Dreamt of having my nose pierced.

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I can only recall only part of this dream.I remember having had my nose pierced and it began to bother me,hurting at times,and I sometimes noticed it other times forgot it was there.I guess it was a rebellion thing that I had it done,worried about feeling old and wanting to fit in.The joke being after I had it done,it didn't change how I felt,just how I looked and I simply didn't like it.No one els in my dream notices they seem to take it as normal,ok,no issue...but it bothers me.What started out as irritating now is uncomfortable and I want to remove it now,even if I have to do it myself,because I like myself as I am,not of wanting to merely fit in with others.I guess you could say that whole 'rebellion' thing felt fake to me,I didn't need a statement to prove myself.Then I woke up.I'm curious as to what other meanings could this possibly have if any? The ring was oversized and to me looked odd though everyone else said it was fine,it felt wrong,fake.painful to bear.
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    Re: Dreamt of having my nose pierced.

    Sun, June 8, 2008 - 6:24 AM
    Time to attack in a commando way. Sincere emotions, healthy heart, Kiss. All goes for the west. Quarrels avoided. Rolling eyes there, no family grudges. Better than the rest. Unsure sinusoidal emotions like moon. Mercury Jupiter directions as followed by Saturn Mercury trine or sextile. No problem with majik black.

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