Floppy Colon & Regularity

topic posted Mon, March 24, 2008 - 5:04 AM by  vegetalista

Someone close to me recently had a colonoscopy done, after some problematic stomach pains that lasted for months.

The doctor said first that their colon was extremely dark in color, and couldn't see much. This is most likely due to the fact that they were taking an herbal laxative productive which contains Cascara Sagrada, resulting in melanosis coli. The doctor also told them that their color was floppy, and he had a hard time even doing the colonoscopy.

The melanosis coli should go away in time, after they discontinue the use of the herbal laxative.

They'd like to accomplish two things:

1. Stop using the herbal laxative (or any laxative) altogether. The doctor has recommended mutamucil, which they're using now.
2. Reverse the floppy nature of the colon.

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions on how they could work with this herbally?

Travis mentioned Triphala in one of the recent threads. I'm wondering if this might be a good option for them? From what little I've read I assume it would help with regularity. Does anyone know if it would help restore the colon to a less floppy state? Would it contribute to the darkening?

Some additional information that may or may not be relevant...

This individual is older - in their 70's - and has a history of thyroid problems (hypothyroid). Half of their thyroid was removed a couple of years ago. However, their problems with regularity have been ongoing over the years. Their stomach pains - still not diagnosed - have eased, but seem to come and go. It's a possibility that they could have IBS.

That said, does anyone have any possibilities I could research on their behalf?

Does Triphala seem like a good option in this case?

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

With thanks,
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    Let see what Parad thinks. I would still say triphala, because its mechanism is to astringe the colon, which enourages its natural muscles to do the job without laxatives. Triphala is given to the elderly and young, because of its benign nature.
    • I know why you want to hear what I think.....I was thinking triphala too. I would add two more things, specific yoga excercises like pit pose, nauli or even just abdominal massage. Inversion is amazing, it is part of how I stopped my crones disease. I had an inversion strap and could hang from the ceiling. Some people use a slant board or just use the wall to do a supported shoulder stand.
      The other thing is that lazy colon usually dries out the colon. Members of the lily family like aloe vera. lilly root or asparagus root will rebuild the mucosa.
      Oh I forgot one thing......ORGANIC SODIUM!! that means sodium rich foods that have no salt...not even sea salt.
      My favorite source for sodium is dried goat mineral whey but celery juice has it too.
      If you are really in shape the peacock pose will start to get your guts back in shape.
      • Travis & Parad-

        Thanks for your replies, and the help. I appreciate it.

        I found that Planetary Formulas has a Triphala. I've never used their formulas before myself. Are they generally reliable and effective? Are the other sources you'd recommend?

        I did find some Triphala powder, but the chances of getting this person to take a strong tasting powder is slim to none, so I'm hoping the pill/capsules forms will be as effective.

        What do you think?

        Thanks again,
        • I really like the quality of planitary forumlas triphala.

          BTW, having them drink warm water with some lemon and a bit of black pepper is the poor man's cure for toning the intestinal tract. It is not healpful for constipation though.
          • Parad-

            "I really like the quality of planitary forumlas triphala."

            Good to know. I'll point them in that direction.

            "BTW, having them drink warm water with some lemon and a bit of black pepper is the poor man's cure for toning the intestinal tract. It is not healpful for constipation though."

            Thanks for this. How many times a day should they drink this?

            I appreciate your additional sharing.


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