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"The answer lies only in plunging into the life stream, which offers the madness of freedom and the ultimate responsibility of unity."

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Join us in Looking At Everything...on Ning!  topic
New Program at Far Horizons (July 7 - 11, 2010)  topic
experiential hedonism  topic
Alright nothing  topic
waking life - language  topic
sickest buddhist  topic
New Retreat at Far Horizons (July 8 - 12, 2009)  topic
metro boddhisattva  topic
reality just keeps getting weirder....  topic
mystery  topic
the ground is opening up underneath me...  topic
neuroplasticity  topic
fed up with job.. again!  topic
god is an atheist, cont.  topic
feeling lonely  topic
Loving Uncertainty  topic
No-self  topic
Liberation: purging of self  topic
perception  topic
the certainty epidemic  topic
my life  topic
eating and drinking - attitudes to food  topic
Work and Money  topic
a tasty excerpt  topic
Hello \B^]  topic

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