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Has anyone made Natto? How did you do it? Was it difficult?

I love the stuff (ok, I'm really odd), but I don't want to eat GM soybeans or anything not organic for that matter.
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    Sat, January 7, 2006 - 3:55 PM
    heya richard, i've never had natto, why is this?? but saw that in the connected tribes list there's a 'natto' tribe, have you checked in with them?

    in any case, i gotchyou a recipe from bill mollisons fermentation bible: 'the permaculture book of ferment & human nutrition'

    i guess you gotta acquire the innoculant (is that what it's called? what is it, a bacteria? fungus? okee, anyway), Bacillus natto, somehow...

    "natto (fermented whole beans) japan: about one-fourth of the soy bean crop of japan is made into natto. soy beans are washed, steamed until soft, cooled to 104*c (220*f) and kept at about that temperature when innoculated with bacillus natto. they are fermented 18-24 hours and are very sticky and somewhat slippery; they should have long strands of slime whne properly fermented. natto is sweetened for desserts, or made into think soups."

    does that mean while fermenting, the beans gotta stay at 220*f !? that's a long time at a relatively high temp, at least for what i know of fermentation, i wonder if they cool after the initial innoculation, mmm,

    okay i found my answer through google, the folks at the website below say you gotta keep the natto infused beans at a steady 99* f to 108* f which is much more sensible & common as ferment temperature, alright! and also the site below looks to have a link on abtaining your own bacillus natto, and indeed it is a bacteria that comes in spore form, or at least that's how they wrote it on the webpage, does that make sense? bacteria in spore form? i gotta learn a bit more biology before i continue writing about such things...

    happy natto explorimenting!
    • To avoid GMO, buy Organic Natto

      Sun, June 17, 2007 - 11:54 AM
      We had originally planned on making our own, but natto beans (small soy beans) are impossible to come by locally, and one must be so meticulous about sterilization to avoid food poisoning, that the process of making it becomes burdensome <>. When i learned that commercially prepared organic natto was readily available to me locally ( at a very low price, we decided just to buy it rather than make our own.

      We had even bought natto spores and invested in a Kuhn-Rikor pressure cooker to fast cook the soybeans, to shave off about 7+ hours of cooking time. The pressure cooker was one of the best purchases we ever made. It makes wonderful veggie soup in about 20 minutes (no salt nor stock is even needed for flavor… Just veggies and water!) And it cooks applesauce in half the time as the microwave. It is silent too (not your mother’s WW II era hissy-fit pressure cooker).

      Anyhow, to avoid GMO, just buy organic natto. You probably won’t find the words “organic” written on the package anywhere. Look for the JAS OMIC symbol and letters:
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    Fri, June 8, 2007 - 3:17 PM
    Mmmm Natto... love the stuff!

    Never tried to make it because I was under the impression you had to special order the culture from Japan, and that seems like a lot of trouble. OTOH, having tried natto for breakfast in Tokyo, I know the vast difference in quality between natto cured in house, and natto that has made its way across the Pacific.
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      Sat, June 9, 2007 - 9:28 AM
      i make natto fairly often. Not too difficult

      soak beans overnight. Steam them till soft
      dry them off
      add some natto spores
      incubate at 90 degrees about 24 hours

      if you have a good quality organic natto, you can simply take some of the natto and mix it into the steamed beans and incubate hat.

      oishi!! :)

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