The Summer Solstice

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The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, also called "Midsummer" or "Litha", is
the longest day of the year. (The Christian Calendar marks this holiday
with "St. Peter and Paul's Day) This celebration of the coming of the light
is when magics involving protection, strength, energy and clear sight will
be the most successful. With the Sun high in the heavens, the powers of
light are readily evoked. Anything that shadows your soul can be set aflame
by the Sun's protective glow. Pagan couples also know that this is the time
when the Horned God is at the zenith of His manifest Power and the
flowering Godess of Spring welcomes his presence. Sex Magic is powerful now
and legend tells that a naked skip through a garden on Litha night ensures
fertility for the coming season. The peaceful blue color of the Lapis stone
can be worn to foster physical fertility as well as psychic awareness.

An Invocation for Summer

Fireflies and Summer Sun,
In circles round we become as one.
Singing songs at magic's hour
We bring the winds and timeless power.
Turning inward, hand to hand
We dance the hearth to heal our land.
Standing sacred beneath the Sky
We catch the fire from out it's eye
Swaying breathless beside the sea
We call the Goddess, so Mote it be!

(Patricia Telesco)

Midsummer Rituals are extremely effective times to perform Protection and
Strength Magics...If you have had problems or feelings which have left you
feeling vulnerable, weak, and covered with that dingy air of uneasiness,
now would be the perfect time to rid yourself of them. The following chant,
incense, oil and bath can be combined into a wonderful cleansing and
strengthening ritual of your own design.

Cleansing Chant...
I celebrate the noon of Summer with mystic rites.
O Great Goddess and God, all nature vibrates with your energies and the
Earth is bathed with warmth and life.
Now is the time of forgetting past cares and banes;
Now is the time for purification.
O fiery Sun, Burn away the Unuseful, the Hurtful, the Bane,
In your omnipotent power...
Purify Me! Purify Me! Purify Me!

(Scott Cunningham) *If you have something which symbolizes your hurt, you
should burn it in the ritual fire at the close of the chant*

Sun Oil
4 drops Frankincense
2 Drops Cinnamon
1 Drop Petitgrain
1 Drop Rosemary
a scant pinch of genuine Saffron

Midsummer Strength Incense
3 parts Frankincense
2 Parts Benzoin
1 part Dragon's Blood (not that hard to find *wink*)
1 part Thyme
1 part Rosemary
1 pinch Vervain
a few Drops of the Red ritual wine

Summer Magical Cleansing Bath *this is wonderful for emotional and physical
pain...(add one more part Thyme and 3 parts red clover for a healing bath
to wash away female cycle pains)
3 Parts Sweet Marjoram
3 Parts Thyme

For Litha Night Fertility Magic ... A Tantric Verse Being in a space
that's home I served you tea that never got drunk Intoxication filled the
air Kisses came soft and slow our bodies shed off their clothes and we
entered into our souls...

Sweet Summer Incense
2 Parts Sandalwood
1 part Mugwort
1 part Camomile
1 part Gardenia petals
a few drops Rose Oil
a few drops Lavendar Oil
a few drops Yarrow Oil

A Love Bath
3 parts Orange flowers
2 parts Lavender
1 part Gardenia petals
1 part Cardamon
1 part Ginger
1 part Rosemary
1 part Rose Petals

SOURCES... Sacred Sex ...Jwala
The Complete Book of Incense and Brews...Scott Cunningham Wicca: A Guide
for the Solitary Practitioner...Scott Cunningham
A Victorian Grimoire...Patricia Telesco
Llewellyn's 1996 Magical Almanac

Chandralyn's Books
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