Physical Empath -vs- Emotional Empath

topic posted Sat, April 11, 2009 - 6:54 PM by  Michelle
I posted this topic a few days ago but must have gotten lost in Tribal ethers (so if it pops back up again some day you'll know why).

So anyway, after reading and posting on Tribe over the past months I've noticed that some empaths seem to feel first through their body and second through their emotions while others are the opposite. What caught my eye is when someone posted that they doubled over with pain from a feeling. I used to do that often when I was younger. The pain would be so bad I could hardly breath. It used to happen if I was disrespectful to someone or if someone was angry . When someone tells me a story of their physical pain I get pins and needles in my shins and depending on where their pain was it may go up into my quads or even forearm.

If I empath someones physical pain it usually clears quickly (when I see who it came from) but emotional stuff I have trouble clearing. It hits me physically then triggers my (and their) emotions then it all turns to the mind to figure out how to stop the pain. I'm usually ok with people being emotional or angry around me but if they give off an emotion and hide it it can still feel like a strong punch in the solar plexus.

I have no problem watching action films (as long as there is no torture and it's not real) but those darn drama and suspense movies can sometimes cause so much pain (especially when they use that music to increase suspense! ). So, a scene that causes a friend to have a soft flutter in her heart will feel to me like 1000 butterfly wings banging around, lol. I look at the kids at the movie theater and they often have the same reactions that I have to suspense (as well as turning bright red and looking away/fidgeting during heavy kissing scenes). Apparently I've never desensitized, lol.

It would seem that emotional-feeling empaths would need certain things to balance and ground them while physical feeling-empaths may need something different. I notice that I meditate and feel/visualize better if I can use some tactile thing like pressure points or even strongly textured prayer beads and lay down (so my body stops feeling any sensation) rather then sitting up.
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  • Good subject Michelle. And great observation.

    Personally, I consider myself an emotional-feeling empath.

    I really don't remember any situation where an empathic signal would affect my with physical pain. But emotional pain was always there. Music would help me through most of my life (unfortunately I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket), Yet regarding physical pain I will flip it on you with my most recent experience.

    I'm sick today, some kind of flu. I woke up with my body burning, as in tremendous heat, and with bowel trouble. But in the previous work shift, I started it being emotional and not calm. I also had trouble meditating and reading emotions. At one point I realized I needed to ground myself. So I found a strong tree in emotion, and put my hand on the trunk. This makes me calm. I feel the energy of the tree passing through me. With a couple of minutes using the tree, prayer, and meditation I could read emotions again and carry on as normal.

    But I realize now that the reason for my chaotic state was due to physical illness. This is often a pattern in my life. I will often be emotionally unstable when coming down with some illness.
    • If I look at wounds or where a missing limb should be I get physical sensations. Like a metallic shiver.
      • That is amazing Eric - you relate so much, even to trees. That's beautiful. I notice with myself and others that they get emotionally chaotic before the illness manifest physically (some get extremely angry). So, if you figured out that the emotional chaos you feel could be caused by an illness, about to physically manifest, could you do the tree exercise and clear it before it turned physical? Guess it would be like auric healing? I hope your system is feeling better on this beautiful Easter Day <3 Maybe cleansing for the day of renewal?

        It sounds like most of the empaths that have been posting are emotion first empaths. I wonder if that helps them become more clear sensing, like you Eric? p.s. I do also empath "joy" and it creates an bursting color filled feeling in my heart :).

        Cup, do you mean a missing limb/wound on a tree or person? I like your description "metallic shiver" It is so synothesia-ic (it evokes a sound, a feeling, a color).

        Hey I wonder if different pets, crystals, meditations work better for different types?
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          I'm pretty pleased I'm not really much on feeling other's physical sensations.

          The only time it came to the fore a bit for me was years ago when I trained in and practised a bodywork technique for a couple years. I'd have an ache or pain here or there and on checking in with my client during the session, it would be what they were experiencing at the time, or a place where they had an injury. I was more involved in their release of emotional blockages that were causing their physical disease.
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            What I do feel, say when my husband is trying to deal with pain, is his response to it. Like: frustration, anger, fear, exhaustion...that's enough for me to be dealing with thanks.
            • Jasmin,

              I laughed b/c I deal with that too. My husband has a lot of aches and I never feel his physical pain, but his emotional reaction to I hate feeling that.

