Builders of the Arks

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Eco-arks are bio-diverse botanical preserves dedicated to the continuation of useful (food, medicine, fiber) and threatened species of plant life. They provide open space for wildlife and sustainable and renewable resources for we two leggeds. They can be created in a variety of climatic conditions where natural weather patterns and water sources are optimal for their species.
"The Creator has given us all that we need to recreate the Garden of Eden. What S/He/it has not done, is take away our free will to ignore such a beneficial outcome." - Zen

The Human/Nature Foundation is the tenative name for our Philanthropic Organization on Hawaii. It will oversee the various projects and programs.

Rainbow Waystation is the small support(ive) community that keeps the HNF projects moving forward. It also acts as a stepping stone for new members to establish themselves in our greater community of private owners with a common vision.

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