What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

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my ultimate fantasy is to be forced to submit to and serve The Master, totally at His bidding, and HE makes the choices for me. At some point The Master is going to encase me in cement, or concrete, or plaster, starting at my feet, and very slowly working upwards -- taking a very very long time, sitting back and having a cigar or cigarette and a drink, tapping on the hardening cement just to hear the satisfying solid CLUNK, watching the absolute fear and panic in my eyes. He does many different torments to me while He's encasing me. He lets me what Him in a mirror, so i can see my body slowly disappearing. my mouth and eyes are the last to be sealed up. He seals me in permanently, finally, and The Master Himself shoots a load hearing my last garbled moan and scream. He smoothes the cement over my face, and no one ever knows there was once a living man in the cement statue.
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    Tue, June 1, 2010 - 12:28 PM
    my extreme fantasy is to be kidnapped and turned into a real-life slave. i am visiting a foreign country, i go into a bar and a handsome stranger buys me a drink. i pass out and when i wake up im naked in a stone cell with a steel collar locked around my neck with a chain fastened to the wall. the handsome stranger comes in and beats me with a belt and my "training" begins.

    i dont have any sense of how much time is passing. i am subjected to brainwashing, sleep deprivation, hypnosis, and mind altering drugs to fuck up m yhead so much that i dont even understand waht is happening to me. at times a big dildo is strapped in me to start streatching out my ass. i am chained to the wall and beaten on a regular basis, some times i am left like that and guards come in and rape me while i am naked and chained to the wall, i cant even see who they are so i am getting used to being used as a fuckhole by random strangers. i cant understand most of hte language so they beat me a lot because i dont know what they want, what orders they are shouting at me, so i get scared all the time becuase i know that no matter what i do i will be beaten.

    the drugs keep me horny all the time but i cant jack myself off, iether i am chained to the wall or a chasity device is locked on me so i cant touch myself, which just makes me even more horny and breaks me down faster. when i am exhasted and naked in the cell they use bright flashing lights and pipe in loud music or sublimal voices telling me i am a slave, i am not human, i exist to be used and raped by MEN, i cant shut it out, it bores into my brain and the drugs make me go on drug trips with the flashing lights, i am naked and chained and screaming and all the while the voices are piped in telling me i am a slave, nothing but a slave, no past, no memories, no name, no rights, no privileges, my old life is over and i am now a slave.

    i am takin out of the cell at times to a doctors exam room and tied in a chair, there they shaved my head and put tattoos on my body and pierce me in several diffrent places while i am naked and helpless, its all against my will my body is being changed and modified. i get shots, i dont know hwat they are, some are drugs and some are steroids and some are just to keep me fucked up. At other times i am taken to a gym room and a big burly guard stands over me and forces me to work out, when i dont work hard enough he beats me to make me try harder. Anytime i speak up or curse at the guards or cry or beg, htey just beat me harder.

    Gradually over time i forget who i am, who i was, i have no name only a number that is inked on the back of my neck, my body is modified with muscles and shaving and tats and piercings, my mind is modified so that anytime another man walks in the room i am kneeling without even realizing it, doesnt matter who he is, because i am being programmed through rape and beatings to think of ALL men as my Lord and Master. i am scared all the time but the more scared i get hte more horny i get, the more horny i am the more deseprate i am because my cock is locked up, and the more horny i get the more humilated nad shamed i am.

    finaly when they break me completely and have me reprogramed i am taken out of the cell and put up on an action block and men seated all around the stage start bidding on me. i cant see who they are but i know that i am being sold for real and forever. i am terrified of who will buy me but i am so horny that my cock is rock hard and dripping. m ybody is unrecogiziable, it is hard muscles and ink and piercings all over, entirely shaved smooth. right there on stage i am locked in stocks and beaten and then raped by big muscular guards while hte bidders watch, i end up shooting my load while i am being raped. i am crying and begging for mercy, for help, somebody please help me this is a mistake, but the crowd just goes wild and starts bidding more, eventually a big leather gag is strapped in my mouth and a guard beats my ass while hte bidding goes on.

    When the bidding ends i am taken off the stage and to another cell where my collar is locked against the wall and i have to stand there naked and manacles on my wrists and ankles, they put a hood over my head so i cant see anything and i am still gagged. Then a little later someone else comes in and clips a leash to my collar and leads me out, i cant see who it is, i am put in a small truck and driven off to a new master and a new life where i will be naked, collared and helpless in a strange country wherei dont know the language and even if i ever could get out of the chains andexcape, i would be naked and have no passport and nobody wouldhelp me, the local police would just turn me back over to my Master as His property.
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      Thu, March 8, 2012 - 7:52 AM
      outstanding writing!! Wish I could be the slave in the story as that is my fantasy - exactly as it was played out, scene by scene! Any Master want to turn fantasy into reality?? Get at me!!
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    Wed, June 2, 2010 - 8:11 AM
    another extreme fantasy i have is about being in a hardcore prison. all the inmates are kept naked and shaved and in manacles all the time, and all of us have our prison number inked on our bodies.

    All of the Guards are selected as the biggest and meanest and biggest dicked muscular aggressive Dominant Men, and the Guards are entitled to use any prisoner sexually whenever They want to. The Guards are always walking aroudn in Their tight leather uniforms with nitesticks to bang on the bars of our cages, and They are always horny and on the lookout for victims of Their cruel lust.

    We are kept in cage kind of cells so we can all see each other naked and chained but cant get to each other. Each cage is a small square just barely big enough to hold a steel bunk - no mattress or sheets, just a flat metal platform - and a floor space next to the bunk, with a hole in the floor in the corner for a toilet. Tile or concrete floors to drain off water down into the toilet holes. All of these freestanding cages fill up the open space of the cell block so we can all see each others naked bodies and hard cocks but we cant touch each other. So the only relief we get is by jacking off, we all have to watch each other jack off and shoot our cum but thats all we ever get. And even then if a Guard is being mean He can refuse to let a n inmate jack off.

    In stead of regular showers us inmates are washed ever day with a fire hose sprayed through the top of the cage. We would have exercise time where we would go out in the yard nad be forced to work out and build up our bodies. The prison food would have drugs and stuff in it to make us bulk up our muscles and to make us horny all the time, but we couldnt do nothing about it because each prisoner is in a cage by himself and never gets to touch other prisoners. Insted we have to live with being horny and hungry to cum all the time but we never get to cum unless were lucky enough to shoot a load while one of the Guards is raping our ass. A prisoner might jack off but if a Guard catch the prisoner then the Guard can punish him.

