DIY/ Bellydance on a Budget

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The Do It Yourself Costuming Tribe! Find great info and tips on how to bead that bedleh, coin that bra, and fringe that belt! We can't all afford to buy costuming, so here's a tribe to learn how to make it yourself! And if you're not of the Crafty persuasion, this is the place to find Beautiful Budget Bellydance gear! Check the Listings section for ads and swaps from other dancers....

Please note: This is not a place to learn how to rip off ideas - we are here to make the next best thing, not a copy of an original or copywritten design. Tribers are encouraged to be creative and do what has never been done before!! If you're looking for a way to carbon copy someone else's creation, your post will be deleted. RSS Feed what is XML?

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