topic posted Thu, January 17, 2008 - 8:17 AM by  Sparky
I recently looked out the bathroom window and saw that the neighbor had left her blinds partially open. From the 1st story bath I could see through the blinds into her room. Two mornings I saw her in a sexy bright red bra. On the third morning I watched her for several miniutes in just her pantys. Then she put on the red bra. I was so excited I shook like a leaf, my knees were weak. She was so beautiful, so fresh and sexy. She has fully closed the blinds now, but I check often.
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    Thu, January 17, 2008 - 10:23 AM
    so i guess, i should keep my blinds open then! LOL....
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      Thu, January 17, 2008 - 10:54 AM
      ONce when living in an apartment in Arizona, I wa using the bathroom, I could hear the shower in the next apartment going... no big deal.
      The apartments were mirror image floor plans. So Then I hear all this bumping and thumping,and then they star talng dirty... It may not sound like much, but it was so hot at the time.
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    Thu, January 17, 2008 - 2:21 PM
    I don't if anyone here watches the new show Saving Grace, there is a part where Holly Hunter goes to take a shower and you see her neighbor is watching her. So then she gives hima show while she undresses and getting in the shower, afterwards she goes up to the window and waves at him. VERY HOT
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    Tue, January 29, 2008 - 1:37 AM
    there is a few neighbors i would like to fuck myself. lol. go and talk to her
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    Fri, February 1, 2008 - 8:21 AM
    hmm when i was in school i would pretend to be asleep while my roommate did it with her boyfriend. Of course i was watching. One day she asked me if i was really asleep and I said said yes but nodded my head no. We laughed and they did it that night in our room. that is the closest I have come to (not organized) voyeuring.

    I am defiantly more of a watcher then a..umm performer.
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    Sat, February 2, 2008 - 7:29 PM
    I enjoy being a voyeur although the opportunities typically just aren't readily available for me as I would like as typically our houses over the years have not had windows that face neighbors where there would be any "action" that would perhaps have them in any state of undress.

    However, two stand out in my mind. Living in central New York our neighbors had a pool which was visible from our bedroom window. They were a bit older than us but the wife was pretty well built as well as endowed. I remember one early evening where it was just dark enough to need a light that I was in our bedroom with our shades open. I happend to look over and the neighbor lady was in her bedroom removing her clothes to put her bathing suit on. I stood transfixed as I saw a full view of her ample and firm tits before she put on her suit and I watched her as she got into the pool. This happened a couple of more times.

    In different house we lived in in the same area our next door neighbor had two beautiful daughters with the oldest having just started college. She would be home and often would have the shades open and once (unfortunately it only happened once) she was changing and again with the shades open I saw her remover her top, try on several tops and then suddenly remove not only her top but her bra and I saw the most perfectly round, perky breasts for about two minutes before she put on a different bra and top and she was gone.