    Once a week every inmate gets taken down to the barber room, he is strapped in a chair and then his head is shaved, then his entire body is shaved while hes tied down and helpless.

    All prisoners would be fitted with shock collars round our necks and round our balls so the Guards could control us that way, and we couldnt never excape cause if we ever tryed to climb over the wall we get zapped in the shock collars and its so painful that we are stunned. then we get punished, and You can imagine what the punishments are like in a place like that.

    prisoners would be there for life, no possibility of parole, so no end ever to the ruff hard cruel treatment. We could be beaten, raped, put in all kinds of hard painful bondage, tortured, the only limits are the Guards couldnt break bones or anything like that becuase we need to be kept good and healthy for a long long time. So once a prisoner get sent to this extreme prison, it dont matter what the prisoner did, all of that is forgotten because all of us inmates know that it dont matter, were here for life and our life sentence is to be raped and abused by huge muscular aggressive brutal sadistic Guards.

    We would work on naked chain gangs at times so the Guards could walk around and beat us and our bodies get tanned in the sun and we get built up through hard work. Some of the inmates would be hired out to other people outside the prison for play parties to earn money. But wed always be naked and collared, even in public.

    When we are moved around to chow or to the yard, we are all naked and chained and have to push up in line so we are dick to ass always pressing up against eahc other and jogging everwhere, just one long line of naked chained muscular prison slave bodies on display. In the chow hall all the benches at the tables have big buttplugs built into them so when an inmate sits down he has to impale himself on the buttplug and stay that way the whole time hes eating, after chow some inmates have to go all around the chow hall and clean off all the buttplugs as punishment if they done something wrong.

    When a prisoner really fucks up, then the Guards might let one or more other inmates rape him to teach him a lesson, that the only time we ever get to fuck with each other. Other than that, if the Guards ever catch us inmates fucking with each other then we get sent to solitary. In solitary your locked not in a open bar cage but in a steel box with a metal grating celing so the Guards can stand over the solitary cell and piss or shit down on you, you cant see anything going on around you so your cut off from everbody else. One of the worst punishments in solitary is to be chained against the wall of your cell with our cock and balls through a hole in hte wall and another prisoner is on the other side and they are commanded to suck off the guy in solitary but not let him cum, he has to spend the entire day chained against the wall feeling the pleausre of getting sucked of but he never gets to cum and he never even gets to know whos sucking him, the stimulation never ends but he never gets to cum, and during the day Guard can walk into his solitary cell and rape him while hes chained to the wall.

    Or another punishment is to be strapped down on a fuck bench with a fucking machine shoving a dildo up your ass over and over for hours, and electrodes on your cock and balls to shock you and keep you turned on, an extra dose of chemicals to make you even more horny than usual, and you have to stay like that all day getting your ass raped by a machine and being so horny that your going crazy but you cant move or do anything about it.
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    Wed, March 7, 2012 - 1:55 PM
    My ultimate extreme fantasy is to be walking home from work one night when a van pulls in front of me. Four skins jump out and grab me chloroform me. I wake up stripped naked and tied spread eagle in the van. The skins start taunting me telling me how I'm going to pleasure them, they put a spider gag in my mouth and take turns pissing in it and spitting in my face. When we reach our destination I realize it's in the middle of nowhere. They untie my lock a collar around my neck and attach a leash. They push me to my knees and make me crawl after them telling me what a fucking pig I was and whipping my ass. Inside the barn they put a hood on me and bend me over a bench, strapping my wrists and ankles. They tie a strap around my balls and attach it to a ring in the floor. Soon I feel something wrapped around both arms and feel a pin prick as they slam me, the rush is incredible. I start twisting and trying to present my ass for them to use. They lube it up real good and start fingering my ass they have me moaning and grunting like a pig. They take the gag out of my mouth and force their fingers down my throat a couple take turns fucking my throat. They feed me endless poppers some more meth. Soon I just want them to use my holes, I'm begging for cock. They bring in a rottweiller I'm fucking horned up I want that dogs cock in my mouth. They bring it around and push my mouth down on it they tell me that I'm being trained to perform sex acts for an audience and that I'm to be the dogs bitch. I'm so drugged up and Horney the thought really makes my cock drip. They get the dog to mount me and I'm really turned on I'm begging these guys to piss on me and feed me their shit. I want to be used and pimped out, filmed and humiliated, I want them to mark
    me as their property. The dog knots me he's filling my ass with cum finally he turns and tries to pull out trying to drag me with him but my strapped balls hold me in place. When he finally pulls out they remove the hood and have me suck the dogs cock clean. They scoop up some of the cum dripping from my ass smear it on my face have me suck their fingers clean. Then the take turns fucking my ass and throat rubbing their cum covered cocks on my face, they piss up my ass have me squat over a dog dish. All the piss and cum is
    Mine to drink. They lead me on the leash to a cage where I'm locked in and they then watch the films of me being a dog slut.
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    Thu, March 8, 2012 - 7:56 AM
    Have no idea who this "Unsubscribed" is, but whoever you are, you and I NEED to contact each other because you and I have the EXACT same fantasy!!! Have fantasized about being encased in cement, just as you described - starting with feet and working up!! If you want to make it come true together, get at me!! Or if any Master wants to make this happen, would LOVE to hear from you......
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    Thu, March 8, 2012 - 3:20 PM
    I am driving the freeway when my car gives out. I'm still trying to figure out whats wrong when an old van pulls over and backs up to my car. The guy gets out and asks about my problem. Says it sounds like the fuel pump and he has something that might help. We go to the side door of his van, he opens it, and the next thing I know I am being slammed onto the floor, face down, knee on my neck. He grabs my arms and cuffs them. Duct tapes my mouth and my eyes. He climbs off me and uses something (rope) to tie my feet together and pulls them up, attaching it to the cuffs. We then drive for what must have been hours. Mid afternoon had turned into very dark night by the time we pulled off the highway. A bit more to go till we turned onto a dirt road and one more turn that got even rougher till we stopped. I heard him walk aroung to the back as the doors opened. He pulled me by the hair to the edge of the van and ripped the tape off my eyes. I could see the a short stair leading to the back of an old wooden house lit by a porch light and not much else. He walked out of my sight and came back rolling a big steel drum into place behind the van and set it upright. Then he proceeded to throw in some wood and some gas, starting a fire. As he turned to me I thought I was going in the drum next. Screaming wouldn't work but I screamed none the less. He flipped me around so that my feet were sticking out of the van. Took off my shoes and socks, and pitched them in the drum. Pulled off my pants and skivvies and tossed them into the drum.He pulled me into a sitting position, legs over the back and then tied a rope tightly around my cock and balls. The rope was run thru a loop that catches the door and he pulled it down tightly till I thought they might rip loose. I couldn't move a quarter inch off that floor. My feet were retied and he climbed back into the van behind me, pulling my sweatshirt over my head. He uncuffed me long enough to pull the shirt off and recuffed me. He started running his hands over my face and body . I started to piss as his cold hands first touched me and he laughed. Climbing out of the van, he tossed my sweatshirt into the drum and more gas. I sat on the edge of that van, hands and feet bound, naked , wet and beyond scared as he untied my balls and flipped me over his shoulder and walked past the stair and down to a basement door.
    What happens next is too much to tell all of. If anyone's interested I will relate the points that are nailed into my memory. But to cut to the end for now I lie face up in a deep hole that I dug deep in the woods of his property. I am bound head to foot, staring up, reciting the thanks I have memorized, fighting back tears of both regret and relief as he begins to shovel the dirt back into the hole. It has happend before and every time I wonder, is this the time he will just keep shoveling?
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      Fri, March 9, 2012 - 2:25 AM
      oh damn!!! that is hot!!

