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Yousra is an Egyptian actress. Her birth name is Sevine Mohamed Nasim. She was born on March 10, 1955 in Cairo, Egypt. She is the sister in law of actor Hesham Selim. She first appeared in 1980 in Athkiya laken aghbiya film. Increasingly popular with audiences in Egypt and across the Arab world, she went on to co-star with leading actor Adel Emam in several films.

In 1982, she participated in Hadduta Misrija, which was directed by Youssef Chahine, then in Ala Bab El Wazir with star Adel Emam. She achieved great success in the cinema, so she got so many offers afterwards. In 1984, she participated in Avocato, starring with star Adel Emam, Hussein El Sherbiny, and Salah Nazmi. In 2000, she performed a very remarkable in El Assafa, with Hanan Turk, Hany Salama and Mohamed Nagaty.

In 2003, she participated in Malak Rohy T.V series, that was shown on T.V screen on Ramadan, then in 2004, Leqaa Ala Al Hawaa in the next Ramadan.
Then her latest T.V series was also during Ramadan, it was Ahlam 'Adiya.

Also she made a number of films in 2005, like: Dam El Ghazal, Kalam Fel Hob with young actress Hanan Turk and actor Hesham Selim. In 2006, she participated in Yaccoubian Building, a star-laden adaptation of the novel of the same name. The film is reported to have had the highest budget of any Egyptian production to date. Playing an entertainer working in a restaurant.

Her latest film is Mategy Norkos, which is an Egyptian remake of shall We Dance, told in reverse. A middle-aged lawyer (yousra) is bored from her routine, and is attracted to join a dancing school tutored by a handsome young man (Tamer Hagras), which becomes later a big shock to her husband (Ezat Abu Ouf). co-starring with Hala Sadky, Emmy, Talaat Zeen, Tamer Hagras, directed by Enas El Daghidy, the film is now released in all cinemas.
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