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topic posted Fri, June 13, 2008 - 11:58 PM by  Rainbow Brite
hi there...
does anyone know any shamans in bolivia that they would suggest working with sacred medicines?? or do you know some amazing places to journey to while in bolivia? please let me know!!
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Rainbow Brite
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    Sun, January 11, 2009 - 12:21 PM
    Sacha Runa Collective offers two Month-long Shamanic Intensive Training Courses a year
    (Jan/Feb and August) in the Bolivian Andes& Amazon (
    The course is indeed Intensive and deeply transformational.
    It is intended to help train those people who trully want to entrust themselves to Spirit
    and dedicate themselves to Service.
    No prerequisite is necessary, except the absolute determination to face oneself
    and do what is needed to allow spirit to flow through us and bless creation.
    The next one is August1-30.
    Have to fly in and out of la Paz, Bolivia.
    Application letters are due ASAP.
    The next course is Jan/Feb 2009

    For serious apprentices who intend to become full fledged shamans and
    conduct medicine ceremonies, at least 4 courses are recommended but it
    ultimately dependes on everybody's skills.

    For a description of the course, please visit
    Miguel A. Kavlin
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      Tue, January 13, 2009 - 1:11 PM
      watch out for Miguel/Sacha Runa. There have been reports of his sexually assualting his students. Google him to see about what people have to say
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        Mon, February 16, 2009 - 2:59 PM

        It seems that only you have got an axe to grind'


        Grow up and take responsibility for your actions'

        Obviously you should no be go to the jungle and put yourself in so called vunerable situations in the first place'
        Grow up' take responsibility for you own actions'

        Bitching like this just goes to show of how neourotic you really are'


        Nobuoni +

        XYZ is simple' you got legs arms' a voice'

        Use them ! ! !
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          Wed, February 25, 2009 - 5:22 PM
          ya, umm, whatevers.........sounds like you're blaming the victim.....who wasn't me by the way........that was a sample of the many reviews on Miguel Kavlin of Sacha Ruins.....
          I'll make it simple for you, ABC
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            Thu, February 26, 2009 - 12:43 AM
            So you where no the person involved' you just felt you should slander someone cos you felt like it' Ok' then you deserve of what you got'
            I never believed of what you said anyways' that is of why I chewed you out so much'
            Where do you get off' spreading accusations about something you have no first hand experience of ???
            You have no friends' no profile info' you are invisible'
            So I am just going to ignore you and pray you get a life elsewhere'
            Grow up' Ayahuasca no makes you do anything you no wish too'


            Nobuoni +
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              Fri, February 27, 2009 - 12:07 AM
              I believed the talk about MIGUEL KAVLIN. I read many posting about this man and other info as well to make me believe withou a doubt that he is dangerous and people need to warned about him. They can do with that information what they want. I have no profile,name, or friends to protect myself. MIGUEL KAVLIN is a cruel and vindictive man.
              yes, please ignore me., i enjoy responding to intelligent crisisms or questions but you were just nasty.

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                Fri, February 27, 2009 - 4:14 AM
                You never even met the man ! !
                And you are a fanatic'

                Nobuoni +
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                  Fri, February 27, 2009 - 10:36 AM
                  I have first hand experience with those who have spoken out against him and the price they have had to pay because of it. I'm neither stupid nor dumb to put myself in that same position, which could be damaging to me since I do travel frequently in that parrt of the world.
                  Obviously you have had a good first hand experience with him. Werll, we can say what we believe on here, how come you haven't spoken up? I feel a moral obligation to let other peoples expoerinces with hiim speak for themselves. the way one person treats someone, is not how they will treat others. You must be male, not his intended victim, so your experience would be very different. For all I know, you could be Miguel.....
                  I thought you were going to ignore me........nice job.......ABC+++now lets see if you can learn the rest of your what comes inbetween ABCs and an XYZ+++++BIBI
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                    Re: bolivian shamans

                    Fri, February 27, 2009 - 4:52 PM
                    Yes well just goes to show of how silly you really are'
                    If you have no first hand experience then you are a just passing on second hand stories !!!
                    It makes no difference of what you speak of'
                    Of what you speak of is SLANDER'
                    This is of why no one other than me has said anything'
                    Because you are no worth their time'

                    If you had have had first hand experience then I would no chew you out'

                    So now I and everyone can see you for of what you are' A SLANDERER!

                    Now you see darling of why I chewed you out' becasue I knew the instant I read your post that you had no clue of what you where speaking of' only second hand stories from other folks'
                    Because you have no first hand experience of what you speak of'
                    Very very sad that you get a kick out of spreading "SLANDER"

                    You are no doubt a sweet inteligent caring person' but you have your priorities in-correct'

                    If of what you spoke of had happened to you personaly' then the truth would shine it's light for you'

                    Resorting to sarcasm just goes to show that you have no truth in this subject to share'

                    So suggest to you that you seek healings' and get past this thing that holds you back from experiencing life to the full' and drop this attachment'

                    For myself I have never met the person you are slandering'

                    I pulled you on your post becasue I saw un-truthes from you'
                    I might add' non other than you' with second hand information' have made any comments here' to even back up your allegations'

                    To be truthful is much simpler' you could have said'

                    "I have no first hand experience of what I am about to divulge' so it all could be just a wild story' but I am going to tell it anyways' cos someone told me''
                    Then folks could see you in your own light' and make up their own minds as to your authenticity'

                    But you come across as if of what you speak of has happened to you' and then backed it up with ugly words' (in other tribes also)
                    What is the purpose of this post and of what do you hope gain from it ?
                    It was obviously no posted so you could just argue with me' about other folks stories'
                    How can you honestly take the word of another and state your life on it that it is true' if you have no first hand experience of what you where told'
                    Are you prepared to die for to back up your statements' even though you only have second hand information ?

                    Let other folks fight their own battles and you fight yours in truth and light'
                    You come across as a very dangerious person' of whom is prepared to stand at the say so of another'

                    I am Nganga Nobuoni +
                    I work with many plants and many folks' helping to bring the truth to shine'

                    The truth shall set you free sister' set you free indeed'

                    Love & Light eternal'

                    Keep tracking the love'

                    Nganga Nobuoni +

                    P.S. XYZ is simple' female is X' male is Y' Z = As above so below' crossed from "Contemplation to Glory"


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                      Sat, February 28, 2009 - 11:12 AM
                      I have a deep feeling that you are a friend of Miguel, by certain things you write, it doesn't change that Miguel is a PREDATOR and thank you for bringing attention to this issue. Now, go sell your plants somewhere else

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