      I would have to say that mine would be meeting up with my daddy at a mcdonalds or something and he turns out to be a great guy so we go back to his apartment, and he tells me, "okay my baby boy its off with your big boy pants your just to stay in diapers when im around you" so i take of my pants, and he motions for my shirt to, so i nod and take those off. He sits me down next to him and he rubs my tummy and i snuggle up under his arm he gets up to go to the kitchen and comes back with a warm bottle of baby formula. He feeds it to me as hes holding me and rubbing my tummy telling me what a good lil baby boy i am, and that hes happy he has me as his baby he rubs my tummy my eyes get very heavy and i cant help but fall asleep. all i can do is dream at this point but for a moment the lights flash on and my diaper area is in emense pain as something doesnt feel right, just a stinging sensation when i try and find whats wrong by feeling them with my hands. All i can feel are the leather mitt covers locked in place where my hands used to be, wrapping a stump, my knees are covered the same as i try to kick my way out and cry out i find that my tongue no longer make words as it rubs along bare gums when the light that comes on is my daddy walking over to the cage crib im in tied down to the matress by a collar on my neck, and waist belt in a onesie. He looks in to me through the bars, and says ooh my little one is finally awake, i thought you would never wake up form your nap little one. Now he can easily pick me up and put me on the changing table, straping down my wrist stumps and upper body. He changes my diaper and rubs me. When i look down to try and see what hes doing hes cleaning the stiches where my penis and big boy balls used to be. He says to me "i have no use for a baby with a penis that makes big boy mess, i had those removed as well as anything that would make you any less of my sweet baby boy" .gasping in horror i start to cry as he sticks a pacifier in my mouth and locks it onto the back of my head. I cannot speak, i cannot run, i cannot fight back, he lowers me into the crib and places head phones on me telling me when i wake up from this nap that i will only remember being his helpless baby, and gives me some sort of injection which makes me get all drowsy and all i can hear hanging on every word of it, regression hypnosis, and mental conditioning, a visor is placed over my head to see these things and all i can see is myself being trained to be an infant, everything else stripped from me, whose job it is to be willing hole for my big brothers releases, daddys releases and any man whom pays daddy enough to use my holes.
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        Fri, March 9, 2012 - 11:20 AM
        @gavin @Bryan

        damn!! these are MUCH better than what i've read lately -- because these fantasies are coming from REAL men, from their REAL imaginations, deepest desires, and deepest fears!

