Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

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This is a post about sex. Hooray! But hang on, it’s also a post about Saturn. Can these two subjects even be combined? People with Saturn in the 8th House of their natal chart combine them every day.

First, let me clarify what the 8th House is really about. Yes, it’s associated with sex, but it involves much more than that. The natural ruler of this house is Scorpio, so it represents instinct and forces beyond our control (such as loss and merging). It’s known as the house of shared resources like taxes, debts, loans, inheritance and the partner’s finances. It is also the area of the chart that magnetizes certain people towards us. Everything about this house involves sharing control with another; it is a window into our deepest fears, desires and anxieties.

The Eighth is not a lightweight house to begin with. Throw Saturn in there and things can get really heavy. Saturn in the 8th can manifest as a fear of getting close to someone, fear of losing control or, conversely, the desire to control another. Like all the water houses, it has connections to the past. Saturn in the 8th can indicate ideas inherited from the family that sex is “wrong.”

The good news is that all this intensity is the key to transformation. People with Saturn in the 8th take intimacy very seriously. They can work to transform (Scorpio) their fears (Saturn). Because the 8th is the doorway to their deepest psychological secrets, once this transformation happens, the effect can be mind-blowing. Let’s look at a few examples.

Saturn in Pisces in the 8th: Transcendence

Pisces’ lack of ego mixed with Saturn’s lack of confidence can mean an avoidance of sex altogether. Pisces is not the most realistic sign, so this person can end up disguising her fear as celibacy. She may convince herself that she doesn’t need to be intimate with someone because she is above all that. She attracts others who are physically unavailable: someone who is ill or restricted in some way from having sex. The silver lining is Pisces’s healing capacity. When placed in the house of instinct, the potential for transformational healing is great. The benefits of therapy are most easily accessed with this combination; avoidance of reality is transformed into the transcendence of fears.

Saturn in Leo in the 8th: Dominion

Here we have the planet of boundaries in the sign of autocracy. This person can develop a set of rules on how scenarios in the bedroom “must” proceed. The terror of losing control to another is magnified with this combination. She may attract domineering partners because being under someone else’s control still conforms to a set of rules. The key to moving beyond this is the inherent strength in the Saturn/Leo blend. Once this person sets her sights on something, she pushes through to the end, no matter what. If this ferocious drive is applied to conquering her fears, she can make a huge amount of progress.

Saturn in Taurus in the 8th: Self-Preservation

Saturn in Taurus can become concerned with the value of sex. What is the exchange between two people worth, exactly? An emotional exchange becomes practical, as the sensuousness of Taurus conflicts with Saturn, the Taskmaster. Fixations on quantity can develop, leading to the fear that there is not enough to go around. This can manifest as possessiveness on the part of the Saturn person, or she can attract needy, insecure partners. The key to moving beyond this is found in Taurus’ patience and persistence. Once this person is committed to moving past her fears (and this will take some doing) she will patiently work towards a solid goal. Laying out a step-by-step plan on how to proceed is the ticket. The path to self-preservation changes from possessiveness to the security of achieving intimacy with another.

Saturn in Gemini in the 8th: Criticism

Words can become weapons in this case. This person can attract others who use sarcasm and criticism of her sexual performance. This confirms the carping inner voice of the Saturn person which tells her she will never be good enough in bed. She can drain the joy and spontaneity out of sex by analyzing every detail. The plus side is that her magnified intellect can be used to rise above her morass of fears and insecurities. If her energy is directed in a constructive way, she can make some serious progress in plumbing the depths of her psyche. Logic can be used to get to the heart of the matter.

Saturn in the 8th can be a powerful barrier to intimacy, but this power is also the way past the barrier. When the fear is flipped over, the tools for healing will be found. Restrictions are transformed into the ability to open up to another person. This alchemy is what the 8th House is all about.

[Editor's note: Although the feminine pronoun is used throughout for stylistic purposes, this essay is meant to be gender-neutral.]
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    Sat, May 14, 2011 - 7:26 PM
    I have Saturn in the 8th. My 8th house is Cancer with 2 planets although neither of them are in Cancer.. -- my two 8H planets are Mars and Saturn. My Mars is at 11'32" Leo (which is intercepted) while my Saturn is 0'32" Virgo. Although I agree with much of what you posted, I can't say for which part would apply to the dynamics stemming from my 8th house. There's kind of a lot going on there for me...even I don't understand most of it.
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    Thu, June 9, 2011 - 10:43 AM
    I have found that Capricorn (which is ruled by Saturn) can be quite lusty! All the Capricorns that I know have a secret "horny" side to them! After all, Saturn has been symbolized by a randy little Goat!!! ;-) And there is that Earthiness......