              I have definitely had physical experiences, but I am definitely more of an emotional emapth. I don't like that though, because it is so confusing. I wouldn't want to feel physical pain, but at least if I did, it would be easier to pinpoint the problem (ex: headache, sinus problems, ect). Sometimes it's hard to figure out what the hell I'm actually feeling.

              But I cannot watch bloody violent films or TV shows. One time I saw a terrible image that involved a woman's neck (won't go into detail) and the back of my neck was tense for days afterward, it was so disturbing to watch.
              • LOL,Lucky for me I have a husband who is an enneagram 7 meaning he is a head type so not overly emotional and he has a very high pain threshold. Thanks goodness for that too and thank goodness I didn't meet him when he was a young daredevil! I'd have been a wreck.

                I think it is important for all people, but especially empaths, to watch what they take in through their sense . It seems that we can take a picture of the trauma we see in person and/or on screen and hold it in our emotions and/or body in a deeper way then others. Although it is still always good to have a way to clear it. I have to clear stuff every night before I go to bed or I won't be able to sleep (and that is even if nothing traumatic happened).
                • how do you go about clearing everything each night?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    I lay down and take a few deep breaths, to relax enough, to see how much energy is swarming me. Then I feel/imagine myself under a warm waterfall. I let it just flow over me clearing dust from my subtle body and physical self. Then if there is still buzzing (voices, emotions, people, anxiety etc.) I imagine the symbol of the atom (dot for the neutron and the rings around it). I sit cross legged in the middle and let those sharp rings spin in all direction, around and above and below me - cutting all cords that are still left. The ends of the cords fizzle then dissolve.

                    Then I either day dream what I want to dream about or sit myself in a Geni bottle (I loved "I dream of Jeannie"'s little room-in-a-bottle, lol) and snuggle into that bed to sleep. I do the relaxation stuff on my back then turn to my side to sleep or else I will stay in that half space all night.

                    I use the Geni bottle because is of it's beautifully colored glass and you can see out but no one would ever think that a person would be inside, lol. And it is so nice and cozy in there but doesn't block the metaphoric light.

                    When I forget to do these relaxation exercise all is usually still okay unless I am stressed and don't do it. If that happens then I end up with some kind of physical ailment or can't sleep. And when I am stressed is usually when I forget, lol. So thanks for reminding me to remind myself to do this more often :)
        • ***So, if you figured out that the emotional chaos you feel could be caused by an illness, about to physically manifest, could you do the tree exercise and clear it before it turned physical?***

          I wished. Its more like if I feel chaotic its because my body is already on its way down. I use trees as some use stones, only I don't have to put engergy in them. Kinda like a crystal radio which needs a ground to work, so trees's roots spread or go deep in the ground and their branches in the air. They have a very powerful emotion that helps align my body's emotion, like induction in electromagnetism.

          Thanks for the healing thoughts for easter.
  • I believe I fit into the physical empath category. The most profound sensations I've had usually manifest themselves in, I guess you could say, a physical way. Like Jazmin, I have had a sense of profound sadness/loss/depression and also like Jazmin (sorry,) within 24 hours I found out that someone had passed away. But I have also had an impending death manifest itself as feeling like a black cloud hanging over my head, or like something touching the back of my neck, or (worst of all) like a horrible feeling clinging to my skin like cobwebs. I actually jumped up from my desk at work one time when it hit like that. I started slinging my arms feverishly trying to get the sensation off of me, freaked out my co-worker sitting next to me, and within a few minutes, it had dissipated. I do not feel it as an emotion on the inside of me. That is how I know when it doesn't belong to me. It feels like when you put a cloak over your shoulders, it's part of you but it doesn't belong to you. Does that make any sense? The only other thing I figured out was that the deaths were always from people who had been ill for a while and never someone who died accidentally. Not too long ago, there was a day at work when I could sense the discord everywhere around me. I could feel it in every pore of my body. It didn't feel like an emotion, it felt like the surrounding atmosphere was thick with discord and imbalance. The day turned out terrible, everyone was grouchy, people got in trouble. I was glad when that day was over. So does that still make me an empath? I have been searching long and hard for answers and I think "physical empath" is very close.
    • To me you sound empathic and psychic too, Marcy, or would that be psychic-clarsentient? Ok okay we won't go into that can of worms again, lol.

