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OSODD? Oral Service On Domme's Demand

So simple, so alluring, so complex, so effective.
It is a tool for breaking and training the adult submale
into total submission and useful service to a Woman.

The author states that she has led many a poor boy down
that path .. the path from pigmale play to the bliss
of servitude .. a boy on his knees, OSODD.

OSODD is how its done .. read boy, read.
forewarned is forearmed, indeed.

OSODD, as developed today has 13 Stages,
below .. each in but a single word.

Stage 1 .. Priming
Stage 2 .. Doing
Stage 3 .. Liking
Stage 4 .. Wanting
Stage 5 .. Needing
Stage 6 .. Addiction
Stage 7 .. Power
Stage 8 .. Indeed
Stage 9 .. Golden
Stage 10 .. Crimson
Stage 11 .. D&s*uality
Stage 12 .. Clean-up
Stage 13 .. Destiny

She states that her first formal mentor in FemDomination
was a Black Woman whom she knew only as MadamDomme, who
told her right up front that white males were far more
likely to be submale slave candidates than black or
hispanic males.

MadamDomme lived in a large older home on the outskirts
of New Orleans with family of several generations.
Among them just about all the time were one or more
white males, conspicuous for their white skin, collars,
and subservient demeanor. They worked in and outside
the house, usually nude and collared as the house was
well off the road and shielded by trees and brush.

The house had a basement complete with slave rings that
she implied dated back to the early days of the Old South.

These white males were her slaves. Some seemed to be there
just about all the time, but others only from time to time.
Apparently their slavery was voluntary, that is, they
willingly presented themselves to serve. But once they
arrived, freedoms disappeared and they served indeed as
she dictated. When released they invariably begged to be
allowed to return at a later time.

Black Women ruled in MadamDomme's compound. The white male
slave was always referred to as the "white boy" or simply
the "boy". And the white boys would drop to the knees with
hands behind the back whenever a Black Woman entered the room.

Black males of age were normally unzipped with genatalia
hanging out .. a not so subtle reminder to the whiteboy of
his sexual inferiority.

When MadamDomme was asked just what was the secret to her
control over these whiteboys, who ranged in age from the 20s
to the 60s and more. She smiled and said it was by training
them to provide oral sex on her demand.

She smiled and said that while they willingly began providing
it, they would soon become hooked on it .. and that was the
key to enslaving them. She would laugh and say "enslaved,
sure, but really just enslaved to their own desires".

MadamDomme explained that ego made it more difficult for
the "brother" to accept submission to feminine authority and
the same,she supposed, for the Mexican male, it was that macho
thing either way.

She said that small cocks and penis envy had a lot to do
with the whiteboy (adult white male of any age) accepting
and embracing submission.

OSODD can work for any woman who understands the basics and
sets her mind to it .. but MadamDomme was Black, so her
examples often were in Black and white.

The whiteboy slaves would drop to the knees when a Black
entered the room. The Black males with their typically
large cocks exposed .. and the women in full skirts.
Older Women, too.

You see, MadamDomme explained that Black Women retained
sexual vitality much longer than most women, often into
very old age - maybe right up to the end. This would
present two problems for the older Black Women. The first
being that Black males, while willing to oblige them, were
just too big and rough for their advanced age and somewhat
diminished physical endurance. While the older woman took
advantage of the same attributes in her earlier year, she
needed something smaller and softer, more controllable,
now that she was in the older stages of life. And that
presented the second problem,grazing or finding such
suitable male - the whiteboy, as you may have seen coming.

Younger and prime-age Dominant Women recruit,supply, and
train new boys for the older women.

Those full skirts .. if an older woman or any woman wanted
service, she merely walked over to the white boy (kneeling,
you remember) and flipped that full skirt up and over him.
Part of that OSODD training, it was.

Under that full skirt there might be panties, but more often
than not, there was not. The boy was required to lick in
either case - not just if he wanted to.

Domme's Demand, not his free choice.

White women can sometimes be so bland as to be "tasteless"
but never a Black Women. The Black Woman, said MadamDomme
can range from rough and animalistic to sweet, juicie, and
downright intoxicating. She also contends, however, that
if a boy licks and sucks long enough - the former condition
will transform into the latter. And once the boy experiences
that, he is eager to work for that reward no matter how long
it might take. And will beg for the opportunity.

MadamDomme said that Black Women had another advantage over
the white woman with the whiteboy. And that was the long
practice of Black Nannies caring for white babies. Especially,
the wet nurse nannies. That would lead us to Stage 1.

The term OSODD was later coined by some bright woman,
described as an excellent means of training and gaining
control over the white male. It can work for the
Dominant White Woman too, "just easier for the Black Woman",
MadamDomme would say with a smile.

So, you boy, you white boy out there, are you still smiling?
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