    I used to watch so often for repeat performances imagining that they would be there knowing that I was watching and making sure that I got plenty to see.
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      Sat, February 2, 2008 - 9:17 PM
      We have a in ground pool in our backyard, that is secluded from any view by neighbors. My wife would sunbath nude most of the time, then one day she pointed a small plane that has been circling for awhile. were just standing there looking at this plane, when I thought about I told my wife if she realized if we can see them they could probably see her laying in the nude. She thought about it for a few seconds then ran inside. the plane quit circling go figure.
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        Fri, February 8, 2008 - 10:22 AM
        We lived in the country outside Austin for a time. Our small community or subdivision had a pool that was fenced with chain link and had privacy slats like blinds installed diagonally in the chain link. There was a small building at one end of the fenced enclosure. The building had a one room rest room changing room and the pool equipment and some storage. I was one of the people that did maintence on the pool to pay our share of upkeep, so I had a key. One day I was out walking our land and I saw a neighbor woman and a guy going into the pool area. I thought her husband had a construction company so it was very unususal for him to be home. I decided to check it out a bit closer. I approached the pool through the bordering brush and then approached the building from opposite the pool. I blind sided them. I let myself into the pool house and listened. I heard male and female voice and giggling so I slipped to the equipment room exterior door which was louvered so as to aid inventing and drying the equipment. I had an uninterrupted view of the entire pool and deck. Jackie the neighbor woman was streched out sunning herself and man sat nearby at the pool edge with his legs in the water. Jackie was a babe dark hair, creamy skin, petite, with very shapely legs ass and very nice perky breasts. Jackie was married to an older man maybe ten years older then her. He worked all the time and kept Jackie in new car, clothes and toys etc. The guy with her was much younger that her husband maybe even younger than her. They talked and laughed, but were to far from me to be able to hear what was being said. The guy got up andretrived beach bag. He came back and Jackie rolled on her back and he began to rub sunscreen over her shoulders and back. He was moving her straps and hair trying not to get the cream on them. Jackie sat up, reached around behind her and unhooked her top, she reached in the bag and got a hair clip and clipped her long dark hair on top of her head. I had a full view of her in nothing but bikini bottom. The guy now rubbed the sunscreen over her shoulders as she sat with her back to him. His attention was over her shoulders no her wonderful perky tittys. Quickly his hands went around her and found her breasts. He kneaded them and continued to carress her all over with suncreen as an excuse. She laid back down and her coated her legs and ass cheeks. Jackie rolled over and he began at her feet and went up her shapely legs. I could see the erection tent in his suit from where I was. Jackie grabbed it and they laughed louldly. His suit came off and her bottom was gone in a flash. He continued to carress her body but not much sunscreen was being applied. Soon his hands were on her breasts and between her thighs and her small hands were fondeling his erection and the balls dangeling beneath. I had my cock out stroking it amazed that I was seeing, a live porn show, right in front of me. The guy knelt over her kneading her mons and massaging a breast as Jackie stroked his cock. They were enthralled with each other, their eyes wandering over each other's bodies. He leaned down and kisses her on the mouth then laid nex to her. They continued to kiss and fondle each other for a time, as their arousal grew. He rolled between her legs and raised up on his knees. He kept his hand planted between her thighs. I heard Jackie moan loudly as he continued to work her pussy . She had a good grip on his manhood and drew him foward to her face. She laid back and he fed her his cock. He reached behind and continued to massage her mons. He withdrew in a bit after a loud moan and she spread her thighs wide and grasp hie cock and fit into her pussy as he moved his ass around. Quickly they wee fucking hard. I could hear him moan and she began to curse and moan. "Oh fuck oh shit fuck fuck fuck, fuck me you bastard fuck me hard." I could hardly believe what a lusty slut this seemingly modest housewife had turned into right before my eyes. Quickly they were moaning and grinding and it was over. They lay together for a bit then began to compose themselves. They got up, looked around making sure they had not been discovered and put their suits back on. They jumped in the water and begin to play. I figured the real fun was over so I slipped out going back the way I came in. Damn! Of all the days to not have a camera, not for blackmail but for memories and to be able to view such a beautiful lusty site again and again.
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    Thu, February 14, 2008 - 3:39 PM
    I lived in an apartment a number of years ago on the 9th floor. It overlooked the complex pool and hot tub. One hot night I went out on my balcony around 2am and when I looked down I saw a guy sitting on the edge of the hot tub and a woman in the tub sucking his cock. I stepped back from the railing just far enough that they wouldn't notice me but so that I could see them well. After a while he bent her over the edgeof the hot tub and started fucking her from behind. I could just make out her moans. The thing was there was a security camera that pointed in the general direction of the hot tub.......but the night security was no where to be seen!! Good for him not being a spoil sport and breaking up the action!

    In the same apartment, my next door neighbour was a chef and would come home around 1 or 2 am. Often he would bang his girlfriend when he came home, and with the walls being so thin her cries and screams, plus the shaking of the walls, was enough to wake me up.
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    Sun, April 6, 2008 - 3:16 PM
    I've been in a couple of situations in my life where the erotic thrill of voyeuring swept over me. But the earliest was at the zoo. It was a sixth grade field trip and while most of the kids were down at the big exhibit, I (the shy one) was off by myself watching two lions in a separate enclosure. I'll never forget how amazed and excited I was as the large male mounted the female and began thrusting into her right in front of god and me. When the rest of the kids came barging up I remember one kid laughing at me because I was blushing. The zoo keepers lowered a blind in front of the enclosure to give the beasts some privacy but I wasn't so lucky. For weeks after that the boys teased me. One in particular (the same one who was obsessed with snapping my bra strap and pinching my nipples when no one was looking) would come up to me and hold out his closed fist. He would whisper "Do you wanna screw?" Of course I would blush and want to hide, then he would laugh and put a metal screw in my hand......How do children make it through grade school without therapy. sheesh.
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      Sat, April 12, 2008 - 8:26 PM
      It's better that a nail.

