The Urancha book cult

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The Universe According to the Urancha Book:

The Urancha book is group of testimonials that is similar to the Holy Bible, except that the information was channeled material from extraterrestials in 1930's. The information was all channeled through a typewriter by a single person. The manuscript was held for many years, then it was released in 1956.

The concept is that only one major universe exists, complete with 7 surrounding universes. Each sub universe contains billions of other universes. This does not conflict with the writings of the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ was only one voice in the billions of universes. The language of the ET's contains 1 billions words in it. English has only 1 or 200,000 words in it. It is the equivalent of English to sign language. If the relationship of their language to English is converted, then we would only have 50 words in English available to us to describe their teachings. So how can we describe the universe in English?, it is very difficult.

According to the Urancha book, Evolution began in the center of this center universe and expanded outward. There is a division of space and non-space. Their is only a small area of inhabited space in the universe, only about 5-10%.

More educated beings will move into different universe rings.

Many ET's can hear 100 octaves. We as humans can hear only 5 octaves. This leads us to the concept that reality changes according to the frequencies imposed on it. (i.e. as frequencies changes the reality will change also). With humans only having only limited bandwidth of frequencies available to us, our reality is limited.
Reality is created using only thoughts.

There are only 10 basic interactions of energy with 3 variations each. So there are 30 energies in their universe, our physics only know 4!!! So we see only a very small range. Using the above analogy, the Urancha book says that we live in a big "Main Frame Computer" in the center the universe.

The Urancha book does not believe in reincarnation!

Blue print for the structure from the super universes down to the planets is the same as the blueprint for the human body (i.e.. both systems are recycled). All above may seem to be in conflict with each other, but may be different perceptions of the same thing.
This video details the differences of the evaluations of man and the universe according to he Extraterrestials. Many amazing observations are observed!

A Live Confession on Videotape from an ET...
My Life on Venus! An Extraterrestrial Human 'Walk In'!

Alternate Views of the Universe: Part 2 (20 min):
"...I was an Extraterrestrial 'Walk In' from Venus!"

This is a very strange and amazing story by a lady that came from Venus to live her life out on Earth. Kristina explains in her own words, what it is like to be brought up as an Venuson inside an Earthlings body.

Kristina shows her hand to Marin Popovich, famous Russian test piolet and UFO investigator. Kristinas hand is a little unusual. The shape is elongated, like a flame on a candle. Kristina shows other ways to detect these Nordic type Venusians.

Khristina came to the planet because she was asked to do an experiment. Had to come to earth to learn the prejudices and to be brought up on earth. She manifested her own body. They picked her up from the city of Rits on Venus. The Venuson ships can travel through time because of their vibrational rate.
They met up with a mother ship and it took 25 hours to come to earth. They transferred to a smaller scout ship and she was brought up by some monks in Tibet in the mountains. She came here to educate herself.

The world on Venus is quite different than ours. All is created by thought, unlike here on earth where we must physically create our reality. Once our mind believes that we can aquire what we want, the objects manufast through what appears to be physical effort, when infact, the desired object was aquired by mental belief only. On Venus, the people there bypass that step, and aquire everything using only thought. Thats why when we look at Venus using a telescope, we see nothing in the physicial.

"The hardest thing was to adjust to my physical body" says Christian. "The reality was not available to me by just thought as it was on Venus.". Christina was not used to the physical pain but learned to live with it. She could not have her own circular vision that she was use to, and had to put up with peripheral vision only. She was brought up in the body of an adapted child.

Christina is still in touch with the ET's from Venus by thought ,and at times in the physical. "Most people are only conscious of their real body, not that it is only temporary" says Christina.

What is the difference between people from Venus and the people of Earth? "The hands are more pointed, like a flame" says Christina. "The ridges of the eyes are different (she points to show her bone structure around her eyes), but many people on earth have the same effects since the Venisians are the forefathers of many earth people.".

Christina has healing powers that come to her naturally - But does not heal people due to karmic reasons. She used to manifest reality on demand of thought but now here on earth had to go throughout the psychical routing to manifest them.

"The people of Venus have telepathy of thought." says Christina, "We are not psychical, but only a double of the astral plain. Our body is manifested as a byproduct of the non-psychical. Many planets are there in the physical and astral and spiritual. Many planets are manifested by the thought and this is what produces the reality. Venusians exist at the astro body level - they don't exist in the physical levels as we know it. Astral reality is as real as our physical reality. The physical body correlates to all planes levels."

Christina explains that there is only one city left in the physical and astral plain on Venus and it is similar to a desert, like in Nevada. In the astral reality, she has plants and trees just as we do here. Sunflowers were brought to the earth by the people of Venus.

An very interesting conversation with a person from Venus. What lives on the millions of other planets in our Galaxies!!!
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      How The Urantia Book
      Came into Existence
      by William S. Sadler, Jr.
      February 18, 1962

      The following is transcribed from a tape recording made in the home of Berkeley Elliott on February 18, 1962 in Oklahoma City in the U.S.A. On this occasion, William S. Sadler, Jr., one of the "contact commissioners," was talking with the study group there assembled. What follows are comments which he made on this occasion concerning the origin of The Urantia Book.

