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(Translated from Arabic on Google)

Samir Sabry was born in Alexandria, where he studied in Victoria Collage together with a lot of the famous Arab names nowadays in different fields. In 1969 he graduated from the Faculty of Arts, English Department, Alexandria University. And because of his great love for acting, Samir decided to study Drama in Oxford University in England and he specialized in Shakespeare Theater.

His Acting Path:

* Sabry adored the cinema and musical films since his childhood, especially Mohamed Fawzy and Farid El Atrash films, until his neighbor, the famous singer Abdel Haleem Hafez, discovered and introduced him to the star Lubna Abdel Aziz to work with her in “The Children’s Corner” in the European program while he was studying at Victoria Collage. Later, he was adopted by Amal Fahmy in the “Middle East Radio” where he presented his famous program “El Nady El Dawly” which he presented on Television in the 70’s for TEN consecutive years with great success. Samir Sabry created through that program a new trend for the look and style of the TV presenter, that the great writer Anis Mansour described him as "the most innovative T.V character in the twentieth century".
* Abdel Haleem Hafez presented him in a small role in his last film “Abi Fawk Al Shagara). Later on , the genius director Hassan El Emam presented him in leading roles in “Bamba Kashar, Hekayty Maa' El Zaman, El Bahss An Fedeha, Wa Bel Waledain Ehsanan”. Afterwards, he starred in more than 85 feature films.
* He produced 16 big movies such as “Ahlan Ya Captain, Gaheem Tahat Al Maa', Al Salakhana, Noshaterokom Al Afrah, Demooa' Sahebat Al Galala, Elakat Mashbouha, Gahiem Tahat Al Ard}
* After his success in performing in musical films and songs, it was a must for Samir to produce these category of films and so, he produced the musical comedy movie "Ahlan Ya Captain" staring Samir Sabry and Nelly in which he performed successfully and was admired by audience and critics.
* Samir Sabry also performed in other movies in the cinema produced by others. He acted with many great movie stars in his films, such as “Hekayty ma' El Zaman” where he starred with the famous Warda, Rushdy Abaza and Yossef Wahby , “Al Karawan Laho Shafayef” with Suhaer Ramzy, Nabila Ebaid and directed by Hassan El Emam, “Nesf Saa' Gawaaz” where he sang with Shadya "Sucar Helwa El Donia Sucar" and he joined Suaad Hossny in the musical movie of “Shabab Magnoon Gedan”.
* Samir Sabry continued his remarkable creativity in the show business and musical films, even in films that only included a partial segment of performance like “Gahim That Al Maa'” with Laila Elwey and Adel Adham in which he shared a little kid in singing a song called "Edhak ya Abo Ali ya Khafef el Dam" , he performed also in “Al Yateem Wa Al Hob” movie with Sahar Ramy , Nagwa Fouad , Mohamed Reda and directed by Mahmuod Farid , “Noshaterokom Al Afrah” with Yossra ,Taheya Karioka and directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz, “ hob wa kebriaa'” with Naglaa' Fathy in which he sang "Mehtar ana Waya El Banat "a song hit in 1996.
* Apart from the cinema, Samir's talent in shows expanded on T.V, he shared Samah Anwar , Sherine Saif El Nasr , Hassan Kamy in "Ehna fain" Riddles directed by Mohamed Nabeeh . Also he presented "Mashaheer El Delta" Riddles on channel 6 from few years. Nevertheless he still continued escalating in the T.V entertainment programs such as his extraordinary programs "Kan Zaman" and "Haza Al Massaa' "
* He earned many awards on his movies “Rehlat Al Ayam, Gaheem Tahat Al Maa', Al Salakhana, Noshaterokom Al Afrah, Demooa' Sahebat Al Galala , Wa bel Waledayn Ehssana, Al Katll Al Lazeez”.
* He got the First Prize from Cairo International TV Festival on his program "Haza Al Massaa' " for FOUR consecutive years. Also his program "Kan Zaman" won the Golden Award in many festivals. Samir Sabry also acquired the title of “ The Best and Most Loved Actor” by an audience opinion poll done by “Middle East Radio Station”
* The great writer Mostafa Amin named him by " Ambassador of Arab Art "
* Samir formed a music show band consist with 45 musicians and dancers.
* He presented Egypt allover the world in many musical festivals under the auspices of the ministry of Tourism and Culture in which he presented Egyptian folklore and modern dances.
* In “ The Gold Mine” or “ El Mangam El Dahab” Samir Sabry renewed the old melodies of the distinguished singers "Mohamed Abd El Wahab, Mohamed Fawzy , Farid El Atrash, Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, Laila Mourad , and Said Darweesh" to a modern vision of his own, that surpassed by its’ beauty the era of video clips either by TV or Theatre performance.
* And the snowball still rolls with Samir Sabry’s nonstop and resourceful giving in the field of musical and show performances, which were the main roots for the appearance of video clip art.
* He recently produced and presented 6 episodes on the mystery of the death of "Soad Hosny" in London which was a smashing success all over the Arab World to the extent that a copy of the series was presented to Scotland Yard to be used as a documented witness in the court appeal to re-open the case.
* Samir Sabry formed the Alexandria Art Association with 60 members who were either born or graduated in Alexandria. The A.A.A organized successfully. The Alexandria Mediterranean song festival which took place at al MONTAZAH PALACE (25th -30th June 2003) with a galaxy of stars from all over the Mediterranean – Sabah – Elias Rahbany – Lofti Bu Shnaq –Safwan – Demis roussos –Nansy Agram – Hayfaa Wahby – Sherine – Tamer Hosny – Shab Jylani- Amal Maher .The festival was organized under the AUSPICES of his excellency the governor of Alexandria .
* Samir Sabry was elected president of Cairo LIONS diplomatic Nile club with a host of 60 members meeting every two weeks at Cairo's diplomat club to sponsor charity work.
* Samir Sabry performed "live" at Waldorf Astoria – New York - Queen Elizabeth hotel– Montreal - Canada – Sun-City – Johannesburg Atlantic city – the UNESCO Theater in Paris - The Alexandria's of the world festival.
* Being in love with his native Alexandria, media named him Alexandria's Good Will Ambassador to the world.
* Twice married . His first wife mother to his only son who lives in London, died in a plane crash 1985. His home and private life is kept carefully away from media.

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