New Dominant Woman here.

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Hi subbies, slaves and perverts, lol

Anyone up for an open discussion ?
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  • sub slave at your service
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      You tribes tell me that you have been practicing, good boy.
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        All good things must end. Wed, December 22, 2010 - 3:53 PM
        My short vacation is over, and I must now leave tribe. After many years as a Domme, I took some time off, to refresh, and recharge. I found that although I always loved it, after all this time, my heart is no longer in it.

        In fact, my inclinations, now run towards the submissive, which I find a strange turn of events indeed.

        I'm looking forward to living off some of my karma, as a submissive, or perhaps a slave.
        Don't get excited guys, I am looking for a Domme, with a good heart like me.

        To those I have played with, it's been fun. To those I didn't, Ah, what could have been.
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    Hi there i have a 18 year old black lady she is 6'10" and muscular she treates me like a white little whore she towers me by 14" she has a brother 7'2" that is 20 his cock is 16" she makes me suck it and i like it i even swalllow his cum is that ok