Sexy Dwarf Men

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Sorry for all CAPS above for those of you that do read....Guess it's useless though for those that don't!

This site is to stay true to it's name, topics, and pics posted. I do understand having women in the pics with the Sexy Dwarf Men, seems that's all that's out there. However, this is the Sexy Dwarf Men tribe, so pics of Sexy Dwarf Women alone or with a non dwarf man will be removed. Hence the words....Sexy Dwarf Men!

I will also remove, and report any members that post underage/illegal/child porn pics on this tribe. Just don't do it!

Cartoons, jokes and drawings will also be removed, post them in a cartoon, jokes and drawings tribe. Post Real......Not Fake!

Any members that were already here without a pic or friend(s) in their profile before I became moderator on 12/2014 will remain. However, any new members wanting to join, will have to have a pic (Does not have to be you, can be a puppy or a rainbow) and a friend(s) on their profile. I understand anonymity, especially on a tribe like this (So put a puppy or a rainbow) and have at least one friend to show that you are not a new member joining just to scam/spam/harass other members. This rule is only to protect legitimate members. I'm sure a lot of you have had to report new members sending you spam before (Love the Asian chicks, usually in New York) and have them removed/unsubscribed by tribes.

All in all, I just want this site to stay true to what it was intended for....Sexy Dwarf Men. No other nonsense, fakes, games or attitudes.

So keep enjoying the site to all of you that have been here for so long, and have already posted some great pics and stories. And I look forward to many new members joining and enjoying as well.

Please don't ever hesitate to message me. I do moderate, and I do respond to messages and requests to join in a timely manner.

Thanks again all, and......Enjoy!

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