Da Vinci & Michelangelo’s Hidden Secrets

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Da Vinci & Michelangelo’s Hidden Secrets

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were both students of an ancient mystical order who for 2,000 years have been the Guardians of ancient secrets.

Until the End Times began recently, ancient secrets had only been hidden in symbols within ancient hieroglyphs, and works of art created by people like Leonardo and Michelangelo, who were students of the Guardians.

The Da Vinci Code has awakened interest in finding the secret information that was hidden in works of art produced by people like Leonardo and Michelangelo.

Western science is degrading Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel. Scientists only partially understand one of the hidden secrets of Michelangelo. Science has just discovered what they think is the great secret of the Sistine Chapel. Western science now informs us that Michelangelo painted Adam worshipping his own brain. This, of course, completely contradicts religion’s interpretation of Michelangelo’s ceiling painting which they dogmatically state represents God breathing life into Adam.

Science has correctly pointed out that the cloud of angels in the Sistine Chapel, with God in the center, is the outline of the human brain. However, Michelangelo is not worshipping his brain. Michelangelo was secretly telling people the way to contact God, during an extremely repressive time when millions of innocent men, women and children were being murdered and tortured in the Inquisitions by Christians, during a 400 year effort to destroy all information about Jesus’ marriage, burn all copies of ancient esoteric truth like the Gospel of Thomas and kill every descendant from the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Michelangelo secretly shows that Adam, and all humanity, can consciously connect with the energies of God, (depicted by Adam reaching toward God), through the activation of their pineal gland, (called the Soul in the west and the 3rd Eye in the east) in the center of the brain, (depicted by God in the center of the angels in the shape of the human brain.)

In the middle of the 15th century, Andrea del Verrochio wrote the Guardians about a special apprentice of his, Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo, while not an acknowledged descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, was a unique individual having Davidic Lineage DNA in his body. In this way, Leonardo came to the attention of René d’ Anjou and the Guardians.

René’s teaching of Leonardo came to fruition during a 17-year period in Milan, Italy. René taught Leonardo many truths during their time together. Among the spiritual techniques Leonardo learned from René were certain advanced techniques which enable one to access the entire span of human existence from the historical information recorded in the “History Gene” located in the DNA of one’s physical body.

In this manner, one can use ancestral memories recorded in one’s own DNA to access information about past advanced civilizations which had flying machines, and much more. (Flying machines and atomic warfare are described in depth in ancient Hindu scriptures.) Leonardo began accessing his “History Gene” in an attempt to re-create flying machines and other such technological devices. Unfortunately, or fortunately, one must be in complete isolation, in order to complete DNA ancestral memory retrievals. In order to fully access information on any subject, topic or time period one needs uninterrupted concentration for extremely long periods of time.

And so it was after learning how to access ancient information using the DNA ancestral memory techniques, the process of finding time to be alone became difficult for Leonardo. As a “Teacher of Others”, students now came to learn from him, and suddenly Leonardo’s studio became so busy, that he was unable to complete many projects.

While the western media is pretending all the speculation about Mary Magdalene being married to Jesus came through the recent “Da Vinci Code” and “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” books, Italian art historians have known for ages that it was Mary Magdalene who was painted next to Jesus in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”. During his 17-year period in Milan, Leonardo only completed 6 projects. However, one of those projects which he completed, was the “Last Supper” painting in which he portrays the marriage of Jesus and Mary in symbolic form, by painting Mary Magdalene beside Jesus.
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    The Vatican's Sistine Chapel housed its first mass on this day in 1438. In remembrance, let's explore Michelangelo's magnificient murals in this house of worship: "The Last Judgement" and "Creation of Adam." These Renaissance frescoes reveal more than epic Biblical scenes. Hidden within robust figures and billowing clouds, you'll find the artist's boneless self-portrait dangling from Bartholomew's hand, while silhouettes of a human brain and heart emerge -- perhaps pieces of the Michelangelo Code. But a few body parts remain hidden for all time, thanks to the chapel's former master of ceremonies, Biagio da Cesena. Declaring depictions of nude bodies in church obscene, he hired the artist's apprentice, Daniele da Volterra, to conceal genitals in the artwork. Adversely, Michelangelo painted Cesena as Minos, the ugly judge in hell. So many secrets on the walls of this chapel -- is there even more than meets the eye?
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      Re: Da Vinci & Michelangelo’s Hidden Secrets

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      For the church of Santo Spirito in Florence Michelangleo made a crucifix of wood which was placed above the lunette of the high altar, where it still is. He made this to please the prior, who placed some rooms at his disposal where Michelangelo very often used to flay dead bodies to discover the secrets of anatomy..." I-333

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