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This tribe is dedicated to connect those people who wish to protect dolphins from harm. International Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter is coming quickly...
As most of you know, the largest slaughter of dolphins and other small whales takes place in Japan every single year. Why don't we get ourselves organized and protest the massacres every year before the killing season starts?

The so-called drive fishery in Japan will kill about 20,000 dolphins and other whales from September through April in the most brutal way imaginable. We can actually do something about this. We can let the Japanese government know that these crimes against nature are unacceptable to the rest of the world. We can speak out against this atrocity loudly and clearly.

Our plan is to organize an international day of protest in several cities around the world before the dolphin massacres begin. If we show up in huge numbers, we will be heard in Tokyo. The goal is to make this the biggest global protest against the drive fishery in history.

We are hoping that everyone who is opposed to the annual dolphin slaughter is willing to show up and demonstrate. We need your help in making the international day of protest successful.

Please note that this will be an all-inclusive event. In other words, the protest will not take place under the umbrella of any one group. The event will be carried out by all of us, on a equal basis. Each group represents itself and will contact the media in their city with their own press release. All participating groups can be listed in the press release in alphabetical order.

Our Japanese colleagues tell us that outside pressure can stop the annual dolphin slaughter. So why not give the Japanese decision-makers some serious, outside international media pressure?

The date of the protest will probably be in late September, just before the slaughter starts in Taiji. (Exact date later announced as October 8.)

We have to get organized early, so here is what we need to know: How many groups are willing to participate in organizing this event? We need as many organizations and individuals as possible to show up in front of the Japanese Embassies in Paris, London, Brussels, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC and other locations. (The more, the better.)

As a first step, we are trying to identify what kind of cooperation we can get from the international animal welfare community. If you and/or your organization is willing to participate in this important global event, please contact me. I'm willing to help coordinate things.

We have some specific ideas as to how to make this a success. RSS Feed what is XML?

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