        Everyone -- keep it up! (i mean that both ways; my sweats have a large wet sticky spot on front after reading these two stories.)
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          Fri, March 9, 2012 - 9:57 PM
          Thank you Owned By Master David XI . I am going to tell more but it all is so much. I find myself jumping all over the timeline and start over. At first I started listing first experiences in as close to the right order as I could pull out of the fog that is my brain these days. But a first time is not always the most tale worthy. Take the barbed wire. First time was horrifying. The Second time was so much more. But there I go, let me start again with that first night.
          He was carrying me over his shoulder down a few steps into a basement. The light came on as we dropped a few more steps. I couldn't see much looking down his backside, trying to look sideways. The basement was unfinished but there were posts here and there , chains dropping from a ceiling I couldn't quite see. He paused, turning this way and that as if deciding where to put me down. I saw a mattress against one wall and a dark corner that turned out to hold a toilet and a big washroom sink. There were hanging racks on the walls holding things that honestly didn't register, a big wooden x , some kind of bench, and a number of things that would become very familiar in short order. He carried me to a work table along one wall and just sort of slumped, leaving me to fall onto the table. With my hands and feet still bound I fell hard. Laying there I watched as he turned to me and started to take off his boots. He continued to strip down till he was naked. This was a big man. Six foot god knows what and solid. He didn't go in anywhere or out. Just thick all the way down and muscled. He had big arms and as solid as he was, his legs looked huge on him. Covered in long reddish brownish hair which also covered his big round ass and arms. He was mostly hairless in the torso but his face had a thick kind of overgrown beard and short well trimmed hair. His cock was big and starting to stand straight out from a thick bush. Probably nine or ten inches and THICK. Sort of curved up till it got to a mushroom head that pointed back downward. Mind you , my dick was bit of a joke. Five hard though it did have a big head. Actually it probably still does. Last I saw it he had it complete with balls in a jar. It was out of my reach high up over the mattress with a light on it. It got kind of grey but , optical illusion or whatever he filled that jar with, but it seemed to get plumper in that jar. He would take it down and have me hold it in front of my face and thank him for freeing me of it. Maybe I just never saw it at that angle before or so close up. But I'm jumping ahead again. I humbly apologize.
          Now I never was the sharpest tool in the box. But as I stared at his growing cock a light went on for the first time. He noticed this and laughed. "Your just now figuring it out huh? " I can't remember what I tried to say back but the duct tape made it just random sound. With that he flipped me onto my stomach, pulling me down till my legs hung over the table edge. He pulled something off a shelf and set it right in front of my face.It was a big plastic tub that he opened and stuck his hand in. I do remember that the label looked strange. What the hell was "Man Butter"? I soon found out as he pried my legs apart and started packing the stuff up my asshole. The first shock of that was followed by a huge pain as he lined up his cock with my hole, and just whammed it right in till I could feel him pressing against ass. That thing hurt. More muffled screams. He started moving it in and out and even side to side as he went. He pounded my ass with his hands as well as his cock. I didn't really have time to think about What was happening just then as I was thinking about how much it hurt. Laying on that table, all I could see was the steps back out the basement door. It was like a tv show where the picture keeps bouncing but that was my head doing the rolling. He had one hand tangled in the hair on my head and used the other one to smack me over and over. This went on for a good while. At one point he reached down and in one big scoop hooked my leg and rolled me over onto my back, never even slowing down let alone pulling out of me. Now one arm held my legs up against him while the other one went to town on my face, my nips and my dick. His hair was sticking to his forehead as he sweated. His brown eyes were almost black and seemed focused on something he was furious at. It was me. He gritted his teeth in a mad kind of smile as he started pulling almost out and then ramming all the way back up there. There seemed to be some second point inside of me as tight as my hole started out as. God that hurt. I eventually learned to relax enough to enjoy getting fucked but never got past the pain of that second place. And not at all that night. My eyes started to glaze over and I couldn't quite make out his face. It was tears and that just made him pick up the pace even more. I learned later that I became hard during all this and shot, but not just then. He started a low pitched, not human, growl and started throwing himself into me so hard and so fast I probably should have split in two. My own balls were trapped between me and him and only added to the pain every time they slammed into me. It was pretty obvious he had come and it was up in me. I didn't move an inch when he stopped. Like that would appease him or something. He just stood there catching his breath. Still in me. When he did pull it out it was all at once too. Flipped me back onto my stomach and pushed me back up the table. I could hear him taking the stairs up to the house. At this point my head should have been filled with all sorts of thoughts and fears. Honestly, I was just numb. Head wise. Everything else hurt damn bad.
          I don't know how long I laid there. My eyes cleared up and I could see around the basement and now all the things hanging around the walls started to make sense. I couldn't think straight. I couldn't focus on anything as I saw everything. The only real thought I can remember was wanting a glass of water. I heard a door open and he came back down the stairs. He sat me upright on the table and pushed me back to the wall as I couldn't balance myself with my hands still cuffed. He sat down on the table beside me. " Now here's the deal. I'm gonna be needing you all over this room. You're gonna (pointing) hang from that, and get strapped down to that and end up tied up all over the place. In between you'll be chained up over there by that mattress and you are welcome for that. But I don't need tobe fighting you into place every time I move you around." He paused to let that sink in. " So lets get one thing clear. You can fight me but you'll lose. And you'll piss me off. Right now I'm pretty happy. You don't want to feel the difference if you piss me off. When I unchain you and tell you to move you move. You won't argue, you won't hesitate, and you better not fight me. Trust me." Now I knew this already. My five foot eight is really barely five foot seven. Go ahead and laugh. I wasn't skinny but I wasn't muscled either. And he was maybe ten years my younger as well as being a small mountain with fists. " But i want you to give it your Last shot." He started undoing my feet and then my hands. I stupidly started to tear at the duct tape. He swatted my hands away and then smacked me good up side the head. Got me to my feet He stepped back and just stood there staring up and down me. It was odd but I was ashamed that I wasn't measuring up in his eyes. " Fight me" I wanted to throw up. "FIGHT ME!' , "NOW!" I never have been a fighter. What followed was the hardest fighting I ever did in my life. I threw myself at him. Ever throw yourself at a tree? A big thick one that didn't even shake? I must have looked like a bad comedy as I threw wild punches at mid air as he just held me off with a hand on my forehead. I tried every thing I knew which wasn't much. He got me good landing one square in my gut and as I doubled over coming up and punching my face. I fell down several times and he just pulled me back up and it kept going. That night i got a broken nose, a bloody mouth, a dozen purple bruises which had to include my face though I didn't see my face for weeks. I am pretty sure he broke a rib or two because they were sore for a long long time. Days later he mashed down on them laughed as I gasped for breath at the pain. At one point he smacked me in the head sending me across the basement stumbling till I fell down and slumped against one of the center posts. I stayed down. "You done?" I could only shake my head signaling yes, please god, yes. "I'm almost" With that he kicked me hard. First in the leg and as I rolled in the ass and finally right in the crotch. He dragged me over to the mattress and pulled a chain out from behind it that ended with a single cuff which he snapped over my ankle. I was laying on the mattress trying to breath normal. He sat me up and squatted in front of me face to face. He had to pull my head up by the hair several times till I got the message and stared not down, but into his face. "One more tip. I'm gonna need that mouth under there . Now you can scream all you want as long as you want as loud as you want. Nobody is going to hear you. No one is going to come help you. But again, you will piss me off and, (he laughed) we covered that one. Now I am not in the mood to hear you beg or plead either. But I'm going to let you ask one question." With that he paused but only briefly. Way too fast to think . let alone form a question out of many shooting through my mind. He tore at the tape till he got a hold and ripped it off. Didn't seem painful at that point. He just stared at me like, well? I asked him , why me?
          He looked down and then back in my face smiling. "Never said I'd answer it." I started to speak again but a death grip hand ton my balls shut me up quick. He stuck a hand in my mouth and then opened it wide with the other. He stood up and pulled me up to his cock now soft but still scary. He stuffed it in and just stood there. It hit me the same time his piss hit the back of my throat. I couldn;t do anything But swallow as fast as I could and still it overwhelmed me. It spilled out of my mouth and down my body. It felt warm as it hit my dick and balls and soaked into the mattress. But I caught most of it. He seemed satisfied anyways. He did that little shake thing on my face . I slumped back down as he turned and walked away, up the stairs and disappeared as the light went off. The last thing I remember was the sun starting to come up through small barred windows as I tried all I could not to think about what might come next.
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            Fri, March 9, 2012 - 9:59 PM
            I didn't realize how long that was till I posted. I hope it wasn't too long. I will try to keep it shorter.
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              Sat, March 10, 2012 - 1:18 PM
              mm nice story mmmmm
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                Fri, March 16, 2012 - 10:40 AM
                What came next was a long -not much. When you're chained to a basement floor you spend a lot of time waiting. sometimes days. I woke up that first day to someone beating me. Or so I thought. I had rolled in my sleep and every wound from the night before lit up all at once. Just sitting up was painful chore. I remember looking down at the stains on the mattress and some of them seemed old. I wasn't the first person who landed here. Didn't want to think about where they were now. There was a piece of chicken , an apple and a glass of (wrong) beer on the floor. Tried to eat but my mouth was too raw. Drank the not beer. The first taste was pretty strong but I drank it anyways. There was trouble if I didn't. Hell, there was trouble period. My chain was long enough to get to the toilet and the sink. There was a shower head and a hose spigot on the wall with a drain right under, but I couldn't reach them. I waited all day for him to come back. I was sure he was going to kill me. Then it occurred to me that he might not. That was even scarier. Why would he feed me if I was soon to be dead? Twice that day I panicked when I could hear him walking around upstairs. Night came. He didn't. I ate the food, used the glass for water, and waited. I conjured up places and faces that would fade away over time. I pictured my clothes going up in that drum. My shoes. My wallet. My keys were still in the car on the freeway. I could see it getting towed away. There would be a stain on the side of the road where my transmission always leaked. That stain would mark my last day in the old world . No one would know. By the next day I think I was already resigned to this. If anything frightened me, it was just how clear his face and his body were in my mind when everything else was hazy . I heard him in the morning. I heard him later that day. When the sun was almost gone I snapped to attention as the light came on and he started down the stairs. This wasn't meant to be a teaser and I guess it's dull, but I want to keep it short.
                • Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

