Dreamtongue: Language of the Empath

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Dreamtongue is the Language of the Empath. It is the language we speak every moment, every second of everyday. This is a tribe who is looking for people who studied the language of the empath or it is for people who want to take the step to learn the language of the empath.

Learn the Language of the Empath:

No arguments please.

Co-Moderator: tas

Tribe Rules:

Rule number one:
There's no tolerance for bullying other members.
If your caught bullying anyone in anyway, you will be removed from the tribe immediately.

Rule number two:
There's no tolerance for drama. If you start drama you will receive only one warning.
If it continues you will be removed from the tribe.

Rule number three:
Members are allowed to post topics and engage in conversation with comfort.
If you disagree with someone beliefs or views, at least give them enough respect to base their opinions without nasty ridicule.
If you disagree with someone belief or a person view on something, comment back in a positive way and state why you don't agree with what they posted.

Here's a quote that I like.
"It doesn't matter on what you do, it all depends on how you do it".

If you break the third rule, you will recieve one warning. RSS Feed what is XML?

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