Nabila Obaid, an Egyptian Actress

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Nabila Obaid نبيله عبيد


Nabila Obaid or Nabila Ebeed ( نبيله عبيد ) is very nice women and artist on the middle east , she is from egypt she have a very nice movies , there is hundreds of movies for Nabila Ebeedy.

Nabila Obaid was born 21 January 1945 in full name Nabila Ahmed Mohamed Ebeid. Began life when he discovered artistic director Atef Salem and presented in the movie (man of understanding) in 1962, is a film which emerged Kkumbars silent. , but as soon as the number of the movie, which was written by a birth certificate in the history of Egyptian cinema, a film (the fourth Adouih) director Niazi Mustafa 1963, and then married Nabila Ebeid then Mcchfha Atef Salem for several years and during this period provided some work in movies Lebanese and theater. 1965 stands Nabila Ebeid before the artist Omar Sharif in the film's historical (Quran) Lttwali several films that led Ngmatna to championships absolute and thus escalated Nabila Ebeid acknowledged starred from the beginning step-by-step even become today one of the most Alngmat in the Arab world as a whole. Varied roles Nabila Ebeid diverse films CNN Children did not identify themselves in a certain pattern has also produced some films that have Bbattoltha like the movie (and fell in the Sea of honey) 1977. And in 1979 received a noble Obeid Award best represented their role in the movie (and the investigation is still going on) as the beginning of many awards to come alone to Egypt, the star of the first movies were made of Egyptian films important recall : (Virgo and poetry Abiad) 1983, (the dancer and drummer) 1984, (suicide owner of the apartment) 1986, (assassination School) in 1988 and (dancer and political) 1990, (Tut Tut) 1993, (threshold Alstat) 1995, (women and art) 1997.

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