      Well, isn't it?

      I enjoy watching or knowing I am being watched. I was taking a nap in my pickup truck in the parking lot of the business I was remodling one day. A Mercedes with two people in it pulled into the parking lot across the street. We were on a side street behind the big business facing the main street. Their was a man in a suit driving and a good looking blonde with him. They kissed for a little whil the it wa obvious that she was giving him a hand job. He seemsed to br enjoying himself very much. she stopped looked around and her head dropped to his lap. I could see the back of her head bob up every once in aa while as he lounged back against the car seat. In few minutes she came up, looked around and wiped her mouth. they left shortly. Leaving me very aroused and pleased with the lunch time show.
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        Sat, April 12, 2008 - 10:58 PM
        wow!! sounds like it was a good show!!! i once watched my neighbors get it on!!! our kitchen windows were right across from each other, they always left the blinds open. i would always watch them cuz the guy was hot! think about that commercial a while ago about diet coke. he looked like the diet coke dude!!! anyway, they got into the apt and started going at it! mmmmmm.... i watched! the entire time. i just wished he moved a bit to the right afterwards so i could see his cock! LOL......but he didnt......
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        Sat, April 12, 2008 - 11:15 PM
        I don't know Sparky...getting screwed strikes me as a bit lengthier than getting nailed. However, a quicky now and then can be very thrilling. grin

        By the way, I remember once when I was in my car, on the phone, being a bad girl...err good girl...well maybe a very good bad girl. At any rate, It was a very climactic phone call and when I calmed down and opened my eyes, there were two guys sitting in a pickup across the street. They were clapping. Oh my goodness, that was a thrilling embarassment. I'm sure I was blushing but also couldn't quit giggling. Kind of a sweet rush.
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    Mon, April 14, 2008 - 1:10 PM
    My friend owns a three floor condo with access to the roof. He often holds friendly poker games where a bunch of us play tournament style.
    One night last year during the summer, I was knocked out of the poker tournament early and spent my time on the roof because the indoors was so stuffy.
    I was looking down at the cars on the street and noticed one of them bouncing a little. As I watched, I notice more movement in the car and saw a hand on the door window a few times.
    I watched until they were done and a women step out of the car arranging her clothes and walking away to the main street area. I then saw the guy get into the drivers seat and drive away quickly.
    I then realized what I just saw and started laughing to myself. When I later mentioned this to my friend who owned the condo. He gave me a knowing smile and said that it happens very often on his street because its so dark with so few working street lights.
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    Thu, February 21, 2013 - 8:41 AM
    I do that all the time with my wife.. It started when we bought this old turn of the century house with tall old fashioned floor length windows. To have a shower before we began reconstruction, we had to install one end of the shower rod directly to the upper window sill creating a partition of sorts; window half in and half out of the shower. One summer night I was feeling frisky and decided to see if I could see in from the driveway below by turning the blinds up. Theoretically you wouldn't be able to see out as it was dark. I waited until the wife was heading into the shower waited a respectable time then raced outside..As I was turning the darkened corner, I noticed a man on a bicycle had apparently stumbled into my plan before I got there. He couldn't see me, but I could see him, and the view he was sharing with me of my wife who had stripped, apparently before his eyes, and climbed into the shower. It was strangely erotic sharing my wet, soapy wife with this stranger, who I bet was thinking it was def HIS night. A noise startled him into leaving but not without hesitation, and he was replaced by one of my neighbor buddys who was walking his dog. I stayed very quiet so not to startle his dog, but he too stopped and was watching her in all her charms. He eventually left when the show was over, but I still get a kick out of knowing everytime he stops to chat with her, he's thinking about seeing her naked. Who knows maybe sometime he'll get up the nerve to make a play! Eventually about college age guys moved into the house next door, so I began turning the blinds up so they could see directly into the bedroom, see her changing, see us having sex, see her in various positions, etc..all of course with the lights on. Eventually she got the idea they might be able to se in and I convinced her it wouldn't be a bad thing to tease them like that..she eventually came around and one day I'm hoping one of them will get up the nerve to make a play for her. WHo knows, mebbe I'LL get the chance to watch them and HER having sex in THEIR room from my window?? Guys are usually pretty proud of sharing pictures of their wives with friends, so ask your married buddys, you never know

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