                  Sat, March 17, 2012 - 12:23 AM
                  WOW. You couldn't write this convincingly unless you really wanted this. You stir up some of my darker fantasies, and i appreciate that.
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                    Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

                    Sat, March 17, 2012 - 12:31 PM
                    You are generous Owned By David XI.

                    I saw him coming down the stairs, boots first, legs and finally all of him. I looked away, I'm not sure why. He had an apple in his hand. Now I know some of you would like those boots to be big and shined black leather. But they were work boots . Laced up and probably brown at some point. He really did have huge legs. Hairy. But let me get to it. He faced me. I think I tried to like, flex up my arms. WTF? He went across to an old chest and pulled some things out. They were some kind of leather shackles. As he kneeled down to me I tried to ask a question. He slammed me with his hand hard enough to knock me half off the mattress. There would be more of these till I l;earned not to speak unless he asked me something. He put the first shackle on my wrist , tight but not too, and followed with the second one. "Third hole". I guessed I would be putting these on myself in the future. He then put the other set on my ankles, "Third hole", and freed the chain. He pulled me onto all fours by the hair and led me to a space between two posts that held up the floorboards above. There were big holes drilled into the bottoms of them lined with pipe. There were big eyelets screwed into them pretty much all the way up. He put a smaller pipe thru one hole( I thought to myself, second hole) and fastened it with lynchpins. Did the same to the other post. He draped two short chains ending in fast clips at both ends over my shoulders and told me to stand on the pipes. He held on to me to keep me from falling over. He was still half a head taller than me but that wasn't what he was lining up. He hooked one wrist with a chain , snapping the other end to an eyelet. Then the next post. Did a little adjusting till my arms were stretched tight out and a little up. Then he wrapped my ankles with rope looping it around the posts till my feet weren't going nowhere. Spread out and wide open. He stepped back and did an up and down look. He poked and prodded at all the bruises . Mashed down hard on my chest which made everything go white for a minute. He moved behind me to do the same and then walked away. He came back with an opened bag of Gravy Train and stood in front of me. What he pulled out of the bag wasn't dog food. It was a wooden clothespin which he put right on the head of my dick. Damn that hurt. And that bag seemed pretty full. He kept going putting them all over my balls an then right up the shaft of my dick. At that moment I would have been grateful to have a short one if I could have formed a thought at all. He put more on the head of my dick. I couldn't help myself. A low wail started in my stomach and grew louder as it came out. He didn't hit me. He pulled on my nipples and added clothespins. He made little lines of them on both sides. He went around back and got one right on my hole. Added more here and there all the way up. On my armpits. On my arms. Coming back around he stared at his work. I was shaking and couldn't stop it hurt so bad in so many places. He stared at me and pointed to his tongue, sticking it out lkie, do this. I hesitated. He brushed over the pins on my dick and got the idea. He put one on my tongue, and then a couple on the lips. He pulled out my eyelids and put them there. They weighted down my eyes which were then closed. I had a thought and it was a bad one. I could almost hear myself saying, this is just wrong. The craziness of that made me laugh. Big mistake. I think I passed out for a while and the next thing I knew he was pulling them off my eyes. Guess he wanted me to see what came next. He was holding a flogger, playing with the strands. Didn't know what a flogger was then but I learned that one quick. He started out really lightly swatting me with it. He built up in speed and force. Some of the pins went flying off and they hurt more then when they had gone on. He moved around back and did the same. I was trying to focus on something on the floor near the stairs I had come in down. A shadow really. I tried to stare the darkness out of the way. Trying to focus on anything else. He must have put down the flogger and he came up behind me and I felt his cock sliding up to poke my balls. He bear hugged me , lighting up my whole back. He backed off long enough to pull the stubborn pin off my hole and packed it with more of that butter stuff. You know what came next. All at once. Everytime he slammed into my back sent another wave of oh my god. He ran his hands over my front , swatting off the remaining pins. He reached down and grabbed my balls first and then my dick. I did not know a dick could hurt that bad. He ran his hands up to my chest and yanked at each nipple. The wail was now a steady scream. This went on for what felt like hours. His cock was actually lifting my feet off the pipes with each stab. And the strangest thing happened. I started to feel high. Like stoned high. It still hurt but I was getting light headed. The pain was like a light at the end of a long dark hall. Maybe I passed out again. But as everything went dark, it felt warm. It felt- right. Can't really put words to it past that. He was still in me. It was the last, long, hard thrusts that I would come to know very well. I must have stopped screaming because he was in my ear, almost growling. When he puled out of me there was no pain. It was there and it wasn't. He came back around, and he had the flogger in his hands again. With his other hand he swiped across my face, the only place the pins still hung. As he pulled the last one off my tongue, he leaned in and kind of kissed me. His tongue was everywhere inside my mouth. The pain snapped back into focus quick. It was throbbing. I closed my eyes as the flogger came straight for my face.He undid my feet and then my wrists, catching me as i slumped. I fell to my knees and he led me back to the mattress. He sat down pulled me up beside him. He put my head on his shoulder and started stroking my hair. Looking down, my dick was shriveled and wrong looking. Like a crossword puzzle put together wrong. Dents and ridges that didn't belong there.A small cry became a sob. He was shushing me like a baby, saying its okay, its pkay. You did good, its okay. He leaned into me, my face now in his hands and stared into my face. His eyes were strange. Not angry, or menacing. Just not quite, human. He was staring right through me and at something else far off. He licked the tears on my face. I wasn't prepared for tenderness. I guess my nose was running and he licked that too. Right up my nose with his tongue. He put my head back on his shoulder. I still cried. Not sure if I started to slump or his hand guided me there but I found myself licking his nipple. He definitely guided me to the next one and then back over and pushed my face into his armpit. The smell was invasive. Does power have a smell? That's what it smelled like. He pushed me down to his cock. It was getting hard again. Thinking I knew what came next i opened up for it and slid down onto it, waiting for the stream. "Suck" Okay. It was covered in cum and goo and what must be bits of, um, me It got harder than a fencepost. He grabbed my head and started ramming my mouth like he had my hole. All the way in it choked off my throat. Don't know how long that lasted. He pulled it back to lips and shot on my tongue. You know what that tastes like. I sure do now. He rubbed his cock around my face wiping it off. Then he got up, got his apple and ate it, standing over me staring. Last thing i saw was his body, then just the legs and the boots. Light off.
                    Another long one and again, another apology.
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    Mon, April 2, 2012 - 2:03 PM
    Heres another fantasy i been thinkin about for a while now, i dreamed about this (or was it more of a nitemare) and ever since then i cant get it out of my head.

