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so what's up with cloudy urine. i have read all sorts of things but what i can't find is why an otherwise healthy person (no co symptoms) might have cloudy urine once a day or so on a regular basis. can that be caused from diet?
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  • It could be caused by diet, but it could also be something with your kidneys such as kidney stones. I also hate to say it, but there is a small chance it could be STD related. It probably isnt, but it never hurts to get checked. How is your blood sugar?
    • You previously mentioned digestive problems. According to these are the following conditions associated with both.

      1. Cystitis
      2. Glomerulonephritis
      3. Gonorrhea
      4. Kidney stones
      5. Prostatitis
      6. Proteinuria
      7. Schistosomiasis
      8. Tuberculosis
      9. Urinary stones
      10. Urinary tract infections

      What has your diet been like?

      I forgot to ask if we are talking about you or somebody else.
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        Yep, it's me. I checked all of those out and nope, not likely. I think it's probably foods but I guess it's back to the food diary method to check for that again.

        These symptoms are bugging me.

        I have a scope going up my butt (flex sigmoidoscopy) next week to check out the lower left side abdomen pain, that should be lots of fun. I have the occasional days of 3 or more movements and smelly gas as if I am having malabsorption problems, but this happens even when i don't eat dairy which is the usual culprit of foul smelling gas for me. Even if I have a cyst or something shy would that effect my bowel movements or absorption?
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        oh, and by the way thank you very much for your help, i appreciate any input.
        • Western medicine is great for testing with MRIs, blood tests, X-rays, and other such things. You should get a diagnosis from your specialist then come back here if you want to consider alternative or complementary treatments.
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            yeah i only turn to western when it gets acute like that pain in my abdomen but other then that I prefer an integrated approach.

            so i did a urine test today and the vinegar cleared the urine right up as this mentions...

            "Answerer 5
            According to the website "when you need to worry about cloudy urine."
            If you have no pain, blood, frequenct etc.
            This is what it says.
            phosphate crystals can build up in your urine. These crystals then precipitate and make your urine cloudy. This typically happens after eating a large meal, or sometimes after drinking milk, which is high in phosphate. You can test to see if your urine cloudiness is due to phosphates. Simply take a small sample of your urine and drop a bit of acetic acid (vinegar) in to it. If it is phosphates, the urine will become completely clear immediately."

            so i guess it's phosphates (phosphaturia) and benign, still scares me a bit though i admit.
            • If you're concerned about it, give all information you have, including other symptoms and tests you've done yourself, to a doctor. They'll either say, "well if you did that you have your answer" or they might have other things to suggest.

              The thing is, YOU never really know whether X is the problem or whether X is another symptom of something else. Doc might not know, either, but doc's more likely to know when it COULD be.

              I have a friend who has seizures. The doctor is trying to treat his seizures as the problem, because that's all the info he's been given. I keep trying to explain to my friend that since he has other stuff going on too, he should let his doctor know that, because sometimes seizures are symptoms. But he won't listen to me. (So I guess he'll keep having seizures…)
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                yes, i agree with that. the only issue i run into is that i suffer from some anxiety, it isn't too bad but it's enough that it makes it hard to diagnose things that could just be stress related. But my Doc is good, he'll listen so we'll see what he thinks.
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                  something i forgot to ask...

                  Do any of you have cloudy urine at all on a daily basis, or is you pee always clear like a fresh mountain spring? The doc is analyzing my pee soon but I'm curious if anyone else just has this happen normally, I didn't think to ask that.
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                    Mine's often neon yellow due to the number of vitamins I take… so I wouldn't know if it's cloudy or not.
                    • Cloudy and neon yellow, both sound worrisome to me. Typical urine is clear and light yellow.
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                        no, neon yellow is normal if you supplement, i get that all the time, it's totally safe.
                        • Well, safe at least until your kidneys tell you otherwise. And I hear they're not quiet when they tell you that…
                          • There are down sides to taking supplements and stressed out kidneys would be one of them. I choose to ingest whole nutrient dense foods, no need for supplementation. We only supplement because our food is lacking in nutrients, which does not have to be the case. Check out this chart for information about the nutritve value of herbs and wild plants, pretty amazing:
                            Dandelion and Nettle rock!

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                              yep whole foods is certainly better than supplementing. i just take some supplements to help with holes in my diet, plus I workout a lot so sometimes I need more vitamins than I can easily get through eating, stress the "easily" there.

                              as for kidneys, i sure as hell don't want stones, i have seen 2 people go through that and it didn't look pretty.

                              • Herbal Infusions offer an easy way to incorporate nutrients that is more easily assimilable than supplements. And less expensive as well. Look at the nutrient profile of some of herbs like nettle, oatstraw, chickweed and dandelion.

                                Even if you continue to take supplements, which I would love to persuade you not to, consider drinking nettle infusions, which will strengthen your kidney's, thus potentially help to avoid the development of kidney stones.
                                • Food based vitamins are easier for your body to use than synthetic inorganic ones. The more your body can use the less they will simply be excreted from the body.
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                                    i'll have to experiment with the infusions for some of my vitamins. i do take vitamins of high quality that are made from food based sources and not the synthetic junk. But I just realized my supplements may be too much, starting a new thread on that now.
                                    • I supplement also, and I do remember now once many years ago having a cloudy urine when taking a high vitamin content multi. It was only in the part of the day a few hours after taking the multi so it was pretty easy to figure out what was causing it. I forget which brand. The urine also had an unusual smell. So I stopped taking that brand and switched to another and it stopped immediately. My guess at the time was the high level of B vitamins and perhaps the ingredients for providing those B's that was in that particular multi. Hope this helps narrow down which vitamin or substance was doing that to you.

                                      What I often do with multi-vitamin mineral supplements is get the ones you are supposed to take twice a day, and take only one per day to not overdo it on the B vitamins. Then I take extra B-12 and folic acid with the half dose vitamin, because I am a vegetarian and need more of those, then I also take other things like zinc and vitamin C in separate pills to supplement the half dose multi. Folic acid should always be taken with B-12, if you take B-12 alone, it robs the body of folic acid. And vice versa. If you take extra folic acid, take B-12 along with it.
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                                        excellent, thank you for the info :)
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                                          update on my test: seems that they only detected phosphorus crystals so they say likely it's dietary and dehydration, but i'll be keeping an eye on that and I'm stopping all supplements for 2 weeks to see if that helps at all.
  • Just to add more to the topic, my husband wanted me to ask this:

    He takes several medications for psychiatric reasons. He complained of cloudy urine recently. I'm thinking maybe the meds are passing through and not entirely being used by his system.

    any thoughts?

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