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Hi! I'm looking for plots of the M. Abdel Wahab movies El Warda el Baida (The White Rose), Doumou' el Hob (Tears of Love), and Lustu Malakan (I'm no Angel).

I've spent days and days researching Abdel Wahab's movies and can't find these descriptions anywhere. Have any of you seen them? Can you tell me what they're about? Or can someone point me to a good resource?

Just for fun, I'll post some descriptions of his other movies in this thread....
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    Fri, October 24, 2008 - 10:51 AM
    Here are plot descriptions I've found of other movies. Please feel free to contribute to my understanding of them!!!!

    Yahaya el hub (Long Live Love) 1938
    Mohamed Abdel Wahab plays an aristocrat working as a bank teller to prove his own merit.

    Yom Said (A Happy Day) 1940
    Mohamed Abdel Wahab plays a musician who loses his job. He is in love with a lady whose parents do not approve of him. He works to regain his reputation and becomes quite famous, attracting the attention of a rich lady who tries to ruin his relationship with the girl he loves. The musician is loyal to his love, and as a result, her parents are convinced of his loyalty and they accept him.

    Mamnou'a el Hob (Love is Forbidden) 1942
    A comic rendition of the "Romeo and Juliet" story. M. Abdel Wahab plays a man who marries a girl from a family involved in a feud with his own family. He forsakes his family fortune to be with her.

    Russassa fil Kalb (Bullet in the Heart) 1944
    Mohamed Abdel Wahab plays a character (Mohsen) who falls in love with a beautiful woman (Fifi), but finds out later she is engaged to his best friend. Fifi prefers Mohsen, but he chooses to remain loyal to his friend.

    Ghazal al Banat (the Flirtation of Girls) 1949
    Mohamed Abdel Wahab composed several songs for this work, and made a special cameo appearance (as himself) in the movie. It was his last appearance in a film.
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    Tue, October 28, 2008 - 5:06 AM
    abdel wahab films were a spoken of a time of elegance and welfare of egypt at monarchy time , i saw all of abdel wahab films minus lasto malakn[ i am not an angel ] which the existing copy is terrible due to a fire broke up in galal studios where many films were burnt in late 1948 , the survivng copy was a personal to one of cinema lovers ...
    abdel wahab first 3 or 4 films were filmed in paris [ tobis klang studio] the rest were picture in studio misr and glal studio
    my favorite films of abdel wahab is mamnouh el hob and rosassa fi al alb
    abdel wahab last appearnce was in film titled mountaha al farah[ pure happiness] in 1963 at the final sing to the coming troops from yemen war , in fact the whole film is like variet show contain songs and dances by top artists in the middle east

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