California permitting.

topic posted Tue, February 17, 2009 - 5:38 PM by  Justin
I'm A california resident and interested in putting in mass amounts of earthships in northern california and making community living quarters. Does anyone have a layout or presentation to give me so that I can present it to the Placer County and Nevada County city buildings that I am making connections with. Any and all responses are helpful. thank you. Justin Ancheta .
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  • Hey Justin, It's me Sage.
    I was recently on the website. Here's a link to their reccomendations for working with counties that have not yet permitted Earthship construction.
    Under the 'buildings' tab is a section called 'codes and laws' where they discuss presenting the concept, how to do it w/out sounding any "what the fuck is this" alarms. They offer videos, booklets, and specialized material to educate the members of the approval boards that we have to deal with. Fortunately, Mike Reynolds has done so much of the footwork for us. Copy & Past the following address:
    C U Later...
  • My buddy is doing this exact thing in Ohio. He is getting grants from the county he lives in I believe. :) More info soon. i'll make him join this tribe since he is much more knowledgeable than I.
    Cheers and keep posting!
  • Has anyone got any recent information on throwing down some earthships in NoCa? My husband and I are currently in the idea and planning phase of going out to the Pacific Northwest/ NoCa next year. Justin, lemme know if you get that community going. I am totally interested in your idea.
  • Hi I'm new here, but I'm a california resident as well and would really like to know more on this topic. Has anyone made any progress??

    • I have an investor geting me some land and i would like to get more information on California Permitting I am in Escondido California and will be searching around with in a 60 mile rad. What do I need to know about California Permitting for an Earthship?

  • Justin,

    I am in NORCAL, and I am interested in hearing about the progeess you have made. I have some land that I want to put a Earthship on. It is in Modoc co. do you know anything at all about their zoning regulations? Additionally I am looking to partner up with like minds in order to build a self sustainable community.

  • Hi I am a California resident from the bay, and I would love to spread the idea of the California permitting laws. I am taking a course in college and I wanted to make a persuasive speech of why we should have earthships acceptable to the California permitting laws and why it would be better. I was hoping that I could not only use this oppurnity for exposure but also awareness. Things that would help me would be the main points of what the california permitting laws won't allow and why; also if there are already a voters signature forms that I could use for the speech, but that I could also use for the movement.

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