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topic posted Tue, April 24, 2007 - 7:56 AM by  Lisa
Anyone have a good spell for locating lost items? I am looking for two pairs of sunglasses that are in my house somewhere, and I have exhausted all the mundane possibilities.
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    Here are a few that might help.


    Light a green candle for luck and prosperity.
    Charge a small green stone with your desire to find your "property"
    that eludes you.
    Chant the following 3 times:
    I Pray to the Moon when she is round
    Luck to me shall then abound
    What I seek for shall then be found
    In sea or sky or solid ground
    Remember, like energies attract, think of positive times spent with
    this lost treasure
    and mentally/emotionally call the lost one home.

    Mirror Orange candle Black candle Small Magnet
    Usual ritual requirements, such as incense, quarter candles, and
    First create the Circle and invoke the Elemental Guardians.
    Raise a cone of power by chanting and drumming, or racing around the
    Then light a Black candle (for solving mysteries, and drawing away the
    negativeness of the loss), an Orange candle (for luck and precious
    Visualize the lost objects in the mirror as already being found.
    Place the magnet between the two candles and stroke it towards you as
    you recite this rhyme:
    "By the wavering flame of this black light,
    Grant to me of my jewelry a sight.
    By the power of this orange flame,
    Give me luck to find the same.
    In this mirror the jewelry I see
    Make the magnet draw them to me."
    Substitute the name of the object for the word "jewelry". Say this
    three times.
    Close the circle, but leave the candles burning with the magnet between
    them until the candles burn down.


    Take an object from the area in which you lost the item and hold that
    item in your hands.
    Carefully visualize the item you have lost and open your mind to the
    impressions that you feel from the item that you are holding. After a
    while, you should be able to see the lost item and see where it went
    to and how it got there. Remember NOT to cloud your vision with
    preconceived thoughts of where and what happened to the item you are
    looking for.
    Remember: An open mind sees more clearly than one "fogged" with
    "clouded" thoughts!

    Finding Things Spells

    Close your eyes and concentrate really hard on the
    object and chant:

    "Oh special helper please come around
    Something's lost and must be found.
    By the power of three
    Please let me see

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