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Some of us share the same extreme BDSM fantasy. Here is a link to an incredible clip, courtesy of a member who is very generous to share it with us.

If you're squeamish, don't watch it. Of course, if you're squeamish, you wouldn't be on this tribe, would you?

Enjoy. I did, repeatedly.
  • NICE!!
    Have a fanasy of having arms and feet amputated, not cock and balls (got to have something to be hung up with). Placed on a low table with weels, used, and when finished use i would be stowed away ie rolled under the bed or whereever..
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  • Now that is both scary and sexy at the same time. I have a similar fantasy to this. My master has my entire arms and legs amputated. Now only a torso, he wraps my body up in latex, leaving only my head, my cock, and my balls free. Master has let me keep them in order to torment me with constant stimulation but never allowed to cum ever again. Master then shows me a hood with built-in earplugs and holes only for my mouth and my nostrils. He then proceeds to fit the hood on my head, forever depriving me of sight and sound. Master has sold me to a local BDSM sex club, where I am installed as a blowjob provider to any and all of the patrons. Master had long ago filed down my teeth and attached rubber caps to them to provide better blowjobs. The only sensations left to me are the feel of cocks in my mouth and down my throat, the taste of cum as I swallow every drop, and the vibrating sleeve around my own cock, forever tormenting me without any hope of release.
    • Good. Your asshole also needs to be open, for you to shit, take enemas, and get fucked. Has your Master considered cutting your vocal chords to silence you, or does the BDSM sex club want to hear you constantly screaming and pleading and begging?
      • My vocal chords remain, as the patrons enjoy silencing my vain pleas by stuffing their cocks down my throat.
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          Okay - I get to keep my cock and balls... but beyond that, just turn me into a piece of fuck meat, bolt me to the wall and do your worst (best). No mercy, silence me with cock and fist, down my throat and up my gaping mancunt, my juices flowing... split me apart.
  • have wanted to try fucking a double leg amputee, would prefer the cock and balls in case i want to use them as dildoes, couldn't see the point of putting him in the box however.
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      Yep, the guy in the cage is me! Though I think I should be bolted to the wall and used accordingly... No mercy, no escape, no way back. Thanks for posting!
  • great clip, thanks. for those who like stories of this theme, there's one worth reading on called "Balfor and Terry" by Allan Carreg. again, NOT for the squeamish. involves amputation, rape, extreme, sadistic torture, cbt, forced teeth extraction, cannibalism....just about everything non-consensual. the author ruins the story at the end unfortunately. i stopped my copy/paste of it after part 11. but one of the most memorable stories i've read. the author knows a thing or two about torture, you can tell.
    • I'm glad is getting their shit back together again. About a year ago ALL the existing stories vanished. And with the new stories, there was no indication of gay, straight, etc. It was hit and miss. I'm definitely checking it out! Thanks for the tip!
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      is amputation, rape, extreme, sadistic torture, CBT, forced extraction of teeth, cannibalism, murder, executions - where can I find the friend page on the internet, I'm talking about movies! - Octavian greet
      • Some regular horror movies have great scenes: in "Hostel 3", the man's face cut with a knife around head, eyes and mouth -- he is gagged -- then his face peeled off slowly.
        And movie "Human Centipede" GREAT! I just wish it was all men.
        In movie "Anaconda" a man swallowed whole, and you can see the man in the snake, like a mummy.
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    love this clip...awesome!
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      WTF is up with the large number of men here on tribe who want their cock and/or balls removed??? Or the people who want to be snuffed?
      • I don't get it either,but then a lot of people don't get what I fantasize about either. As fantasy (most) anything goes, as long as you know the difference between that and reality.
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          OK I understand that it's all fantasy...but I guess I tend to have fantasies that I want to have happen or that I will make happen and cum true and they don't involve anything like the crazy stuff some are into.
  • just too bad he had his balls taken too. i have dreamed about having my cock removed but my balls left intact, that way i am horny all the time from hormones but with no dick, i have no way at all to have an orgasm except when i get fucked or my prostrate is worked over real good. to be horny all the time but never able to cum except when i get fucked, that would be the ultimate!
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    Have seen lots of the stump musclemen in concentration camp settings and prisons or dungeons in artwork at the old THE GREASETANK hardcore fetish website. I usually wondered what kind of exercise is there for working out the partial muscles of stumps at the elbow and the knees? I've also seen photo layouts online from a few veterans of Afghan and Iraq war vets that have stumps for legs or arms, some of the men still attractive. I could imagine fucking the asscakes of a stump man with him belly down, ass up. There was a mansex video I saw called STUMP with a legs amputee that was hot. The movie BOXING HELENA, also was of a female model amputated of limbs to become a slave statue for a sick doctor.
  • Judging by the discussion this is a fantasy that thrills us.
    For me the amputation fantasy means the total objectification. There to be used.
    i believe i have seen a lot of extreme films that has thrilled, and scared me, but i have never seen this. i guess no doctor would do this kind of surgery but, in a strange way, it would have been interesting to see such an objectification.
    • In the right countries, with the right amount of money, under the right circumstances, and with the right doctors -- it probably could be done. But I don't think any of us have those kind of connections.

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