2008 Tantric Tour through the Heart of India

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"India is not a country but a mystery. A mystery of a rising lotus as chaste as the morning dew, delicate and sublime. India is the immanent and the transcendental manifested simultaneously leaving deep feelings of wonder and amazement, just as those experienced by a child. So distant and high as the Himalayas and as close and as near as our breath, ethereal like the rainbow and yet so real and alive." - OSHO: from India my Love

Come with me this year to discover Mother India in all her exoticism and learn ancient Tantra along the way. Different aspects of Tantra will be covered on most days of the tour.. Imagine doing some ancient breath technique together as the sun rises on the Taj Mahal. We'll even do sacred ritual at one of the temples in Khajuraho! What could be better?

The Heart of India Tour is Nov 19 – Dec 1. If you‘ve always wanted to go to India and just would not go by yourself or if you’d like to go and be part of a Tantric learning environment as we travel, this tour may be the thing for you. You will experience shifts in being on a daily basis. India does that to you. And you will never be the same again once you've experienced "surrender" there where sacred sexuality really has it's roots.

I am limiting the number of people to 16 so if you want to go, you must let me know as soon as possible. Please let me know if you are even thinking about it. You must get to Delhi on November 19th. The actual tour starts on the morning of the 20th.

Call me at (202) 686-7440 or write me at
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