Wrap Dress pattern?

topic posted Tue, July 6, 2010 - 6:28 PM by  Amanda
This is totally off topic, and if someone can refuer me to the proper place to post this please let me know and I will re-post!

I have just come back home for a few weeks after living in the UK, before moving over to Australia to find out that my brother is having his engagement party this weekend (suprise!) on saturday and its formal and I need a dress. Where my family live is very small and I can't find a single dress that I like that fits. I am even having trouble finding things on line to by in New Zealand (if I buy from anywhere else there is no way it will get here in time.)
I have seen before a dress called the twobirds dress, which is basicly a wear-it-however you want dress, that you can wear a bunch of defferent ways. I can't find it or anything simalir in New Zealand on line (and it looks expensive as well, but I really like things that can be worn anyway because you have so many different options and can dress up or down depending on how you wrape it)

But alsa I cannot find it anywhere around here, and unless I am looking for the wrong thing online, can't find it online in New Zealand either.
So I was wondering (although I don't even know if I would have have time for this, and I am not a brilliant seamstress but I can knock something together sometimes (it might just fall apart not long after :P)) if anyone knows of anywhere I can get a pattern to have a look, or try to make something like this if I think I might have time???
It would be so helpful!

Here is a photo of the dress..

if anyone does have any idea of where I might be able to get a patterent (or by the dress in New Zealand) I would be most greatful. Also if there is a more appropreate place to post this, please let me know, and I will delet this and repost!

Thanks :)
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    Tue, July 6, 2010 - 7:41 PM
    So, are you in Oz, now? And if so, what area? I'm in the Brissie area and might be able to direct you to a couple places to find one. I know you can find them in Nimbin and alot of the little hippie shops in other places...I've got a couple of them myself...loooooves them! :-)
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      Tue, July 6, 2010 - 7:52 PM
      Thanks for the help ladies,

      No I am in New Zealand at the moment, and trying to find something I can wear for this saturday (*sigh* my little brother is just *great* with commnication, and I had no idea they where going to have an engagement dinner untill last week, and then we found out after that, it is ment to be dressy. It would have been great if I had known before we shipped everything away and left england, because I could have kept one with me. Never mind)
      We have been looking around in Nelson, but nelson is tiny and there is not much. I have a pack up plan (which is again something that can be worn a lot of different way's but I don't think the fabric is right for this. It is very light and summery and I know that the bride to be is wearing a long black dress, and I would feel a bit out of place wearing something light and breezy. But I think i can dress it up if I need to.)

      I like the sencond Vogue one, but it would never get here in time. It's pretty though!

      I have tried looking up Infinity dress, convertable dress, multi wear dress, multi wrap dress but all I can find is along the same style as the dress I already have.

      Hmmm I might have to scrap the whole i dea and just go with the back up plan. It doesn't seem to be working!
      thanks for you help though :)
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    Wed, July 7, 2010 - 9:02 PM
    This probably won't work either, but Avon sells a convertable dress too:

    I tried looking at the New Zealand store site (was able to chose my country when I googled "Avon" and went to the main link) but I couldn't find it there, just the beauty products.

    Boo. Good luck and I'm sure you'll pull off something great!
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      Wed, July 7, 2010 - 10:54 PM

      I think I am giving up on the idea and going with my plan B. My plan B is really nice, just not what I wanted to wear for this.

      I am diffenitly going to get a wrap dress when I got back to Melbourne and have money again! They are such a good idea. I have a top that is the same idea, and I love it (it is a bit small now because I have um... grown a bit hehe but I still wear it when I can get away with it!) so I am looking forwards to getting a dress the same :)
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    Mon, July 12, 2010 - 9:25 PM
    One of the big four has a new multi form wrap pattern; I think it's Simplicity. Just out in U.S. Check the pattern counter.

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