Ear sounding like blown out speaker at loud volumes

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Here is a fun one that even the ENT couldn't figure out. For over a year now I have had this issue where in my right ear, when sounds get really loud such as a stadium of people yelling or clapping my right ear will start to have sound fluttering, kind of like a speaker that only seems blown out when the volume is too high.

They did hearing tests and pressure tests with no results so they said only exploratory surgery would tell us if something was stuck in there or not and since my hearing is good at regular volumes that is a bad risk.

I don't expect any herbal suggestions here but I'm curious if anyone has ever had this or heard of it happening to anyone.

thank again all
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  • Face it my friend, you ARE an alien AND you are falling apart....My deepest condolences to what may or may not be left of your system,. Oh and looking back, how many shows should you have used ear plugs at? I know, I know, I said the same thing...Welcome to wonderful world of mumble mumble mumble....But if things start sounding like a cell phone conversation through a tunnel, all breaking up and stuff, just adjust your antenna and you'll be ok. Good luck in the mean time...
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      hahah yes an alien with trouble for sure.

      it's odd because i have avoided noisy shows and such and this only happens when things get loud, not suring normal conversation. i have found 2 entries online with people talking about the same problem but no one seems to know what it is exactly, it isn't eardrum damage, i had that checked.
      • you try pylling th q-tip out, good luck
        • One long shot would be to try relieving this with Monarda (Bee Balm) tea or tincture. Mathew Wood in his book Herbal Wisdom talks about using this plant to deal with vertigo. I used this successfully to treat vertigo, which is associated wtih a problem in the inner ear, so thought it might be worth a try in your situation. it certainly could not hurt.
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            hmm interesting, i like just about any tea, so although i think it's a physical blockage who knows, i'll check that out, thanks Linda. Oh and thanks Arrow for your always useful comedy solutions.
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              I had a problem very similar to this, although my ears are very sensitive to concussion. I lost most of my hearing for half a week just for being close to the discharge of a .22 caliber pistol. Most people hear .22's as a sharp sound, might hurt for a few minutes, and then they're fine.. For me, I have to cover my ears from now on. Quite a nuissance for a person who loves guns.

              At any rate, I thought my recent 'fuzzy hearing' problem -similar to yours- was related to this oversensitivity, that maybe I had ruptured a drum and the two halves or parts were buzzing together at the fracture during loud sounds... But pressure tests were fine, no air leaks. So what was the deal?

              Turns out, a very long soak in hot water, draining out the water frequently and 'topping off' the ear canal completely with water again and again, must have softened up some foreign object in there. Cleaned right out, problem solved. Hearing is back to my normal, if severely oversensitive, levels.

              A word of caution, I guess some people are more prone to infection and so filling your inner ear with water can be a bad idea. Never been a problem for me though. Q-tips are great little water absorbers for the inner ear... even though once again, we're not allowed per directions on the box, to put q-tips in our ears. (One day, disclaimers will take up more text than most statements that precede them.)
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                very interesting. I did notice that the one time my doc did the hot water cleaning of my ears they seemed to get better. I have very small ear canals so i wonder if there is something up there that the docs missed even on close inspection, I want an ear vacuum darnit! I'll try more cleaning and see how it goes.

                My only other thought is that my use of a neti pot actually gets water behind my ear and then i have problems, but how to get water out from there i have no idea.

                thank you for the info, much appreciated.
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                  If you have small ear canals, chris, and the problem was helped when the doc did the hot water, your problem may be in getting the water all the way back there... the wax is a natural water repellent, and it's easy to end up with a nice little air bubble trapped at the back of your ear canal, leaving anything past a certain point, high and dry. The solution would be a really tiny jet of hot water, much like a water pik but obviously WAY less pressure!!! so that the water will get all the way to the back of the ear canal before filling up the rest of the canal.... But with small ear canals, you also have the more difficult problem of drying things out again. I'm not exactly Ross Perot, but I have big enough ear holes to get the water in all the way, and generally drained out again, without getting water stuck in there from surface tension, that annoying cshcsh sound when you shake your head and you can tell there's some water stuck in there... yuck. Like I said, usually a q-tip just needs to touch the water and it will whick it up right quick.
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    It sounds like the symptom that goes along with tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears). So probably related to loud shows in the past. (I have tinnitus and the sound/frequency changes you're talking about.) There's no cure for tinnitus or similar symptoms as far as I know. But definitely wear ear plugs anywhere noisy...even if you think you don't have to (like in pubs, etc.). Once your ears become sensitized like that, you have to be careful.
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    hey Chris,

    i experienced hearing problems for about 6 months after an osteotomy lefort procedure (Transverse sectioning and repositioning of the maxilla). due to the stress and complications involved in the surgery i was unable to hear out of my right ear or the sound would cut in & out.

    i eventually met with a healer who recommended soft palate massage. this can also be complemented with massage around the neck & ears & acupuncture.
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      interesting, i'll check that out if i can find someone to do that. thanks :)
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        we have a very similar ear problem.
        had mine for 2 years.
        I find this very weird.
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          sorry to hear it but happy i am not alone.

          one thing that seemed to help me recently is the ear cleaning at the Docs office, I need to also try mineral oil too. i keep thinking that maybe since my ears canals are so narrow perhaps their is something stuck up there that my ENT didn't even see but this may be wishful thinking and perhaps it's only part of the problem. I keep thinking something is lodged past the eardrum.

          I also noticed that recently if I have headphones on and i yawn i'll get a similar effect in my left ear momentarily. like a blown out speaker, so maybe it is blockage of some kind caused by small passages..hmmm i'm really just thinking about this now and typing while thinking..probably should smoke so much before posting :)
          • Mostly have tinnitus but also at times get that moth wings against a confined space..its weird..not painful..I dont like the high pitch frequencies more..
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              hey chris
              maybe you have a fungal infection?

              I know a gal who had this same problem for months and was just treated for it!
              she dropped this acidic vinegary solution into her eat 3 times a day (3 drops)
              and it killed the fungus and she could hear perfect again.

              I'm trying far it feels so much better but, we'll see. (I've had this for 2 years)

              acetasol HC
              hydrocortisone and acetic acid otic solution usp

              my friend who's a pretty smart guy when it comes to medicine says you can make something yourself called "swimmers ear"

              Mix equal parts water, peroxide, and white vinegar. Use an eye dropper to put a few drops in ear. Let set for a minute. Tip head to let mix drain. Put a piece of cotton in ear.

              Some people use alcohol, too . .

              Well, I am absolutely desperate at this point, so I'm trying this out. I'll keep you posted.

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