*~* THE * SHIT * I * STOLE*~*

public - created 01/24/04
This tribe is for all the stuff that you have aquired without paying...
pictures required...and story of how you got it...
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I am with the police  topic
Pussy!  topic
Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer  review
Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer  review
Traveller's Checks  topic
More stolen items  topic
Civil disobedience and mormon grafitti  topic
receiving stolen goods  topic
We ripped off a golf tournament  topic
Mannequin  topic
Gnomes.  topic
Tell how you got it  topic
MYSPACE - less fascist than tribe!  review
donated frames and albums with the pictures sti...  topic
the best place for free shit in East Bay  topic
dude I got a dell...  topic
I stole this shirt  topic
10Kg of Prawns  topic
dominoe's  topic
Yomango  topic
Street signs and such....  topic
Dine and Dash... or Leisurely Saunter  topic
You are all under arrest.  topic
stole a pen  topic
Muahahaha  topic

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