How Much Did Your Penis Shrank After Castration

topic posted Tue, February 8, 2011 - 12:58 AM by  smoothie
Hi! Got a question to both surgical and chemical eunuchs. Do you notice that your penis shrank? And by how much? Does it stay shrunken or does it change in size over the course of each day?

I'm a chemical eunuch after 4 years of Androcur. Now, almost a whole year after I stopped due to the side effects, my libido and penis shrinkage did not seem to return. Instead, my breasts seemed to continue wanting to grow.

While my penis has shrunk quite a bit, its length seemed to change at different hours of the day. In the morning and nighttime, it's between 2 and 3 inches or so, almost its original size before any chemical castration. Sometimes, the circumcised penis glans can stay comfortably wrapped inside its own shaft skin, turning that to look like a new foreskin. Sometimes, it just won't stay in.

But around midday, it can be really short, no more than an inch. (Please see my photo album.)

How can I keep it stay at its smallest all the time?!?!
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    Permanent chemical eunuch here and mine shrank considerably when on hormones, Once stopped getting and erections at night I noticed it really shrank down and doesn't change size much unless cold, then it shrivels up. Nice waking up little and soft at 2-3 inches, uncut here so the foreskin hangs off the end and makes it look longer than it is. Seen it less than an inch before when cold, my nipples were longer than it and breasts more sensitive. Can't quickly stroke and orgasm from using it, takes breast play and rubbing it. Tried testosterone shots and it got bigger maybe 4-4.5 inches, felt huge to me, but not hard. Made my tits less sensitive when on it though. Cock head has changed the most: it never gets very big ot firm ever now. Don't really miss it though, love being big breaqsted and like my breasts stimulated more .
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    My penis and testicles has shrunk about 25%. While I was on anti androgen (8 y.), my penis went from 51/4" down to 4". Since I started TRT 6 y. ago, my cock has gained 1/2" only and my balls keep shrinking. Some time it looks like I have no balls. Size doesn't matter anymore.
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      The lack of testosterone will bring a lack of erection therefore penis shrinkage will occur. I read some posts some time the guys say that they used anti androgen for one month and theirs penis have shrank. THAT'S BULLSHIT! It takes years to lose girth and length and it'll take as many years to return to the same size they used to be when they use TRT. Chemical eunuch are those who've used anti androgen for one or many year(s) that they can't produce testosterone anymore after they quitted anti androgen. On TRT they can regain the use of theirs penis but theirs balls will keep shrinking. Castrated men without the use of TRT, can get erections but they have no control no over it. Erections will be softer and won't last very long, so it'd be very difficult for them to reach an orgasm. Theirs sex drive will be greatly reduced and they will be more likely to become bottoms or subs, in order to get love and affection. The hardest thing for a castrated man (not on TRT) is not the lack of sex but rather loneliness. There is no such thing as eunuch health benefits, the reason I'm on TRT is not for sex but rather to be healthy.
      • I just managed to get a full erection the other day, after god knows how long not getting one. I quickly measured it. Before chemical castration, my hard on was about 5-1/2 inch long, now it's only just over 4 inches.

        Every time I get fully hard, the skin on my cock head feels like it is about to split open, probably not getting stretched for long periods of time.

        So, generally, I try to avoid letting it get even the rare occasion of being hard.

        I love keeping my little dick and balls tucked (and twisted inside my body) 24/7, including during sex so it won't get fully hard. It's unfortunate that even as a chemical eunuch, I still get a bit hard (like once or twice a month).
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    Definitely smaller when not erect; shrinks and goes inside like a retracted turtle head.
    It takes great effort to get it aroused, and then it does not get real hard.
    (Except when I was taking full dose of testosterone replacement, that brought it back to life)

    Since I had a rubber mold made of my penis when it was in its youth, if I can find it I will have to measure it and compare it to current erect size, if I can manage to get it to a good hard erection.

    Generally with stimulation, which I am no longer interested in, and it takes too much effort, I feel like the genitals want to get aroused, have some sensations, but just can't quite make the grade.

    Hopefully , if I can ever manage to get castrated, that somewhat annoying feeling will be dismissed.
    • Nick, I sure wish mine would retract like a turtle head automatically all the time.

      At least, most of the time, it will retract behind the shaft skin to make it look like it were uncut. But it usually still need a bit of a final push to get inside the body. And it usually needs at least some underwear to stay inside.
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    I took lupron for two years for prostate ca. This shuts down Testo production in the testicles. Been off drug now for year and half. Penis was at one time 5-6 inches soft and nearly 8 hard. Now never hard and never cum. It is at most two inches. shaft about 1/2 inch. Doubt this can be reversed. Balls stay inside mostly now.
  • After castration, which was 3 years ago, I went from just over 5 inches flaccid to just under 3. I have no erections so there is nothing to measure there. I think each person and their experience is different from the next, so no one experience is going to be the same for everyone else.
  • In the year since I have lost about half its flaccid length and the last erection I had it was well less then half the size pre castration. I have a photo of my last erection in my album. I was a nice fat 9 incher before but now I could care less how big or small I am.
  • I'm scared of how much shrinkage there will be. Coming up on 5 months and I have over a year and a half to go without hormones. I only measured once and since the beginning of the year and even though I still get erections after the operation I shrank a half an inch. I'm glad I still get erection, but the deal sucks. Crying is kind of annoying too, but that's expected without T. Getting laughed at hits hard. Showing off what happened at a party makes me more hesitant to show at all anymore. At the same time I could use advice. If you had a likely chance you would shrink more would you go on Testosterone and lose rights to getting your balls back in the jar they keep them or stay off hormones, tough it out and might winde up with an erection shorter than possibly 2 inches? I'm already under 3 inches now after the circumcision and 5 month of no balls.
    Anyway, I'm 2 3/4 inches long erect. I started with 3 1/2 with foreskin overhang. Balls are kiwi fruit size. Getting neuticles to repace them anyway.

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