Just had two more days worth of my inner green revealed by my tattoo artist Little Bryan in OlyWA. This time we filled in a lot of space between the scenes, including the night sky across my back (can you pick out Ursa Major?), and began on Swamp Thing. We still have at least four full days of work to do before it's finished, but this was our last session before Burning Man.

The cast of characters includes Green Man ("Green Heart"), Treebeard ("Green Wisdom"), The Darkling Thrush ("Hope"), Cernunnos/Herne the Hunter ("Green Action"), and Swamp Thing ("Sense of Place, Protector"). Since Cernunnos represents both hunter and hunted, we also added in a cameo appearance by Artemis/Dianna, Greek Goddess of nature.

Treebeard will eventually run all the way down my left arm, with my fingers as the roots. The scene with Herne and Artemis is supposed to be dark/at night, but will eventually have some color highlights (magic, after all). The scene with Swamp Thing will be filled in with swampy details: fragrant water lilies, a line of mossy trees behind, perhaps even an old gator peeking his eyes and snout above the water. We will also be adding Pan (fun and shenanigans) dancing on my ribs amid wild grapes and spider lilies.

Tattoo by the one and only Little Bryan (Bryan Childs) at Spidermonkey Tattoos in Olympia, WA: www.spidermonkeytattoos.com/
posted by Unknown on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - link to this photo

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