      The feelings you had at work - the heavy energy - sounds empathic or else you were picking up on an energy that was just there. Not sure if empathic just means picking up from other people or also picking up from the area. Seems that empaths do both though. That is nice that you can be so clear to know what is not yours when you get physical hits. Nice to have those clear boundaries although the cobweb feeling doesn't sound so fun! Hope that doesn't happen too often.
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      Hi Marcy, good to hear from you. :)

      Sounds to me like your clairsentience or expanded feeling ability goes beyond empathing, to a broader form of clairsentience or feeling expanded sensitivity.

      I feel sensations according to the energy different things give out, particularly stones, gems, crystals. But I usually feel the sensation inside my body somewhere, where as I've heard of others who will feel heat or cold or a sensation of some sort or another along their skin, or a movement in the air around them or the stone, that suggests to them a certain type of energy coming from the stone. This sounds to me like a more externally experienced sort of response to what is being sensed, rather than the more direct internal sensing of an empath.

      Maybe I usually feel the energy different things give out in this internal way, because I'm an empath? Yet, from what I can gather, not that many empaths feel sensations other than the emotions or physical pain of other humans and animals.

      I've felt a slimey sensation when with certain people, that tells me they're untrustworthy. It's a sensation around and through me that I describe as being able to feel their beginning to try and slide inside my boundaries and fiddle with my energy field to suit themselves. Though they may not know about energy and energy fields, they are affecting mine with theirs by trying to get me to believe something I don't feel to be true, or do something for them, that's not in mine or another's best goes against my way of being and they know they're trying to get around me to get me to do it.

      I can feel a pressure and tightening in my solar plexus area when someone is trying to force something upon me, even when they're behaving as though the opposite were true.

      The 2 above descriptions are not of me using what I would call my empath ability. I think of empathing as a particular form of feeling expanded sensitivity or clairsentience, where one feels the emotions and physical damage or disease of others as though they were one's own. But my experience is that there are other ways of experiencing feeling expanded sensitivity or clairsentience, other than empathing.

      Perhaps, a clearer more concise description of your habitual way of being would be 'clairsentient', that is: one with a 'feeling expanded sensitivity'? I say this because it sounds to me like you don't usually feel other's emotions inside yourself as though they were your own, or the sensations of their disease or physical damage, but have a broader more sort of, for want of a better word 'externalised' ability to feel and thereby read what's going on or going to go on around you? Perhaps you are a clairsentient with some precog ability? It seems the combinations of abilities are limitless! And, why not? :D

      All this is only my personal take on it,so far, and is subject to change, as I go along and experience more. :) I hope I'm not adding to any confusion you may already have about it!
      • Wow Jazmin, guess we posted at the same time and both mentioned about clairsentient and other ways of processing energy. Although you explained it so much clearer.

        Like you, If I understood right, I don't feel things as often on the outside of me (hot/cold) but I feel physical sensations inside my body to correlate to emotional and physical distress from others. Yet I get hunches or intuitions about slimy people and events that are happening - although they are happening to people so maybe even that is still empathic on my part and less intuitive?

        So as you explained things so well I'm now getting a better understanding of the differences between empathic, clairsentient, and intuitive. I can see a person who doesn't usually pick up stuff from others but picks it up mostly in the environment may be a stronger intuitive and clairsentient (physical 'sensations') and less strong as an empath (physical/emotional 'feeling')? Although most people who are strong empaths also seem to be have other clairsentient and intuitive secondary traits too.

        So it sounds like you process physically when you empath and secondly emotionally? Or are they about even for you?
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          ***"So it sounds like you process physically when you empath and secondly emotionally? Or are they about even for you?"***

          Um, you've lost me Michelle. :) Could you clarify please?

          • Oh, I mean it sounds like you are more of a physical empath (physically feeling ) more then emotionally empathing (emotionally feeling)?
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              As an empath I've never felt another's physical discomfort in the form of say a bee sting or sprain. I have occasionally felt in my own body a tightness or aching in the same place the other is experiencing it, this was while practising a physical therapy with them. I can often and very clearly feel their emotional response, or lack of emotional response, to their bee sting or sprain or tightness or aching though.

              I often, and very clearly will feel another's emotions as though they are my own. Whether I do or not depends on the strength of the emotion, my connection with the person, and whether the emotion is being directed at me, and whether I'm distracted with something else at the time, or filling my body with another faster or slower energy, or if I'm wearing a very absorbent stone. Distance doesn't matter much.

              As a clairsentient, I feel the differing speed and quality of energy coming from stones, gems, crystals, mountains, people, places, ideas, actions and tones of voice, music and various objects. What I feel from them will elicit an emotional response from me and/or a sense of attraction or repulsion.

