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Many pages have been written about the symbolism all over the dollar bill. The bottom of the pyramid says "MDCCLXXVI," which is Roman numbers for 1776. To commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, people say. But it's also the year Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati, and if you cross off the first of every three roman numerals, you're left with "DCLXVI," which is 666.
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    Maybe thats the true center of the universe... imagine how you can control the whole human race... would you take the truth of the only thing known to be the center of all good.. and perhaps turn it evil... why yes.. In numerology and sacred geometry, the center of the galaxy is ....
    that three digit number haha
    3, is the sacred ritual of a completion cylce... thats why they use 33 a lot...
    Also... its all the doing of the (blank) to impose the next level of knowledge on earth.. the Fixed signs.. both on the line of good/evil... because they know all... now.. if jesus really knew what he was doing.. then we can agree he is a fixed sign... he brought an equal amount of good/evil... due to the fact his own people killed him, and some believed... so thats the balance...
    perhaps... or maybe... it will be debated.. why else would jesus know what number the so-called ego man beast saying he is all evil say he is.... the center of the universe... thats what jesus meant.. im pretty sure of that. like saying... you are a king.. when you clearly make people miserable.. oh yeah.. like hitler!
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      Mon, April 9, 2007 - 8:31 PM
      well yes the # 3 is very is three point that make up the triagle....and we all know by now the power of the triangle
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        Mon, April 9, 2007 - 9:07 PM
        haha oh yeah... also in any tribal or paganism witchery beliefe... the power of three and so mote it be haha so true.

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