years later (for me) I started to relax more about life, not trying to prove myself,and I found I could relax and in it went. Now, I am up to a 9 inch dildo (one of those "natural" ones. I really think a big part is to relax and try to enjoy rather then to prove anything. And try not to be afraid of hurting yourself, if you are relaxed rather then tense, taking your time, you are unlikely to hurt yourself.
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    Thu, August 5, 2010 - 4:46 AM
    I am like Raven - I have tried and tried to take a longer toy, but can't seem to get past about 7.5 inches or so. Girth does not seem to be a problem and my ass accomodates larger and larger if I take it slow and relax. However, the same does not work for me for length. Is there some natural limit to length based on each guys anatomy? And can this be changed with time and effort?
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      Sun, August 15, 2010 - 10:47 PM
      Yeah, Larry, yours is a more succinct version of my question. Maybe if we keep asking, an answer will be provided?
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        Wed, August 25, 2010 - 6:54 PM
        I spent years as a top but when I was alone I thought why not try the dildo? I started with a small one, then larger. I got the Falcon dildos, and I liked the big, smooth ones the most.

        The Rambone dildo is too stiff; also it's too long. I think that I bend about a foot up my ass. I've never been able to get more than half of a 3" diameter double-headed dildo up my ass.

        I had the Bam dildo and got to where I could start out with it. Then my favorite: not realistic but about 7" long but about 10" or more around. I learned how to start off with it.

        It was completely smooth except for a mushroom head, and not realistic. The balls were a great handle. I found that the ridges made the dildo seem bigger; an unrealistically smooth one got the prostate better and left my hole better too.
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    Thu, August 26, 2010 - 8:43 AM
    hey raven, i think it's a two part process. one is your head space and the other is your
    body. for me it even if i'm all horned up, and if i'm not in what i call my comfort zone
    it ain't gonna happen. when i'm horned up and really comfortable i can feel my ass
    dilating. i had this real cool fuck buddy several years ago and the first time i dilated,
    while he was rimming me, i think he said wow. but as i said it doesn't matter how horned
    up you are, you have to be absolutely comfortable in order to let go. never be in a rush
    if it takes an hour or more to get to where you want to so be it. you need a senstive
    partner, someone who truly wants to explore with you. i got fucked once with a baseball
    bat, took most of it, and it was fuckin hot! but again, that was a long relaxed session.
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    Mon, September 6, 2010 - 2:35 AM
    I am back with anither thought. itmay be only my bodys' response as I've started playing with my own ass more trying to stretch myself for fisting (I hope). Anyway, I got the John Holmesdildo from Doc johnson and I finally managed to get it in (gods but it feels good...) but I can't get it all the way in, however , I do have a 18" double headed "jelly" dildo, and I can take it till just the other head remains out to grab. It eems as if its oft and flexable enough to follow the bowels up from the ass. I do have to be pretty clean inside to do it, but the feel so deep inside me is fantastic. I am not sure, but that may be how some fisters get so deep - they work their hands ti realign the guts. I don't know - I am guessing.
    I it posable we have a deep fister in this tribe who might be able to give some input? As I said, my thoughts are only a guess and I don't want anyone hurt because I put out bad info.
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      Wed, September 8, 2010 - 8:07 PM
      Thanks, everyone, for your responses. Yeah, Howard, I'm hoping a guy with experience of depth / girth will reply and give some good, solid advice. Any toy or fisting dudes: your input is welcomed...
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        Fri, September 10, 2010 - 10:56 AM
        I have experience with both length and girth. I have 2, 18-in double headed dildoes, one is 1.75" and smooth, the other is 2: diameter and veined. With patience, lubrication and practice I have gotten the thinner one inside me completely - the far end goes around the bend into the descending colon and the rest of the dildo is in my sigmoid colon. I can't get the thicker one past that bend, YET - I'm still trying.
        I have also inserted shorter, thicker dildoes - up to 3" diameter, 8-9" long, the shorter (11-13") fist, and a 15" x 2.5" one that I have inserted to its balls! (see my pics). I've also recently increased the sound size that I can insert to 33 fr (~11 mm).

