Lilith myth and sexuality

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Main Entry: mag•ic
Pronunciation: ma-jik.
{magic} noun; the art of producing illusions by tricks
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English magik, from Old French magique, from Late
Latin magica, from Latin magice, from Greek magike, from feminine of
magikos, of the Magi, magical, from magos, magician, magus
{Merriam-Webster Dictionary}

Whether the reader finds the rites and sacrifices to be of fiction
from the hands of illusionist scribes, or imaginative minds amok, the
affect of engaging in a fiction or "real" magic rite is as real as
the reader dares to accept. Be it a rite of of Memphris-Misraïm
Lodges, sacrifices to Lilith, Rosicrucian initiations, Ismaili
prayers, or Lovecraftian spells of Cthulhu mythos, the psychological
affect of each is empirically measured.

If magic is the art of casting illusions and maintaining the
transmutability of illusions, what is real? contains:

Full O.A.I. Rite of Lilith
Full O.A.I. Rite of Baphomet
Full O.A.I. Rite of Nosferatu
Laila el'Qadr: An O.A.I. Rite of Initiation by Soror Hashashiyya
Mass of the Morning Star by Joshua Seraphim
Full O.A.I. Rite of Lilith
Pseudepigrapha of Eve
Litaniae Dominae Nostrae Dolorum
Novena of Lilith
"Communion" (channeled writings by Joshua Seraphim)

Society shifting towards new perceptions of sexuality and sexual
aristocracy will birth a hive of buzzing locusts, each locust a soul
damned dead. Mankind has concourse with damned spirits, peering into
their rotted Gardens unaided. New patterns of behaviour will emerge
with technology exponentially closing the gap between artificial
intelligence, sex, and the human genome. In our 21st century of
global economics, the popularity of the occult and witchcraft, and
commercialization of sex increases exponentially, tightening Lilith's
unseen web around Mankind.

Can you here her sibilant serpentine praises in erotic refrain after
refrain...a parade of waiflike model-corpses across nightly
entertainment, behind the veils of Muslimahs wailing in blood-filled
mosques that infest ancient Babylon, She is the face of every frail
beauty-Diva prostituted by corporate daddies, in the heroin needles
of those who's only prayer is death, in the consensual rape of
teenagers posing upon their digital and downloadable altars of self-
adoration {think Myspace}, Lilith is the face in the bulimic puke of
would-be-doll-girls, behind a masochistic society where sex is at
once a mania and anesthesia.

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