Dreams when you can't wake up

topic posted Tue, December 5, 2006 - 9:55 AM by  anthony
This doesn't happen often. It probably happend less than five times, but more than 3. It's scary. I have a dream, then i try waking up. I know I'm awake. But I can't open my eyes or talk. The scary part about it is that everytime I had this type of dream I felt this really strong force pushing down on me. I felt some force restrain me from getting up. This only happened when my door was closed. Must be a coincadence. But I'd like to know what's happening. I know the force part is not part of my dream. I could actually feel it.
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    Tue, December 5, 2006 - 1:59 PM
    sometimes, that kind of pressure happens while people astral traval or are almost there. Like an in between state where you are conscious but are not in control of your body.
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      Tue, December 5, 2006 - 2:01 PM
      Like some kind of gravity that is trying to keep your "astral body" inside your physical body...
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        Tue, December 5, 2006 - 7:30 PM
        yeah, It felt like a really strong force. Can this lead to anything? I could hear things while it was happening.
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          Wed, December 6, 2006 - 5:46 PM
          You might be led to astral travelling... Anyways, I would read on astral travels if I were you, just in case you are being initiated to it...
          But, it often happens to people in the first stages of it and they feel all this pressure and are paralized... untill they are too scared and get totally back in their physical body.
          If you do astral travel, make sure that you go where you choose to go and follow only beings who look but also really feel GOOD. Don' t accept presents from other entities unless you are SURE they are around you for your highest good! And try to be aware of the state of your astral body... if you feel it is getting week, go back to your body so that you don't get seperated from it.
          Hmmm. What a great experience you had ! It might not lead to anything but at least you are aware of the in between state and you might eventually take a little trip.
          Be safe and enjoy!!
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            Mon, December 11, 2006 - 1:06 AM
            I used to have dreams exactly like that and as I got older they started to get worse. One night I didn't think I was going to even wake up so I decided to seek some help. I called my old healer who had moved to texas to see if she could refer me to someone who could help with this problem. When I called her she just happened to be in town for a day and fit me in to go and see her. When I got there before I could even tell her what was happening she asked about my dreams. I told her exactly what was occurring. She explained to me that I had never in my life truly know what it is to feel safe and that I was opening myself to other dimensions and I was afraid. So what she did was teach my cells what it felt like to be safe. We sat and meditated together and I have not had a dream like that since and that was about two years ago. I would have these dreams almost every night! One thing she did tell me that I will never forget was that our hearts can be broken but no one can ever harm our souls. If you would like I can give you her info and maybe she can refer a book or healer or some sort of practice to help you. Please contact me if you are interested or have any other questions about my experience with having these dreams.

            ~Blessings Brother~
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              Thu, December 14, 2006 - 5:58 PM
              The same type of experience has happened to my ten year old daughter a few times. I'm not sure what caused it, but it hasn't happened in awhile. Astral traveling never occured to me. She isn't really even aware of what that is. But-my husband used to tell me he could do that. I never put much stock into it, but maybe that really was the case. Can that ability be hereditary?
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    Thu, December 14, 2006 - 11:26 PM
    First, you should read The Terror That Comes in the Night, it describes in detail what your talking about. I had to read this book for a graduate level Folklore class on the Supernatural . . .

    Hufford, David J. The Terror That Comes in the Night: An experience-centered study of supernatural assault traditions. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982.

    . . . But after reading the book and comparing to my own experiences, and other similar types of situations, I agree with Sapp . . . it is the prelude to an Astral, Out of Body, semi-lucid dream; the only thing holding you back is your fear, and letting go.

    I went on to write a research page comparing experiences that all begin the same way (Old Hag, Astral Projection, Near Death, Fairy and Alien abductions), and the physical conditions that seem to facilitate these experiences (location, time of day/year, physical exhaustion, reduced oxygen, laying on your back, etc,) I have include two excerpts from the paper; If anyone is interested I can email attach the whole paper (10-pages double spaced).

    When similar situations are introduced, it becomes apparent that the paralyzed feeling of a waking dream may be part of series of events lending to an out-of-body experience. Once the event is identified as a waking dream, and the participant can relax and give into the sensation, the feeling of being paralyzed consistently changes to one of freedom and release often expressed as “flying” dreams. Although this was not the emphasis of Hufford’s book, his subsequent studies demonstrate the connection between the Old Hag occurrences and Out of Body experiences (or Astral Projection). Hufford states that, he “found full-blown out-of-body experience to be the consistent sequel to the paralysis experiences.” (Hufford, 1982:243) The concept of the spiritual body separating from the physical body has been presented in numerous ancient religions, and is currently practiced in transcendental meditation and New Age or occult religions. While there is no scientific method of proving the claims that people have control over this ability, there are consistent reports involving their experiences. Furthermore, these experiences are similar to the progressive sensations experienced in waking dreams and Near Death Experiences (NDE). "There is again a fairly well established sequence of stages (departure from the body, journey through a tunnel, encounter with a being of light, return to the body, and transformation)." (Zalesski, 1999:1)

    When comparing these various degrees of Otherworld journeys, there are common internal and external conditions, which may explain the frequency and severity of the experience. The most significant internal explanation involves the physical condition of the person. A Hufford case explains, “This experience usually occurs when I'm overtired & just before going to sleep. (Hufford, 1982:49) Physical or mental exhaustion is a common theme linking contemporary sources to legends, such as the visions witnessed by dying warriors and persecuted saints. A closely related condition involves the position of the body, “I would be on my back in bed with my arms on top of the blankets.” (Hufford, 1982:73) Laying flat on the back appears to facilitate the separations of the spirit from the body, but may be rooted in a more scientific explanation. In each of these descriptions there may have been restriction placed on the person’s oxygen intake, which is commonly associated with snoring and sleep levels. Zaleski asks the question, “can they (NDE) be attributed to lack of oxygen, drugs, endorphins, the limbic lobe syndrome, or . . . other 'natural' causes? (Zalesski, 1999:) Dream research has shown that oxygen intake is directly related to person’s ability to achieve “deep sleep”, and that most dreams occur in the levels of sleep immediately after falling asleep or before waking. Dreams experienced in this shallow level of sleep are very powerful and can be remembered in great detail, and are most often confused as actual events.
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    Fri, December 22, 2006 - 7:39 PM
    Sounds like sleep paralysis. Practically everyone who experiences SP hates it, myself included. I used to have SP episodes during afternoon naps; over a period lasting several years I had from six to twelve episodes. Then they mercifully quit happening. I haven't had an episode in years now. I can only speculate as to why SP began and ended for me.

    If it happens to you again, try to focus on moving your big toe. If you can manage to move even the tiniest body part, that should snap you back to full consciousness. Or better yet, google it. There is plenty of material about sleep paralysis on the web. Here you go ...
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      Thu, December 28, 2006 - 5:08 PM
      I agree w/Gem on the Sleep Paralysis. I've had episodes just like yours - very intense and disturbing, as if an evil presence is attacking me. Horrible images, feelings of dread, physical pressure, paralysis, fighting/screaming to "break out" of it.. I've had them since I was a teenager, had a long dry spell as you mention, but then they came back just as strongly as they ever were a month or so ago --about 4 episodes in a row in one night!

      I've tried hypnosis, EEG and other methods to try and deal/figure out the problem. Hypnosis was interesting, and brought me to a dead end of sorts.. basically a "door" that I was not prepared to go thru at the time. I've been told it is both a curse and a gift.. I have a hard time believing the latter!

      good luck.. just accept that it is part of you and hopefully you will gain some learning from the experience in time. You're not alone!

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