        My suggestion for inserting any or all of these is the same - patience, lubrication, gentleness and care. If you see some blood - slow down or stop. If it hurts too much (you have to decide), slow down a little. As an earlier poster said: You have to open your body AND your mind. Relax and enjoy - I sure do.
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          Tue, March 5, 2013 - 4:20 AM
          patience, lubrication and practice!!!
          and a healthy horny ass wanting cock..Helps

          I have a very tight hole ... but with much coaxing
          longer ones seem to stroke my prostrate
          and I love that
          my lovers have alwys enjoyed girth and heft
          sooooo I tried a meaty one ..
          working up to it ...
          I finally went out and bought a new one .. with a mushroom head
          and although It was way too big to ease in....
          I enjoyed .... pleasing and teasing my sphincter
          enough that it made me shoot a thick gooey load!

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        Sun, December 7, 2014 - 8:25 PM
        hi raven - it is possible to take depth and width but it takes many many years of practice to do so safely........i am now able to take a slim arm almost to elbow and likewise with a toy i can manage 13 inches deep easily......i can take two average sized hands for double fisting and the largest hand ive been punch fisted with was 12 inches around.........i have played with my arse on and off since my teens however it wasnt until recently i got past 13 inches deep.........nice experience.

        before trying anything you really want to be extremely well douched out,be relaxed and comfortable and NEVER ever rush anything - set an evening aside where you wont be disturbed,etc...start with small toys and slowly work deeper........the first time i ever opened up with depth - i was laying on my back on sofa and was using a slim 13 inch was going no where at around 9 inches but i persisted playing and after about 1 hour just laying there fucking it in and out i suddenly felt my hole give way inside and it went all the way this point i cant stress enough that anyone doing arseplay must always use lots of lube and ESPECIALLY if going deep or if getting fisted ITS A MUST.

        i am not advocating the use of chems however will hold my hand up and say trying T (booty bumped in moderation) has taken me to depths i only dreamt next goal is to take a slim arm to the elbow and i hope to achieve this within the next 12 months.

        if you want to enjoy being fisted - only do so with someone you trust and feel comfortable and always stop if it doesnt feel right,etc - dont try it with randoms who are more than likely inexperienced and will do you more damage than good.....there is always another day.......perhaps use a butt plug before your fisted as it helps alot too.
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    Re: depth and girth

    Wed, June 29, 2011 - 12:01 PM
    Raven please pass any info you get on to me. I have a very small and very tight hole but I have a very big need to have a lot of width inside of me. I never had a fist in me but I have tried many times.
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    Re: depth and girth

    Wed, June 29, 2011 - 12:14 PM
    I have a theory, but I may really be out to lunch. There are three kinds of guys who want a big hole; those whose ass craves it but their head can't get around it, those who THINK they want it but their ass just isn't capable, and then those whose ass and head are on the same page. The first thing you to come to terms with is which is you, and if it's #1 or #2 what will it take to get to #3. Relax, trust yourself, trust your hole, and breathe often. And experienced top is also a big help.
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    Re: depth and girth

    Tue, March 5, 2013 - 6:34 AM
    Needless to say, you should learn all you can about anatomy. There's really fragile tissue up there (I've been told the consistency of wet paper towels) that could be easily damaged if you or your partner don't know what you're doing or your mind is being altered. Which is why dungeons and experienced masters are a good thing.
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    Fri, May 31, 2013 - 11:14 AM
    Colt makes a large butt plug. And boy, you gotta work up to taking it. It's got a nice thick base, so you know you're not gonna lose it in the void. And damn, once your hole swallows the entire plug, you'll probably panic—or at least I did—because getting it in was so difficult, getting it out totally took my breath. Whew! But then it went back in easier. And out easier. And in. And out ad infinitum.
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    Wed, December 17, 2014 - 4:26 PM
    I build my own dildos and butt plug ! I take a chunk balogna(4 inch dia and 14 inch long) and i carve it to what ever shape and size i want or need ! The longest so far has been 14 inches long and about 1 1/2 inch dia buried totally inside me ! I love video taping it going in and cumming out ! The biggest dia has been 3 3/4 inch dia about six inches long tapered at both ends for ease of entry and exit ! I leave it inside me for as long as i can and then my body says thats got to come out ! I love watching later on tape as the tip peeks out and then my lips start to stretch as the huge center part is forced out ! Love it !

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