jealousy and possesion

topic posted Wed, September 22, 2010 - 1:29 AM by  bodhisatva
communion or polygamy happens in space of flowering. in space of flowering you are so rich of energy that you can share without jealousy and attachment.and the secrect is totality.we all are one spiritually . jealousy and attachment is created by our narrow preoccupation of mind and social conditioning.communion is a very deep feeling of oneness. when all the drops drop in to the ocean they all become one communion there is no male or female but now only energies meeting in to eachother. love is like rain or sunshine. it can not be posses.the more you share the more you have. love is a state of being. either you are loving to everybody or you are non loving. its not possible that you love one person and you dont love others. it is fragrances of a flower .if you dont share it will dry or destroy. a cloud never says that i will rain only in california but not in new york because i have got married to earth of california. if the earth of new york is dry and receptive the clouds will rush to the earth of new york. no space can be empty in the existance. if there is void it will be filled it is law of ancient times in india the tribesof khajuraho living in this way of poly gamy.. in flowering, celebrating ,dancing doing the raas.stress ,anxiety, depression is showing that your love has gone dry and dead.if you meditate sex will transform in to higher forms of love. it can be physical or may be just a deep feeling of intimacy without physical.we need to accept all forms of love without condeming it.if you condem it will go in to mind for foreever. if you live it naturally you will be free from it or it will transform in to is suffering with ego and women is suffering with jealousy. ego is active jealousy and jealousy is passive ego.once you come out of ego , jealousy and ego transforms in to harmony and celebration and raas.and the formula is passion +meditation=celebration. today jealousy is ego is one of the big reason for all the problems of the world . if we conquor this our animal past this world will be a paradise.
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    Wed, September 22, 2010 - 10:34 PM
    You are so right. Share joy, not control it. It doesn't feel safe but really it is. Love - Bothers and Sisters.
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      Thu, September 23, 2010 - 9:35 PM
      no brothers and sisters.i am not vivekanand. we can not put love in any lable.just meditate and then you see the miracle. you will feel so many dimensons of love. thanks.

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