Eris in Synastry

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Eris and Dwarf Planets Astrology by Klaudio Zic.

Dwarf Planet Eris in Synastry

Eris unleashed in the 12 houses of your lover's horoscope! Eris in synastry, the original delineation with Eris in Sex through the 12 houses in astrology. Bonus Eris in opposition and conjunction 2006 - 2007.

Eris in the 12 houses of the horoscope series for businessmen, winners, women, lovers, kids, and pets. Discover our Eris delineation series when it was still named 2003 UB313. Eris is delineated in synastry, for lucky days, in secondary progression, in Casanova's quarters, war and peace as well as in each and every publication by Dwarf Planets Editions.

We celebrate one year of dedicated Eris astrology with a new edition. Major dwarf planet Eris 2003 UB313 in the 12 houses for the Year of the Antichrist 2007. This brand new treatise mostly focuses on love, spiritual life, and real estate in horary astrology.

We sold our first 2003 UB313 publication as early as August 1st 2005.

Eris in the 12th House. Finalisation means merciless examination of one's creation with the last removal of any flaw. One did listen to good advice. Success is at hand in all. Love, money and general success comes in daily life and there is a final spiritual breakthrough for the seeker.

Eris and Dwarf Planets Astrology by Klaudio Zic.

Dwarf Planet Eris in Synastry

A preview of the work by Klaudio Zic.

Eris or 2003 UB313 was nicked Xena a year ago and its moon was called Gabrielle. During our work on the delineation of the then "10th planet" and the appropriate X Zodiac, we have found the name Xena most appropriate, since the object emanates as much barbarian charm as mystery hidden behind simple matters in daily life, such as love. We hope at least some sincerity filters through our early work as Eris adds new meaning to the 7th house of the horoscope. In Eris Unleashed we add comments and slightly edit the recent delineation in the 12 houses. What is edited is the jubilee edition since our first publication was released as early as August 1st 2005. The dwarf planet is currently in the zodiacal constellation of Cetus. Cetus is a constellation just below Pisces. Eris can be closely conjunct with dwarf planet Pluto in Cetus. As dwarf planet Pluto never enters Pisces or Aries, it co-rules in Cetus. Two large objects are currently in Cetus, namely Sedna and Eris. Sedna is leaving Cetus for Taurus while Eris slowly approaches the ecliptic. In the summer months the Earth coorbitals, such as Cruithne, brush by those objects in Cetus, linking the near and the far, much as the Moon conjunct dwarf planet Pluto and especially when Pluto is with the Moon in close conjunction in Cetus.

In our recent publications we have used Bill Gates and his natal Eris Moon aspect to bring you the luck everyone deserves.

The pope left us with Venus in Cetus and London was undermined with Mars in Cetus. Cetus rules underground affairs, long distance communication, the recycling of energies, long radio waves and deep changes. Eris is larger than Sedna. The object is estimated even larger than Pluto is. In August 2005 we were already treating 2003 UB313 Eris as our tenth planet. In the year 2005 the Moon was in Cetus on monthly basis. But not only the Moon ventures into Cetus constellation. All planets enter Cetus constellation. Cetus is one among the 24 basic zodiacal constellations. This zodiac is called the astronomic or Neptunian zodiac. We have proposed a resolution to the IAU towards the end of year 2005.

As discoveries progress, we will soon be able to celebrate our 1000th transneptunian object. The first transneptunian "cubewano" was discovered in 1992. Due to its designation, 1992 QB1 gave name to the class of cubewano objects.

The giant transneptunian objects we delineated on discovery were Varuna, Ixion, Quaoar, Sedna, Orcus and many others. The objects were delineated prior to being named.

We had to stress this point from an early August 2005 perspective, since 2003 UB313 was still officially unnamed when it was delineated and many things about this distant object are still unclear to science. Astrologers have this object "in Aries", which is misleading as most of what has been done to astrology in the past 2000 years.

Astronomic approach is of course scientific as well as reliable. We agree with NASA, Eris 2003 UB313 is in Cetus. Only in a couple of generations the object will be observable in Aries, but not before it has travelled Pisces and a special section of Cetus we call Cetus II. Aries can not ascend in due east at this epoch albeit there was a time it was an ascending constellation. These changes in astrologic perspective are due to astronomic phenomena such as the much talked of but misunderstood precession.

Copyright (c) 2005 - 2006 by Klaudio Zic.
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