    im a white collar profesional guy, regular office job in a high rise downtown. i got several frends who are in the rough sex and leather scene and i play with them every once in a while, been to the leather bar with a couple of them before, but im not realy in the life, its just something to do thats exciting for sex every once in a while.

    One night right after i leave my work building my car breaks down on the way home in a real bad part of town. A gang of skinheads is nearby and they seem way too frendly and wanting to help out, next thing i know i am out of my car and one of them has a knife to my throat. Theres about ten of them so no question of me fighting them all off. They tie my hands behind my back, then ductape round my mouth and eyes sevral times and i am helpless. i am thrown in the back of a van or truck and they drive for a while, then they pull into a building, it sounds like a big warehouse, and the truck stops. They drag me out of the truck and let me hit the ground hard, it feels like a cement floor. They cut the ductape off my mouth and eyes.

    i am in the middle of a group of more than twenty skinhead thugs, all in grungy denim and leather with shaved heads and boots, all lookin like real tough animals, some of them are even lickin there lips lookin at me. Knives, baseball bats, steel pipes, chains, all of them has got some kind of weapon. All of them are lean and muscled, some are thin and wiry but others are massive with huge bulging muscles, all of them with shaved heads and real mean look in there eyes.

    Skinhead Alpha Male stands in front of me lookin down at me, He is the biggest one of the lot, tall and broad shoulders and his chest is about to rip his polo shirt open. His boot is on myballs and it hurts like hell. "your OURS now boy, your gonna be trained and then sold off. men like you is how we can afford our booze and drugs. We got plenty of men like you to sell. you might as well forget about anything and everthing you ever knew before, your old life is over and now you belong to US." The other skinheads laugh real evil like.

    They rip off my cloths and drag me into a tiny room, hardly bigger then a closet on one wall of the warehouse. theres several doors in a row on that wall and i pretty soon i realize theres more men like me there, theres a whole group of us that the skinheads have kidnaped and are training. Over hte next days and weeks we are all taken out every day and chained up in the open part of the warehouse, sometimes chained to a big pillar in hte middle of the open space, sometimes hung from chains from the high cieling, and they beat us and fuck us and abuse us. Theres always somebody there so theres never a time when anybody can get away, even if any of us prisoners could get out of the locked closet rooms there would be skinheads right outside waiting to beat us up or worse. Were fed only twice a day, real cheap food and not a lot of it, mostly like tinned meat and boiled potatoes, and we get it on a plate shoved in our cell, no knife or fork so we have to eat with our hands. no cloths, no bathroom breaks, just a hole in the floor in the corner to piss and dump in. A few times i hear noises down that hole, almost like somebody is down there, i cant think of why anybody would want to be there, and then i start shaking when i think about what that means.

    After a few days of abuse, beatings, getting fucked and kicked and punched a lot, hardly getting any food to eat, and they blare loud music into the cells and leave the lights on so we never get time to sleep, i hardly know how much time has passed but Alpha Male opens the door of my cell and drags me out. i am weak and exausted from no sleep and little food so i cant struggle much. He and some of the other skinhead thugs put me in a big heavy wood chair, my ankles are tied to the legs and my wrists to hte arms and straps round my belly and chest holding me to hte back of the chair so i can hardly move. They put ropes round my upper legs just above the knees and pull them to hte sides of hte chair so my legs are spred wide open. i have a big thick gag strapped in my mouth.

    "Its time to start getting you prepped fuckhead," Alpha Male says. "Knocko here is gonna start workin on you." One of the skinhead is sitting in a chair with wheels on it, he has a tray on a stand with wheels next to him, he rolls up to me and pulls the tray with him, it has all kinds of tools on it that scare the shit out of me.

