Cloth diaper rinser must have!

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I'm sure your local plumbing supply place might have one too, but it's the idea. i always hated swishing the diapers in the toilet or rinsing out in the tub....

AND it's affordable!
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    brilliant alternative use, Madame!
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      its funny, the handheld bidet actually came up in my "beauty secrets for Diva's" tribe and my first thought was WOW that would be GREAT for diapers!!

      My second thought was... WOW that has to be REALLY cold on your parts. brrr.

      I'm going to get one in the next couple of weeks, i'll let you all know how / if it works.
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    Tim & I are already users of a water bottle to clean off our bums after #2. Well, actually, he uses it more than I do. When I showed him this inexpensive bidet sprayer he was immediately sold on it! We're gonna get one & he's totally stoked!
    • if only the water temp coming through it was warmer it would make a great post partum device.... except it sounds like the spray comes out pretty strong.

      i've added this to my mental list of bathroom projects. first is to get the stupid shower doors off and put up a shower curtain!!
      • I've heard of people using the perio bottle that they get from the hospital for this but the sprayer is A LOT stronger its great on the first 3months of 5 poopys a day, I dunno what I would of done without it...Now his digestive system has matured so hes down to one poopy a day or everyother day or sometimes once in 3-4 days! much easier
        • I'm so into getting this and Bruce gets all excited everytime there is something to fix around the house anyway so he should like getting a chance to install it. I don't know about using it as a bidet though. Seems like that water would be waaaay to cold!

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