    Also, Saturn and Capricorn have also been symbolized by the DOLPHIN (which I believe is where the "Sea-Goat" symbol came from):

    In the Chinese Lunar Zodiac, the sign of Capricorn is symbolized by the *DOLPHIN* (or the porpoise). Dolphins are kind to each other and to us, and have obligingly performed antics for our amusement without appearing to resent a moment of the time thus spent. They show the lustiness, grace, and wit of Capricorn.

    The gifts of dolphin are many. The dolphin is your special living-talisman of beauty, music, intelligence, passion, playfulness, sensuousness, trust and love. Call on your *dolphin-self* when you need a miracle. . .and you will get it. (Though your dolphin-self may ask for a gift first!)

    The magic of Capricorn (and Saturn) is an especially physical and natural earthy magic. You never know when it will suddenly appear and take you for a wonderful ride. You just have to live your life the best you can, and trust that it will come. And when it does---wow! What a wild and glorious journey your life will be!

    P.S. For a really interesting "take" on Saturn, I heartily recommend Caroline Casey's book, "Making the Gods Work for You." >:-)

    P.P.S. There is a note of "darkness" here, too....very similar to Venus in Capricorn: "“Venus in Capricorn produces liking for conventional clothing style, women wearing leather and dressed in darker shades.” (Nikola Stojanovic)
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    Thu, June 9, 2011 - 12:19 PM
    i feel like saturn in the 8th might be interested in sexual fetishes like bdsm but feel like they shouldn't be interested in these sexual fetishes and keep their shameful secret hidden.
    • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

      Thu, June 9, 2011 - 1:59 PM
      How very interesting. I have Saturn in the 8th house, so I'll keep this in mind.

      So far, my Saturn in the 8th has manifested as a rather austere outlook re: intimacy. My Saturn squares Venus, and since I've been single (5+ yrs, as crazy as that may sound), there's been a non-negotiable "Keep Out" policy to the bedroom. Whoever the lucky bastard is wiley enough to have me change my mind is going to be very lucky, indeed. And probably a bit scared, too, I reckon...I have Mars (Venus trine, Uranus square, Pluto sextile) in the 8th, also. Haha.

      Thanks, Sara.
      • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

        Thu, June 9, 2011 - 4:56 PM
        welcome. with saturn square venus, do you find that in your romantic relationship you are strict, overbearing and controlling with the person?

        wow mars in the 8th- potent sexual energy!

        venus trine mars- excellent. the person you will be attracted to will mostly likely fulfill you sexually.

        pluto sextile mars (also mars in the 8th)- do you view sex as a transformative process?
        • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

          Sat, June 11, 2011 - 5:17 PM
          >>with saturn square venus, do you find that in your romantic relationship you are strict, overbearing and controlling with the person?

          I'm not strict or controlling once I'm in an established relationship, but it takes me a very long time to get to that point. This is probably confusing from the outside because I am quite outgoing with Fire ASC and 1H Mercury, yet both my Moon and Venus are in the 12th house. It is likely assumed that because I'm generally not shy, I would be equally forthcoming re: non-platonic relationships. Some individuals are perceptive and subtle enough to recognize the gap b/t my public and personal sides and I respond well to those who slowly bridge it.

          >>pluto sextile mars (also mars in the 8th)- do you view sex as a transformative process?

          Yes, very. I don't mean to sound vulgar, but I'm quite literally letting someone else into my body; it's tremendously personal. That probably sounds ridiculously over-the-top, maybe even dysfuntional, to almost everyone alive today, but that's how it feels. I hear having a couple of drinks is a swift solution to dismantle my guarded preference for selective intimacy (i.e.only someone who matters a great deal to me) -- unfortunately, I drink only 3-4 times a year. :>
          • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

            Sun, June 12, 2011 - 12:05 AM
            saturn square venus could also manifest in other saturian ways i.e. do you feel like you "parent" your romantic partner to the detriment of the relationship?

            i'm mars in scorpio with 8th house planets and sun opposite pluto so i totally understand the "sex as a transformative process" thing. :-)
            • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

              Sun, June 26, 2011 - 12:10 PM
              >>saturn square venus could also manifest in other saturian ways i.e. do you feel like you "parent" your romantic partner to the detriment of the relationship?