    Another skinhead stands behind the chair and grabs my head and holds me so i cant move. Then Knocko picks up one of the tools, it looks like a paper punch only a lot worse. He uses it to punch a hole in my septum, i am screaming thru the gag but i cant move, and then Knocko puts a big steel ring thru the hole, i can feel it there hanging from my nose, its big enough that it is touching my upper lip. Then Knocko picks up another tool that looks like a real big curved needle with a ring fixed in a slot at the end of it. He jabs the needle thru one of my tits, it hurts like hell and i am trying to scream but i cant move, he pulls the needle thru my tit and it pulls the ring and threads the ring thru the hole. He does the same thing on the other tit, then a pair of pliers clamps both rings closed and i have steel rings in my tits just like that. tears are straming down my face but i cant speak, the leather gag is so big it is making me choke and i cant hardly breathe but i have to sit there and take it.

    Next KNocko gets another curved needle, swabs my cock, i am struggling as much as i can but its not much, without waiting He runs the needle into my piss slit and down and bam i have a PA ring in my cock. i am sobbing and shaking by now, rings in my nose and tits and dick, it hurts and burns like hell.

    i am thinking the worst is over but hell i had no idea. Next thing Knocko picks up is a hair clipper, he uses it to buzz cut my hair all over my head real short. Then he picks up another tool that looks like another hair clipper, but instead of the comb and shaver it has a rotating head on it, i have no idea what it is. He grins and for the first time he speaks to me, he says "now son, this is gonna hurt. A LOT." then he turns it on, it makes a whirring buzzing noise and the head spins real fast. He stands up and stands next to me while hte other skinhead holds my head so i cant move, and then Knocko presses the clippers to my scalp. Its like millions of tiny tweezers pulling out my hair by the roots, every single hair, it hurts and burns like acid and fire all at once and i am screaming but the skinhead is holding my head, hes too strong and i cant move. Knocko uses the tool all over my head, it takes a long time, i am hoping the pain will get less after a while but it gets worse and worse, he coverrs my entire scalp and rips out all the hairs until my scalp is totaly smooth. Knocko has made me a skinhead.

    They finaly finish, and while Knocko is putting his tools back on the tray he says to me "the first time always hurts the worst. From now on it will be easier, ever couple of weeks we will depilate your scalp and not too long from now we wont need to any more because you will be permenently bald, just like the rest of us." He runs his hand over his smooth scalp, and the other skinhead does the same and both of them are rubbing there crotches and there dicks are swelling up.

    They untie me and throw me bodily back in my cell, i hear hte door slam behind me but all i can do is lie there in pain, my scalp is on fire and bleeding in a couple of places, my nose and tits and dick all hurt with the steel rings, all i can do is lie there naked and wonder what comes next.

    More to come...
    • Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

      Mon, April 2, 2012 - 8:09 PM
      Damn, bound, fukkin' HOT!!! i can smell the smells, feel the pain and confinement, and my scalp feels creepy burning thinking about it. What could possibly be in the toilet hole? i bet i wouldn't want to fuck up and find out...
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      Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

      Mon, April 2, 2012 - 8:35 PM
      all I could think was "fuck why can't that be me?" . Think it would be SO hot to be given a permanent mohawk like that!! Modified any way they want... gets me hard!! Anyone care to make the fantasy a reality??
    • Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

      Thu, April 5, 2012 - 3:32 PM
      Picking up on my skinhead slave fantasy i been having for a while....

      after i get the rings in my nose and tits and dick the tratment from the skin heads gets worse, its like when they see me with the rings they reconize that i am picked out for special bad treatment. i get taken out of my cell at all hours, day or night, chained to a post and beaten with belts. A couple of times i am thrown on the floor in chains and sevral of the skinheads take turns raping my ass. Sometimes when i am thrown back in my cell i still have the chains locked on me and i have to lie there naked and chained for hours with teh blood and cum dripping from my ass where i been raped. Sometimes they tie me down and jack me off or just stroke my cock to get me horny before they fuck me, somtimes they jack me off while i am geting fucked so that i cum while i am being raped, other times they dont let me cum so i have to jack off when i get locked bakc up in my cell. i think they are putting something i nteh food because even thogh i am exhasted and starving and cant sleep i am horny all the time.

      Soon after the piercings i get t aken out of my cell again by three of the skinheads manhandling me, and Alpha Male Stud is there too. i am dragged over to a table and they put me down on my back and strap me down on the table so i cant move. blocks of wood on both sides of my head and straps on my neck and fore head so i cant move or turn my head at all. "Next step fuckhead" Alpha Male says. "We gotta make sure you look different from now on. By the time were done nobody would ever recognize you again." Another skinhead comes up with a rack thing with a machine on it, as he gets closer i see its a tattoo machine. They shove a big plug in my mouth, wood covered witwh leather so i can bite down on it, but i cant move or speak. Then the skinhead starts working on my face. No warning no build up, he just starts taking the tattoo needle to my face, cheek and jaw and forehead, and of course i cant see what kind of design it is.

      in the middle of it suddenly i feel the strangest thing, i cant really see but it looks like somebody is leaning over my crotch. i feel a warm wet feeling and i realize somebody is sucking my dick. out of the corner of my eye i can just barely see, its another prisoner, they are making him suck me off while i get inked. i cant struggle or move, my cock gets hard even tho i dont want it to. my face hurts like hell but i am getting turned on. they dont let me cum, and when the tattoo guy is done i am shoved back in m ycell with a raging hard on and i have to jack off.

      they leave me alone for a few days, i dont get beat or raped, but twice a day they take me out of my cell so the skinhead artist can work on my face. he works over my whole face, i cant even imagine what i look like now, with the hair ripped out so i have a smooth scalp and the ink all over my face. Then in one session the skinhead tatto guy starts workin down the sides of my neck ,it hurts like nothing i ever felt before but i cant move. and ever time they ink me there is somebody there to suck my dick and keep me hard but never let me cum. i am moaning and crying out with pain, the pain and the plesure start blurring all together.

      it takes a bout a week for my face to stop feeling swelled up. During that week they change what they are doing ot me. Some of teh skinheads come in twice a day and take me and a few of the other prisoners out of our cells out in the main bay of hte warehouse and make us work out, push ups and sit ups and running in place and stuff like that. they push us real hard. i am in good shape but i cant keep up, whenever i fal lbehind i get slapped or whipped. In just a few days i am gettin gtoned up and i can feel like im getting stronger.

