Free nude massages or lessons or exchanges in Naples, Florida

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I've been a Certified Massage Therapist and instructor for 19 years. I'm retired now, but I still enjoy giving various styles of massage to men and women, and teaching the techniques to singles and couples. I no longer charge for these sessions, because at my age I feel I should pass my skills on to the next generation.

My wife Suzanne and I recently bought a large home in warm and sunny Naples, Florida. I keep massage tables both indoors in my small massage room and outdoors in our secluded half-acre garden. The year-round mild weather and the total privacy permit the massages and lessons to be conducted in the nude almost anywhere on our property, even in the middle of winter.

I'm experienced in many massage modalities, ranging from the very relaxing style developed at California's Esalen Institute to the very erotic techniques I developed when teaching my ten-session workshops titled "Sensuous Massage for Loving Couples." I'd be happy to offer any style of massage to visitors passing through Naples, Florida. If you'd like to massage me as well, I can offer constructive advice on how to perfect your techniques.

Please write to let me know your interests, and include your contact information so we can schedule your visit. If you bring a male or female friend along, I can teach both of you how to massage each other. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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    Hi, Pete, you posted this message more than a year ago, are you still offering free nude massages to folks?, just wondering, sounds nice to explore the human body, giving it pleasure as you rub the smooth silky skin loving it`s feel, and texture. I`m just an amateur, but I love to erotically massage men, giving them the" release" all men love...write me if you can, take care sir, Ed
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      Yes, the offer is still valid. Men and women can get full-body nude massages and massage lessons free of charge in our clothing-optional home and garden in warm and sunny Naples, Florida. I use warm coconut oil over every part of the body to enhance the receiver's experience.Throughout the entire session, I remain as nude as the person I'm massaging. Just write to Suzanne and me to let us know when you expect to be in southwest Florida's Gulf Coast region so that we can invite you to visit and get your massage.

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