All-Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Show

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Luminessah Presents an Evening of All-Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Oregon's Finest Fusion Extravaganza!
Friday, March 27, 2009 8:30 PM
Cozmic Pizza
199 W. 8th Ave, Eugene, OR
$5, all ages

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Luminessah Presents a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Extravaganza! For the first time ever in Eugene, some of the best fusion dancers in Oregon are coming together for an evening of creative bliss! The performers include Luminessah of Eugene, Circus Tribal from Ashland, the Bijou Project from Bend/Albany, Shellece Millison from Corvallis (former co-director of Troupe Salamat in Prescott, Arizona), Rachael Blanchard of Roseburg/Eugene, Amy Peccia of Eugene, and the premiere performance of Luminessah's student troupe as well! Some of these dancers don't perform in Eugene very often, so don't miss your chance to witness an amazing show!
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Additional information about the dance style:

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is a specific style of belly dance that stems from American Tribal Style belly dance, or ATS. ATS was created by Carolina Nericcio in San Francisco in the 1970's. This style of belly dance incorporates traditional Egyptian Belly Dance with movements, costuming, and music from other sources such as Morrocco, India, Persia, Turkey, and other North African and Middle Eastern cultures. ATS is an improvisational style of dance done in groups, with a lead-and-follow format. Tribal Fusion differs from ATS in that it does not follow the same rigid set of rules. Tribal Fusion dancers often use an improvisational format as well, but the music, costuming and movement sources are as varied as the performers themselves. Anything from Hip Hop or theatrical elements to Eastern European/Balkan influences may be fused with traditional belly dance movements to create an entirely new experience that is unique to those performers.

Additional information about the performers:
The dancers in this all-fusion show encompass a broad range of fusion styles:

Luminessah is a World Interpretive dance troupe founded in 2005 in Eugene, Oregon by Ali Armstrong, LeeAnn Myers, Lila McDaniel and Jeannie Anderson. They fuse movements from such regions as India, Turkey, Egypt, and North Africa, throw in some hip hop and vaudeville stylings, and tie it all together through an Improvisational Tribal Style of dance. Their performances are unique artistic creations that through ritual, theatre, and improvisation transport the viewer. They regularly perform throughout the West Coast at festivals, restaurants, and other dance events with musicians such as Raquy and the Cavemen, Gypsy Moon, The Conjugal Visitors, Americanistan, and more. Their workshops are in demand around the state and their regular class sessions in Eugene have resulted in the formation of a student troupe as well.

The Bijou Project was founded in 2005 by co-directors Kamini and Samara in Bend, Oregon. Their 20+ years of combined dance and teaching experience has culminated in the creation of their own unique style of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.
The dance style of the Bijou Project has its origins in classic American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance, which most evident in their posture and cued improvisational dancing. Their fusion approach expands upon the traditional ATS repertoire by incorporating movements, gestures, music and props from a variety of dance forms. The result is a combination of modern Tribal Fusion that is captivating to watch and a pleasure to perform
The last three years have been an exciting time of travel, teaching and performance both in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest. We hope you will join The Bijou Project as a student, audience member, or supporter as we share our vision, our art, and our love of dance. Come on, embrace your inner shimmy!

Circus Tribal Bellydance Co. is a modern belly dance ensemble out of Ashland Oregon. Known for their creative vision, they infuse their performances with equal parts tradition, innovation and humor. Crisp technique and isolations are combined with modern dance landscapes and sassy vaudeville to take every audience on a journey. Intricate and unique costumes enhance every performance atmosphere and add to Circus Tribal’s distinct performance style.
Circus Tribal performs extensively throughout the West Coast and in collaboration with such artists as Vagabond Opera, Electric Vardo, Gypsy Caravan and Karim Nagi. They also offer instruction in the form of popular weekly classes as well as workshops hosted nationwide. Director Emily Alrick, and principal dancers Gloria and Mariana, strive to bring their distinctive charisma and partnership to every performance.

Shellece Millison has been crazy about tribal fusion for the last ten years. She recently relocated from Prescott, Arizona where she was co-directing Troupe Salamat. She now lives in Corvallis, with her 3 children and her awesome man. Shellece loves the community and connection inherent in tribal dance and can't wait to help shake down the Northwest!

Amy Peccia teaches & performs Tribal Style Belly Dance with a touch of funk. She has studied & danced with a variety of dancers, gathering techniques & stylings along the way. Her desire to try new things has fostered a diverse style. Amy’s classes are based on Tribal technique; infused with modern, hip-hop, spanish styling, & yoga.

Rachael Blanchard has always loved to dance. Professionally trained in classical ballet from the age of 3 she performed with principals from the Houston Ballet Company at the age of 9. While traveling with her parents in Micronesia and Indonesia, she became fascinated with the stylized movements of traditional Balinese and West Pacific dances. With a costume designer as her mother, she spent many hours watching rehearsals and performances. It took watching just one belly dance performance for her to know she had found her dance passion. Today she brings to her dance all of the cultural and creative influences from her life.
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