Can anyone recommend a good sacred sexuality dating site?

topic posted Thu, February 4, 2010 - 6:09 PM by  Tina
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    You mean to say they actually exist ?
    • Apparently, not so much.
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        I'm sorry to hear that. I can't help to ponder what would a dating site like that look like? It almost seems like it would be a tantric swingers club, but with real authenticity to uphold sacred sexuality idiology.

        Not to boast, my issues with attracting a suitable female partner in my life, often intimidate me. Well, I think like attracks more than opposites attract. Seeing reflections in the people that cross my path in life are very challenging ones to take in and I often refuse the advances, funny many refuse the advances coming from me. A two-way street. Self doubt plays a part, but perhap on a deeper note, fear of intimacy, the potential fear of abandonment.

        I don't know about anybody else but, I hate it that a potential mate always seems to appear in my life when I'm not looking for it. And often times, I'm in a self absorbed state and not aware of the body language of a prospecting mate. Why can't it happen when i want it to happen? and it never fucking does. Maybe my intent gives off an impression of trying too hard or perhaps even an aura of sexual impotence/shame, lack of trust in self.

        Well, i was in resturant today and only me and this other gal were there. We sat fairly close to each other. I heard her speak , so i was curious and looked her way. It occured to me that she was talking to herself, she wasn't giving me eye contact.I gave her another glance when she did it again. She got up to pay her tab a minute prior to me doing the same. As I approached the cashier, the woman turned and gave me eye contact, I said nothing. When I finished with the cashier, I turned around and she was gone. Too bad I didn't seize the opportunity to make contact when the situation occurred. Shucks ! And i complain I can't meet someone.
        • There are numerous Tantrics in the West who focus on what Osho called Neo-Tantra. This is a focus on the sexual aspect of Tantra. In fact, most of the books on Tantra for Westerners only focus on this aspect of Tantra. That's sort of like buying a book on auto mechanics and all it covers is the gas cap. Nevertheless, that's what many Westerners want.

          Some of these teachers put on what they call Pujas. They have little relationships to traditional Indian Pujas, but that's what they're calling them. They move a little energy, act out some psychodrama, and can range from powerful and transforming to pleasantly enjoyable. While not overtly sexual per se (usually, about the most they'll get into is hugging or permissive stroking), they tend to attract people who are interested in the sexual aspect of Tantra and sacred sexuality.

          So you might check out a (Neo-) Tantric puja. As a single woman you'll be highly desirable. It will give you a chance to meet a variety of partners within a safe environment that honors sacred sexuality without actually being sexual.

          Personally, I think actually meeting people can tell you more about their energy and who they are than dozens of emails or phone calls.

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