Eunuch spirituality

public - created 01/24/11
A tribe for people interested in body modification, eunuchs and nullos to share ideas about the spiritual/philosophical/artistic side of being gender-neutral. There are a surprising number of representations of eunuchs in art history and many of these paintings, prints and sculptures as well as myths and legends are connected to various world religions and historical figures and some have been included here. RSS Feed what is XML?
Any eunuchs in LA area interested in helping me?  topic
Neo-Skoptsy  topic
hello,gay guys  topic
'Dream of a eunuch' by Jean Lecomte du Nouy, 1874  photo flag
Tian Yi's Tomb, now the Eunuch Museum, Beijing  photo flag
Alexander the Great (blonde) and his eunuch boy...  photo flag
Hindu sacred eunuch  photo flag
Persian eunuch  photo flag
Blake's Paradise Lost  photo flag
Vatican angel detail  photo flag
Angel sculpture, Vatican  photo flag
Contemporary art angel  photo flag
18th Century Icon, Philip baptising the eunuch  photo flag
A homoerotic image of Philip and the eunuch  photo flag
cheminyone cal castration  topic
For real penectomy in France !  topic
Wanting them gone!  topic
Eunuchs and angels  topic
Glad Day.jpg  photo flag

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