              I don't have enough experience to know whether or not this far, it's only been one relationship which was for 8 years and we both were super committed. I don't think I undertook the role of the "parent" -- he was 8 years older than me which at the time was a big difference. It may have been that I'm 'emotionally responsible' (or so I've been told) that we were a pretty decent match despite the gap in life experience -- he was a recent MBA grad; career-bound, while I had just graduated from high school.

              Saturn played a role on both sides, I think. For several years, I lived and worked abroad for extended periods of time -- long distance things take a lot of effort and constancy to maintain, but we both pitched in. I didn't even look at anyone else else and he knew he could count on me never to do that, which laid to rest any trust issues. Perhaps both our natal Pluto-MC conjunctions fostered a shared understanding that to pursue our respective careers was not a threat to our relationship/each other. Speaking of Pluto, he defo played his part -- I broke up w/ the Ex-B toward the end of my Pluto transit through the 12H where my Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune are (all w/i 10 degrees). It didn't end well...but I doubt these things ever end well. :/ :> [Ergo the subsequent 5+ years of not touching another person while I figure out just what the f*ck happened (preferably w/o anyone else deeply involved).]

              >>i'm mars in scorpio with 8th house planets and sun opposite pluto so i totally understand the "sex as a transformative process" thing. :-)

              Do you find "sex as a transformative thing" sometimes has your friends thinking you're a total oddball? I occasionally wish I could be as breezy about it as my friends are - but it's pretty unlikely given how Pluto makes major natal aspects to my Sun (like you, but mine isn't in opposition), Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune and MC. Your Mars in Scorpio! You're like a one (wo)man army! Do you find that you easily intimidate others (either deliberately or unknowingly)? My I ask which planets you have in your 8H?

              [Sorry my response was delayed for much longer than intended -- work has been a bit bonkers.]
              • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

                Fri, December 2, 2011 - 3:24 PM
                sorry my response is 6 months late!

                i have my sun and mercury in the 8th in taurus. most people think i'm a total horn-ball (which is true!) but they don't realize how seriously i take sex and how i fall in love very easily when i'm sexual. sex is a deep part of how i identify and when i'm not able to express and act on my sexuality, i have a hard time. my mars in scorpio and venus in aires can give me a sexually dominant role, which some men love and some men are surprised/intimidated by. i've had men comment on my "masculine" sexual energy before.
  • MJ
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    Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

    Mon, November 28, 2011 - 6:44 AM
    Any thoughts on Saturn in the 8th conjunct Pluto in the 8th, and also conjunct Mars in the 8th? I can relate a great deal to what this post says, but does anyone have any take on these aspects within the 8th house?

    It reads like a lot of intimacy-blocking, and I feel some of this in my own life, though I simultaneously crave deep intimacy, letting go of control is something I find scary, and it takes a while with someone. I also have my moon in the 8th, so I feel like it's my birth-right and soul's mission to find my way somehow through these (difficult) 8th house transformations... I hope I can do it as I grow older and wiser :)
  • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

    Thu, March 22, 2012 - 9:58 PM
    I got saturn, uranus and sun all conj in sag 8th house. But I'm also a pluto venus conj in scorpio 7th.

    I'm an intense lover... but abnormally uninterested in power struggles in or out of the bed room. Maybe its the 7th house but I like to feel equal, not greater or less than. Inequality will eventually piss me off.

    I dunno saturn in 8th has given me caution... I always pay attention for signs of drug use or ill intent, but I can calculate and decide if I'm comfortable with someone within 30 mins.

    I thank my saturn 8th for me freakish ability to juggle resources. It may have set the grounding for years of occult study and practice also.

    And frankly, woe to the enemies of saturn 8ers. We don't even need to do anything, cosmos crushes down.
  • Re: Real Sex … With Saturn in the 8th House

    Sun, April 1, 2012 - 8:47 PM
    My eighth house is Taurus, but my 8th slightly intercepts Gemini in the ninth. I've always read my Saturn as ninth house, since it's at zero, but as I live life, I realize that my Saturn is majority 8th in attitude. (There is a lot Gemini in the ninth going on, but there are WAY too many coincidences of Saturn in the 8th...)

    I find Saturn in 8th, makes it hard to get sex! lol I'm always finding that I run into problems getting physical intimacy from people I enter an intimate relationship with. There is always a problem. I find that there is either a problem of distance or time or space or our drives don't match. I can't just ever meet someone and the relationship is normal in that department. There is always an obstacle.

    I read a year or so back that there is also a huge problem of 'control'... As a child, the individual may have experienced a parent who was too controlling and sex was 'bad'...

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