Aquarius on the Second House Cusp

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Most of us born with Capricorn on the Ascendant will have Aquarius on the cusp of our second house (depending, of course, on the latitude and time of year of birth as well as the house system being used). Here are a few comments about what that means:

The Second House
Material Values and Security
The second house relates to personal possessions and general prosperity. It deals with your sense of values and how you view your security. Factors associated with the second house may show how you acquire and how you spend your material resources. The house may also relate how important these assets are in your life.

The influence of Aquarius suggests that you are impersonal about money and possessions, and material factors can never rule your life. You are creative and even original in your methods of earning a living. It is not uncommon with this sign for individuals to have unstable incomes and derive most of funds from free-lance methods. Often income comes from capitalizing on technology and the discoveries of modern science. You are spontaneous in your earning; impulsive and even nervous when you spend. You are unafraid to take chances financially, and you look for unusual and inventive ways to invest.

I know some of this certainly rings true for me. I have my Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Scorpio in the 10th House, my house of career (which is ruled by Libra) and have certainly experienced the unexpected both in my finances and my career.

How does it ring to you?
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    Wed, August 16, 2006 - 11:01 PM
    I've got Aqua intercepted in the 1st, Uranus on MC in Scorp too;
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      Thu, August 17, 2006 - 6:42 PM
      ive got aquarius on the 2nd and Uranus in the 12th, conjunct Saturn, Neptune, and trine the Midheaven and Mars.

      i cant say i go through life dettached (sp?) from material values, actually, i can be (although really AM NOT) really materialistic.
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        Re: Aquarius on the Second House Cusp

        Sat, February 7, 2009 - 12:13 PM
        same.. and i have the exact same placements ( saturn-neptune-uranus in the 12th )

        i don't place a lot of value on "things". I do have a tendency to keep certain items for "sentimental value" though, hah. I wouldn't call myself materialistic though.
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      Wed, August 23, 2006 - 2:59 AM
      Since you have Pisces on the Second House cusp, here's a short interpretation from about what that means:

      With the sign Pisces influencing the second house, you tend to be lax and impractical when it comes to personal financial affairs. You'll spend your money on dreams and schemes, but then become emotionally upset and disturbed when the books don't balance. You have, nonetheless, a very generous spirit. While you have a definite appreciation for the better things in life, you could never be considered greedy or even materialistic. You should scrutinize financial documents and contracts carefully before you sign, for you have a tendency to be a little careless in this regard. On the more positive side, Pisces on the cusp of the second lends a sense of timing and intuition that may be an asset financially.

      I don't know how one would interpret intercepted signs as I've seen very little on the subject but it can't be that bad if Bono's got it can it?
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      Thu, August 31, 2006 - 11:08 PM
      Found this page with the following info about intercepted signs and what they mean, maybe you'll find it useful; there is even a sentence about Cap Rising with Aquarius intercepted in the first:

      In the horoscope of a person, an intercepted sign shows a blockage. The qualities of that sign have difficulty coming out. It is like a room in your house that can only be reached by first going through another room. An interception means that your early environment did not give you the ability to deal with the things ruled by the intercepted signs. The qualities of those signs can get bottled up, repressed. Eventually, the pressure builds to the breaking point and they burst out…usually in ways that are not appropriate.

      It is better to interpret intercepted signs in pairs. Opposite signs normally work as a team. For instance, the aggression of Aries is balanced by the charm and social skills of Libra. With intercepted signs, the link is broken. The opposite signs cannot balance each other. Take the Virgo-Pisces combination. A person with an intercepted Pisces may not be able to discriminate or be practical in the area ruled by that house. In the opposite house where Virgo is intercepted, they could be excessively focused on details and find it difficult to get the big picture. The effects will manifest mostly in the areas of life that are governed by the houses containing the interceptions.

      How do you deal with intercepted signs? Your early environment didn’t give you the support necessary to develop the abilities governed by those signs and you have to make up for this with your own conscious efforts.
      But how do we know specifically what to do? One way is by using our “duplicated signs.”

      Duplicated signs, as mentioned earlier, are signs that appear on the cusps of two houses. If you have intercepted signs, you must have duplicated signs as well. These signs and their intercepted houses can show a way out of the difficulties caused by the intercepted signs.

      You can also look to the ruling planets of your intercepted signs. The house and sign positions of these planets, as well as the aspects they form, can show another way to solve the problems caused by your intercepted signs. Sometimes though, one of these planets is also placed in an intercepted sign. That’s like having your keys locked inside your car. It usually means that this planet cannot be used to overcome the interception.

      Leo-Aquarius Intercepted: Leo is where we want to be on stage. Aquarius is where we want to rebel and be original and “different.” Aquarius, being an Air Sign, gives Leo an awareness of others so it won’t run roughshod over them. It also gives originality to Leo’s self-expression. Leo gives a sense of purpose to the rebellion and originality of Aquarius. Without this, Aquarius would be merely an eccentric crank, rebelling only for the sake of rebelling. And that’s what can happen when these signs are intercepted.

      In the house where Leo is intercepted, we find it difficult to get noticed, take center stage, to get applause. Since Cancer is on the house cusp, other people will view you in this area as nurturing and emotional. In other words, they are likely to come to you for emotional support instead of giving you the attention you inwardly crave.

      In the opposite house where Aquarius is intercepted, the drive to be original and different is suppressed. Capricorn is on the house cusp, and that sign is cautious, conservative, and very concerned with its public image. Every client I have seen with a Capricorn Ascendant and Aquarius intercepted in the 1st house learned early in life that their desire to different, to explore new, strange, and socially unacceptable things was not going to be tolerated. They covered it up with a Capricorn veneer so they could appear to be “normal.” And when the pressure builds up, when they do finally rebel, it could be extreme and inappropriate.

      Your Sun and Uranus, rulers of the intercepted signs, could show the way out of these difficulties. For other ways out, look to the duplicated Signs in your horoscope.

      Houses With Intercepted Signs:

      Remember that interceptions come in pairs. If a house has an intercepted sign, the opposite house must have an interception as well.

      First and Seventh Houses: The problem areas are “presenting” yourself (1st house) and partnerships (7th house). The nature of the intercepted signs will show the specific problem areas.
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    Sun, January 23, 2011 - 10:18 AM
    Well,all I know is that I feel guilty when I spend a lot,cause mainly that's not my money and I don't want to be irresponsible with others' money.(my mother's money that is).
    Now whenever I have my own money,I spend it all at once(most times).ALthough I try to save some,but nah.It doesn't work.I am also happy to spend for others' too,but not give it to them.I like to decide what to spend,XDD.