              Sometimes I feel the emotional response I will have from a situation within the 24 hours before it occurs. I surmise this is because I'm already feeling the energy building around the situation, but am not yet conscious enough of that building energy to form a thought about it, yet am sensitive enough to feel and have a direct emotional response to it.

              Looking directly at a person will strengthen my ability to feel their emotion or energy in general.

              I thought I'd answer your question in this way Michelle, so you could fit what I have said in with what your definition of 'physically feeling' and 'emotionally feeling' is. Hope it was a good idea. :)
              • Beautiful! I was with you through every word. Your sensitivity seemed very helpful when working with other in the PT field. It sounds like you were balanced enough so that you just felt that tugging (that's usually what I get) but not the full force of their pain.

                It is interesting how we resonate to different things like you to the stones (well and to everything) and me to colors and people more while still others resonate more with music (all same frequencies just affecting different senses).

                %% "As a clairsentient, I feel the differing speed and quality of energy coming from stones, gems, crystals, mountains, people, places, ideas, actions and tones of voice, music and various objects. What I feel from them will elicit an emotional response from me and/or a sense of attraction or repulsion." %%
                Your clear way of describing this creates a colorful visual feeling in my minds eye. It triggers an understanding of why I am so fascinated by people - they are like rainbows of energy - works of art - creating full murals when they interact with each other and their environment. Fascinating world we live in.
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                  ***"It sounds like you were balanced enough so that you just felt that tugging (that's usually what I get) but not the full force of their pain. "***

                  Just to clarify :), I could sometimes feel an ache where they felt an ache, when they felt a tightening, I could sometimes feel a tightening or tensing in the same place in my body too.
  • ***...darn drama and suspense movies can sometimes cause so much pain (especially when they use that music to increase suspense! ). So, a scene that causes a friend to have a soft flutter in her heart will feel to me like 1000 butterfly wings banging around, lol. I look at the kids at the movie theater.....***

    Hey Michelle,
    This is one I use as an empathic perk. I LUUUUUUVVVVVV drama films with happy endings and lots of love. I am a BIG sap. The reason I love going to theater is not only the the picture bigger and brighter but the emotions are in stereo too. I think I pick up on other people's emotional reactions to the film and it magnifies my own. : )
    • One word Jenny, AAAAHHHHKKKK!!! Gotta do drama or romance at home with the mute and FF buttons at the ready, lol. But I know what you mean about getting that bigger then life cinema feeling. I like action adventures on the big screen for that reason and comedies 'cause I love soaking up the laughter of the people in the audience.

      We just went to a midnight showing of Monty Python's 'Holy Grail' Seeing it on the big screen was fun but even more fun was listening to people speak along with the jokes and their laughter. Plus up here people clap at movies and if there are exceptional they get standing ovations, lol.
  • Need some serious help with physical and emotional empathy. It's all new to me and I'm feel it from all directions.

    Sister with cancer and other medical problems (but lives in Texas), brother with seizures, sister with lupus, father- in-law with cancer, mother-in-law just passed from heart problems, and everyones emotions............don't get me started on friends.

    At this point if I sit by a stranger i feel thier emotions. Every day seems like a huge puzzle i can't begin to solve. I have been searching for some kind of resource to explaine where this is coming from and how to get a handle on it. To make matters worse i have had an unknown female calling out my name. The first time it happened a couple of weeks ago I dismissed it. A few days ago i was sitting up watching TV when my name was called out again, this time I was very freaked out.

    If anyone has any pointers I am very open to help right now.
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      Hi murtisa, and welcome. I agree with eric's recommendations, and would like to hear how you get on too. :)
      • Thanks for replying.

        I've had many slepless nights lately.

        I'm trying to stay away from as much as possible. The problem i'm having is that distance is just adding mystery pains and emotions, even if they are states away. Months ago I was dealing with it just fine but it seems like my energy is getting stronger and the more I relax the stronger it gets. Taking yoga and meditating regularly helps releave everything until I stop. You would think it would be stronger while I meditate. When I am meditating my body is now going through crazy warming and tingling like I have never felt???? What is this I'm feeling?
        • Sounds like the warm tingling feeling could be the feeling of connectiveness. I get that as well when I have no blocks and am connected with.....everything. Hands and feet tingle and get warm even hot. Sounds like you already have a good direction.

