My Daddy

topic posted Fri, March 3, 2006 - 1:35 PM by  Feminist Slut
My Daddy is very special to me. But, what we do together is a dirty secret. I love our secret! I get to delve deep into my little girl-ness. When I'm with my Daddy, I feel safe and taken care of. And then he takes me deep into the forbidden and the filthy.

The little girl in me is about 13 years old. Old enough to discover sexuality but young enough to be innocent. My Daddy, of course, isn't my real father but rather my amazing and talented lover. He cherishes his little girl and I beam in his pride.

When he whispers in my ear, "Touch Daddy's cock," my little girl pussy gets instantly wet with a desire to please him.

Then he says, "You like to be a big girl and feel Daddy's cock, don't you?"

All I can do is barely moan, "Yes."

He puts his hand on my throat and I almost cum from his power. I am his and he owns me. His other hand goes down my panties and touches my cunt.

"Ahhhh, little girl, you are so wet, so soon," he says.

And then he shoves first one finger, then two, then three into my little girl cunt.

I'm begging for his whole fist, "Please Daddy, please, please, please can I have it all?"

But, he teases me. In one fluid motion, his hand leaves my pussy as he grabs my hair and shoves his cock into my little girl mouth. I love the taste and feel of my Daddy's cock. I love to please him. I'm gagging and choking as his dick is rammed down my throat. My eyes are watering and I can't breath but I don't care. I love to please him. I need to please him. It is all I think about. This fierce desire to please my Daddy keeps me from noticing that I almost threw up. It keeps me from noticing that my face is covered in snot and spit.

And when he’s done, when he’s cum, I curl up next to my Daddy. He holds me tight and I feel safe.
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Feminist Slut
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    Fri, February 23, 2007 - 4:50 PM
    I can relate. My wife, our boyfriend and I are very close to my family. We are very close with each other. We are all nudist and love each other very much.
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    Fri, May 11, 2007 - 8:29 PM
    Wow!!! Dont mal-interprete me, i think what you writed is true. But, you writed it too weell!! Maybe you should be writer!!!
    (Sorry for my english, is not my main languaje)
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    Re: My Daddy

    Tue, June 26, 2007 - 12:15 AM
    Very good girl you are! And so well spoken.

    Recently, I was with my Princess/Girl. She has long magenta hair and sweet full lips and big eyes, and an eager spirit.

    But she was a little naughty! In the bathroom I grabbed her hair, made her go on her knees, and pulled her grateful mouth over my cock, and fucked her face as I pleased.

    It was a bit more than she bargained for, and almost more than she could take, but she worships my cock. So I used her head and mouth, occasionally grabbing at her E's. Pumping into her mouth, she nearly gagging and coughing, and starting to cry.

    I pulled out, and knelt next to her, pulling her head to my chest, while I hugged and comforted her. "There, there... You're a good girl, now. You did a good job. Everything is going to be ok..." She stopped her crying and looked at me gratefully, sweetly.
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      Tue, June 26, 2007 - 12:04 PM
      OH, i love when my Daddy fucks my mouth! my eyes water and i choke and gag, but when He's all done and i collaps with my head on His tummy, listening to His breathing and heart beat. He strokes my hair and tells me i'm His Very good girl, and in those moments all is right with the world.

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