      "Many years ago my parents, who were physicians, had brought to their attention a man who had some rather strange things happening to him. In one of the books my father wrote, "The Mind at Mischief", he made mention of this case in the last part of the book -- in the Appendix which was published in the 1920's. My father had spook-hunting as a hobby. He was an exposer of mediums. He had two partners in this endeavor -- the head of the psychology department at Northwestern University and Howard Thurston, a professional magician. There is a book now out of print which my father wrote called "The Truth About Spiritualism" in which he puts so-called spiritualists as falling into one of two categories. There are practicing frauds -- deliberately working for gain or for glory -- and there are people who are self-deceived. I think in that book he says "with one possible exception."

      "My parents, both physicians [Dr. and Mrs. Sadler], became interested in this case. This man would go to sleep and he'd talk and what came out was intriguing and different. He was never interested in the lost watch or the stock market or in talking with your Uncle George who had passed on -- never anything practical. This was different; distinctly odd. About this time a Sunday evening meeting came to be organized at our house. It came about when Pop was giving a commencement address at a local university. I was in High School at the time and he wrote me a letter saying that we were not church people but that Sunday should be productive as well as a day of rest. He asked what I would say if they invited in some friends and they had a discussion group -- kind of a forum -- and talked about health and history and politics, etc. That group came into existence in, I think, 1922. This group became interested in spiritualism because Pop was writing on that subject at the time.

      "My dad was mischievous -- there was a mind-reading vaudeville show in town. Pop attended twice. He took a pair of wire cutters and clipped the wires that hooked the guy in the audience with the gal on the stage. At which point she fainted and they asked if there was a doctor in the audience, and Pop had the gall to go back and take care of her.

      "The question came up whether all such phenomena is fraudulent. My dad was an honest guy so he said there was one such case that was a puzzle. So they asked him to tell them about it. So the forum became intrigued with the shorthand notes that had been taken of things this man talked about.

      "One evening when they were talking to this man, a kind of an argument came up. They were talking with someone who claimed to be a "Mighty Messenger." They asked if he could prove he was a Mighty Messenger. " No," he said, "but you can't prove I'm not either. If you knew what I know, you wouldn't ask these silly questions. You would prepare some of the most deep, searching and far-reaching questions you could possibly imagine."

      "My father was half English and half Irish and he got kind of mad -- he was investigating this phenomena and now he was being challenged. Pop looked at the others in the group and said, "Lets pursue this and see what happens."

      "So the next Sunday when the Forum met, the whole group came in on the deal. I was told that approximately five thousand questions were given. Some were silly -- how old is God, who created him, and so forth. What happened was this -- one day the questions were gone and where the questions had been was the first of the Urantia Papers and was entitled, "The Universal Father."

      "I'll tell you how I think this paper was written. And my theory is not one-hundred percent correct. But its the best I can find. Visualize several places in space -- points A, B, C and D. I think the papers were dictated or conceived at point A and had we been there when any of these papers was written we would have seen nothing. A Divine Counselor is presenting his concepts in the language of Uversa*. A translator is there who translates it into the language of Salvington*. There is another translator there who translates from the language of Salvington* to the language of Satania* and another translator who translates from Satania* into English. You cannot translate from Uversa* into English because the languages are too far apart.

      "I suspect that 99% of the original concept was lost in translation -- English is too primitive a language. Take Bantu where they have one, two and then "many" -- the end of their numbers -- and you want to translate into large number systems, you simply can't do it. See the problem?

      "Point A was linked by some sort of communication circuit to point B. At point B there would be something to see, but it would be rather dull. It would be a man asleep -- doing nothing. Remember the resurrection and the way the stone was moved by the Midwayers? <Translate "Midwayers" as "los seres intermedios"> At point C you would see a pencil moving over paper with no visible means of motion. That's where the physical writing took place. Now point D would be where we found the papers. This individual was never seen to write one of these papers -- and don't think we weren't trying to watch him. If he wrote them he was more clever than we -- he was never observed to write them.

      "We tried everything we could think of to see how this was being done, but were baffled. The text was entirely written in pencil -- all in the handwriting of this individual.

      "Who was this man? I took an oath not to divulge who he was. That was required of all who know his identity and it was required by the commissioner who sponsored the last of the papers. We think we know why it was required. He would have asked us to maintain secrecy. One of the reasons this man was picked is that he has a passion for privacy -- a very stable man. He doesn't want to be known.

      "These papers were read to the forum. At the end of each paper was a note suggesting the next title on which questions should be asked. This is how they led us through the first time. They were read to the forum and they generated more questions and over a period of years this book accumulated. And eventually when we had money we published it.

      "In 1950 we completed the preparation of our plates. As money came in we forecast inflation, so we took the money we had and spent it in getting Donnelley (the publisher) to prepare the plates. If you went to Chicago, you'd see that the Urantia Foundation was established in 1950 by the anonymous donation of the plates of The Urantia Book. We got nickel coated plates. If you write to Donnelley, they'll tell you they negotiated with Mr. Wilfred Kellogg. The Urantia Foundation owns the copyright. There are five trustees. In about 1954 these five trustees selected thirty-six people who organized the Urantia Brotherhood. The book was published in October of 1955 and has been spreading ever since.

      "I was there most of the time. I'm a management man, not the kind of man you would expect to see mixed up in something like this -- and I was very suspicious of all this. I asked myself, "Who is making money on this? I found that it was going to cost money. I realized there was no commercial end. And, as the book cleared up some personal quarrels I had with religion, I felt it was a pretty good thing. So I elected to spend my spare time telling people about it. I don't get paid, but I get a lot of satisfaction. This is a first hand story except for the years from 1924 to 1928 when I was doing military duty. And this is the first time this story has ever been recorded."

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