          About the emotions and pains: I'm not a physical empath but emotional, but what does help me is to recognize that emotions I feel are not mine but others. This helps me free myself of the emotions and not take them "in" (as in owning them). Perhaps you may want to do the same with emotions and pains you feel.

          Funny thing is that I just had to do that with a dream. I dreamt someone else's dream. It was about their parents and a love triangle. Yet there was a lot of love in the whole thing and the person to whom the dream belonged was discovering the truth. But my brain kept trying to apply the dream to my family history to no avail. Then I recognized it was someone else's dream and that cleared up everything. The confusion disipated, and I could be at ease.
  • What a beautiful dream, Eric. I never even thought about the fact that my dreams might not be mine, lol! I don't know why that never occurred to me. hmmm...very interesting.

    Welcome Murtisa :) Sounds like you have a full plate - well more specifically the people you care about do. So sorry for your challenges <3. It's so nice though that you are giving yourself some space and doing some things to balance yourself internally. I was a little confused about something. Are you saying that you seem to be getting more sensitive as you are doing more meditation and internal work? Are the challenges to your family new or have the challenges been there for awhile and you are now just becoming more sensitive to them?

    I ask this because if you are just now becoming more sensitive to them then there could be more going on here then just the overwhelm. It could be that these little empathic hits batted at your system over time and knocked down some walls. Then when that old style of protection was gone you could start to feel your sensitive gifts more (the silver lining in the clouds). If the tingling sensations and sensitivity are increasing with your inner balance then that sounds wonderful and would just reiterate Eric's message about needing to now add some more grounding to keep pace with the other ways you are growing.

    A few other grounding ideas (if your are drawn to them) are gardening, creating with your hands, cooking - taking the 'mundane' physical activities to a deeper lever (activating your physical senses - really see the colors of your food, touch textures, focus on the tastes of things etc). Also, self oil massages followed by a warm shower or bath (works for anxiety attacks too) - oil is nourishing but also the sense of touch is extremely grounding as is laughter :D

    About the voice calling out to you. I've had a female voice call out to me more then a few times and even twice woke me up - she called my name loudly. I'd wondered if someone needed my help and was calling out to me energetically and got worried and concerned until I sent a statement out to the universe at large, "If there is something that I need to hear that would be beneficial for all parties let me know clearly if not then I let it go" Also could have been me/inner guidance calling me back to myself?

    :-0)Sounds like you are already pretty advanced in some aspects of empathic abilities - you are already learning to tell what is not yours. I think that is the biggest step, then you have things in place to help balance your energy, you're working on grounding and now are developing a support system of people who understand. Congratulations!. :-0)
    • Thanks Michelle,

      It's funny that you mention gardening. I used to garden all the time but i slowed down some the past 6 mo. or so. Yesterday I stayed outside in the yard all day. I had a very close visit from 3 humming birds. I mean inches from my face. It was a great feeling, the sight sound and energy. I had a wonderfull day.

      RE: the physical empathic stuff I think I have had for most of my adult life. I just didn't know that it wasn't my feelings or pains. I started realizing that when I would explaine my aches and pains to others they would say that they had the same exact problems at the same exact times that I was feeling them. As far as the family and friend issues, It's been going on for some time now and I can usually deal with issues just fine. I'm one of the people family and friend rely on during trying times.
      I find it easier to deal with the emotional feelings than the physical ones. The physical pains don't come with a flash of direct as to where it's coming from. it can be from something major to someone hurting thier shoulder. I have sooooo many Dr.'s I couldn't even count. All my test show that they can prove my symptoms are valid but they could never find the reason for the symptoms I was experiencing. Now I know when to go to the Dr. and when to just give it time to figure out how to control the pain and it will just move on. Example: Out to dinner with the family and I started to get very sharp pains in my hip and leg. I turned to my sister and discribed the pain and she said that is what she feels on a daily basis. Needless to say I was in tears within 30 minutes and had to go home. she however wasn't feeling any pain anymore, she looked at me and said , "Thank you". All I could tell her was to "take it back". The next day I was fine. She is one of many people that I gett physical pain from no matter how long it's been since I have seen them.

      As far as the strength of my energy, While I meditate I feel great but once I'm finished I seem to be a sponge that absorbs alot more. My meditation seems to also be advanceing.

      It seems when my thoughts are wondering I often go back to the thought that thiere are no limitations in life or meditation.

      You guys have really helped me out more than you know.
      Send you all a big hugs. :)
      • That's amazing murtisa!