      Then one day Alpha Male tells His men to pull me and another prisoner over to the loading dock area, its a lower area surrounded by a higher walk way all around it. Each of us prisoners is being held by two skinheads, were standing there naked surroudned by all these skinheads in tight jeans and boots, some of them have eshirts on others dont. they grab our dicks and pump us and in no time flat both of us prisoners are rock hard nad gasping. Then without any warning they shove both of us down into the pit and its a good five foot fall to hte bottom. "Fight" is all Alpha Male says.

      i look at hte other prisoner and he looks at me. we dont know each other, we dont know whats going on. were both naked, horny, hard, brused from the fall, dizzy from lack of sleep and food. we look up at Alpha Male. He says again "Fight." then He calls forward one of the skinheads, a real huge bruiser type, huge bulging muscles and a ripped tank top and big rough hands and what looks like a huge dick snaking down the leg of his tight jeans, i neve r seen a dick that big. "Fight, fuckheads. First one to tap out loses. Winner gets extra food tonight. Loser gets fucked by Horse here." Horse cracked his knuckes and gives a real mean grin. "FIGHT!" Alpha Male yells.

      i turn and the other guys is coming at me. he tackles me and slams me aganst hte wall, it hurts real bad but i am real scared now and i fight back. this is bare knuckle boxing, were both naked, no covering or padding, no mouth guards, jsut two men beating each other cause niether of us wants to get raped by that huge Horse dick. We throw punches but dont hit a lot, niether one knows much of whatwere doing, we are just fignting on instint. i get him in the belly and on the side of his face and he starts bleeding, he gets me in the gut a couple of times but hes not as strong so it dont hurt much.

      i got hieght and weight on the other guy, hes a lot thinner then me. he dont know enough to go in low for my legs and get me off balance, he tries to wrestle me standing up but i am stronger and hes too light to take me down. i get my arm round his neck and flex my bicept, its a good sleeper hold. he is strugling weaker now, he kicks me and gets me in the crotch and i fall to my knees but i hold on, and then he slumps down. hes passed out. i am in pain, brused and breathing hard, i feel like im bleeding from my back where i am cut against hte concrete wall, but i won.

      Horse reaches down and pulls me up out of the dock pit, holy fuck he is so strong i almost go flying. He jumps down into the pit. Alpha Male pushes me away from the pit to the open area of the ware house, behind me i hear a couple of slaps on bare skin and then the other prisoner moans. hes awake now and he cries out "oh god no please NOOO!" and starts screaming and sobbing and i can hear Horse laughing.

      i was paying atention to that os much that i dont see whats in front of me. theres a table, before ican react i am grabbed and they put me down on the table and i am strapped down. "Victory mark" is all that Alpha Male says. they wheel up a machine, i recognize it as a tattoo machine. i am gonna get more marks on my body, i guess my face is not enough. The skinhead that was doing my face ink is holding teh needle, i am naked nad strapped down and i cant move, he goes to my right pec and starts to work. he is goin real deep with the needle, it hurts like holy hell but they shove a big thick gag in my mouth os i cant make any noise. it seems like it takes forever for him to ink a drawing on my chest muscle, and it feels like hes running the ink all the way down thru the skin into the muscle it is going so deep. finaly hes done, as he is wiping the ink and blood awya i look down and i feel almost sick. on my right pec there is now a picture of two boxing gloves hanging from a peg, and the gloves are dripping blood. it is covering half my pec.

      finaly they let me up and walk me back over to my cell. i look back and i can see some skinheads pulling the other prisoner out of hte loading dock pit where we was fighting. he is unconsious and bleeding from his mouth and over one eye and between his ass cheeks. he is totaly limp as they lift him out. i hear one of the skinheads say "is he gonna make it?" they laugh but then i am shoved into my cell and the door slams behind me.

      when they bring the food a little later its twice as much food as i usualy get, and theres a ice cold can of beer with it. i am down on my hands nad knees eating with my fingers like an animal. ibeat up a guy and choked him out and got bloody boxing gloves inked on my body to go along with my inked face and shaved head, and my cock is so hard that it is throbing. i dont even feel like a human any more, i feel like a wild animal. what in hell are they doing to me? i dont care right now, the beer goes to my head and all i can think of is my hard dick and naked bodies pounding together and that evil sneer on the face of Horse and the screams of that poor guy that got Horseraped. i jack off and i have such a strong orgasm i am crying out and i shoot halfway up the wall. Then in total exhastion i fall asleep....
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    Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

    Tue, April 3, 2012 - 3:52 AM
    My fantasies are simple: a few men having me serve as their public toilet and a few dozen men. They put me in a pit beneath the floor of toilet room "hole", and strapped me on the back so that my face under the hole in their services toilet. Since it was defined as a single service fixed line formed camp of users every day and all night! They forced me to eat and drink only their secretions, that did not give me anything else to eat and drink. They also used to blow their noses guy spitting and clearing of all their mucus secretions.
    In addition, I lay with legs raised and tight ass open to another hole on the side and through this hole fucked me all the time anyone who wanted him or pee into my anus, and invited all their friends paid!
    My hands were free and I had to wipe there ass for everyone, but when I was asleep they continued to secrete and threw wiping products on me.
    All the dirty socks and used disposable panties thrown at him of course.
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    Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

    Thu, April 5, 2012 - 12:05 AM
    I want to be in a group that likes to eat the testicles and dick of each other:
    At first, we'll cut and opened all the skin in a one long section from head of the penis to the anus, and we will release to the outside the testicles and penis from scrotum and penis.
    Then we play have fun and We'll fuck the internal organs.
    Should make a new hole into the urine by the anus and tie to close the head with the original port.
    Now we will ready to eat slowely one teticle after one, and the dick head, and the unternal dick. at last we will have an empty skin. And more.
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    Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

    Thu, April 5, 2012 - 5:28 AM
    My ultimate fantasy is extreme torture and total destruction of my penis and testicles and finally my death by beheading with the guillotine! My dream is to cut my genitals because my cock it is too small.
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      Re: What is your ultiimate extreme fantasy?

      Mon, April 9, 2012 - 1:20 AM
      I am looking for extreme torture and finally total cut of my genitals with the guillotine! Will somebody please help me? Who wants to finish? I don't have courage! I really want my penis and testicles cut off !!! I would like to keep everything after cutting in jar or plasticizers erect penis in a museum! I think it would be a good show!

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