        So are you relieving the pain of others? And does concentrating or not concentrating (or just thinking or not thinking) on a person make a difference on how it works?
        • I'm really not sure if I'm helping anyone when I'm filling thier pain. I just fill the pain.
          I do know that when I was with a friend once she was having issues and we sat and meditated together. While I was meditating tears started rolling down my face when I had no thoughts of crying. It was wierd. When we were finished I informed her that holding in her feeling wasn't something she should be doing. It would contribute to her stomach problems. She then looked at me and started to cry. It was kind of like it unfolded on its own.
          If I was relieving the pain of others it would be well worth the pain I endure. Maybe in the future I'll find the answers to why and where the pains come from and I'll know what I need to do. Trying to work on being patient. It's soooooooo....... hard sometimes.
          For the most part, I'm a quite person and I'm always in thought. When I get the pains from others I'm usually not thinking about that person. Most of the times I can't figure out who it came from. I can concentrate on a person when I meditate, feel the heat, the strength of energy but unsure of it's impact.

          So how are you at first impressions? As an emotional empath I find that a handy tool.
          • I get first impression hits then I feel like I'm judging so don't trust them but still remain wary until I get to know the person. Sometimes I'm picking up residual energy left in their field or a stress that just happened so I watch and wait. I've never, not since 4yrs old have felt anyone could pull the wool over my eyes.

            I have a theory, that I empath stuff more intensely if it is a learning for me too - and if I have a matching picture. I think it is beautiful to empath and assist as long as we don't take their distress to an unhealthy point in our own body. Before I knew what my own energy felt like I would go into a house to do Feng Shui and would be so overwhelmed. I'd feel pressure holding down my shoulders, breathing trouble and emotional (not that it was bad energy just that I was sponging up what wasn't mine). Later after learning what frequency I resonated at I'd go into a house and feel a subtle feeling of 'theirs' just on the fringes of 'mine' and it just assisted me but didn't knock me over (not able to always do this so I don't do Feng Shui except for those I know).

            That is beautiful, Murtisa, that you could clear tears with her - a healing thing all around. Walking labyrinths and meditating I have to do alone or with people I'm comfortable with or I pick up stuff from others too much too.
          • ***So how are you at first impressions? As an emotional empath I find that a handy tool. ***

            Growing in that area. That is in trusting it. While a young adult I got burned hanging around people from vaious occult backgrounds. Then I started to distrust my feelings and went the rational thinking route. Then I got burned again, only over a period of years. Now I guess I'm looking for a balance and trust nobody.

            So now I have to learn that which I could have learned before but had no real guidance (no internet back then). Growing up I only had one person to depend on, my brother, who has turned out to have lots of problems, including compulsory lying. Confused? Yeah I grew up confused.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the tribe and I thank God for this discussion. Michelle, I did not know you could be a physical empath or an emotional one. I thought I was just nuts. Although I am sensitive to the emotions of other, I usually feel it physically . It may start with a slight headache and then bang! I'll feel quiesness. Sometimes, if I run my hands over a person's aura I'll start to cough.

    • Welcome Celeste! The idea of physical and emotional empath was a question I kind of put together from reading these posts. I thought I pulled he idea from my brain but looks like I pulled it from group consciousness/unconsciousness, lol. Isn't it wonderful to meet others that are can relate :) As for being nuts I think we all felt that way more then a few times and I personally like being one of the mixed nuts - in the bowl of life.

      Interesting about the coughing. I feel that too sometimes when someone has a lot of grief and later noted that in Ayurveda the lungs are the site where one would feel grief (maybe because it is close to the heart chakra?). That's great that you can feel it coming on (although probably doesn't feel so good). I grew up feeling, daily, like I was had been in a train wreck - except the week of my moon cycle. I knew I couldn't just go in and tell a Dr., "um actually every part of me hurts and gets worse around people".

      So I studied the older sciences like Chinese and East Indian medicine. Those sciences/arts focused more on studying what IS actually happening and ask why and they correlate emotions, physical feelings, environment and input from all senses. Other indigenous cultures do this too but I haven't worked 'so far' with any that go as in depth as the eastern ones.

      It sounds like you are a healer ("run my hands over a person's aura ") do you only get those feelings when you are working on someone?
      • I sometimes start to cough just by sitting next to a person on the bus. I am a Reiki Practioner but rarely get to do healings. Most of the time I'm out in public or at work minding my business when someone comes in angry or ill and I pick up on their energy. The coughing doesn't happen with everyone just once in a while.

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