Whose Cum did you taste first?

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Whose cum did you taste first? Did you gag, swallow quickly, roll it around in your mouth? Give some details.

The first cum I tasted was from my cousin. I was 10, he was 16. He told me while I was blowing him that he was gonna cum and instructed me to swallow. Wanting to impress him, I did as I was told.

How about you?
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  • My first cum to taste, other than my own, was my best friends, who I sucked off when we were 16. I didn't swallow, and thought it was OK. I was so religious back then, that I felt so guilty for doing it, that I broke off my friendship with him, since I knew I would do it again if I continued to see him. Religion can fuck you up so much, I was so fucking horny back then(still am most of the time!), but god didn't like my masturbating, or doing anything else. It really fucked my teenage years and later up, because of the guilt over doing what was programmed into me to do. When I finally got past religion, it made it so much easier to enjoy being bisexual and the sexual desires that I have toward both men and women.
    I love cum now, though! Granted not all tastes as good as some, but I love swallowing a guy's hot load and feeling it going down my throat!
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    My older half brothers...I was 12, he was 16. We had just started to play with each others dick and I was sucking dick for the first time. I knew what cum was and when he told me he was cumming I just stayed on his cock...don't know why...I just did! Fucker shot a huge load in my mouth. I tasted it, I know I swallowed a lot and spit some out. I think I was hooked. I tasted a little salty and, cum! First of a ton of his jizz I swallowed. Later, I would pump a ton of jizz up his teen ass!
  • I was 17 my buddy 18. As he would cum he would grab my head and force feed me his dick and cum. He would choak me with his dick shooting down my throat. I could not breath and struggled but most of the load just went down. After the load shot down my throat is when I got a taste of cum and sucked out every last drop out of him and some times about 5-10 minutes later got another load. Hated the forced dick down my throat but loved the load. I probably took gallons over the next few years.
  • my hunky 33 year old basketball coach and he led me to other hot men to suck off once i was a good cum whore...he was sexy white about 5'9 very athletic, and 8.5-9 inches and i would love to gan and swallow his load also i learned to take his piss. he is also the first who bred me while he put coke on the head of his dick.....
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    One of my first collage professors. I was 18 he was in his late 40's, I sucked him off twice a week in his office while crouching under his desk. After a while he would have me sucking him off under his desk while he mentored other students, it was so hot when he did that and I knew they were just a foot or two away from me on the other side of the desk. He eventualy also tought me to take cum up my ass and have been hooked ever since.
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    My former stepfather's. He was in his forties, I was 12. After about a year of dancing around the issue, I "came out" to him and he insisted that I be schooled in the arts of male-on-male sex by none other than him. I sucked his cock on while he sat in his den chair watching basketball and forced me all the way down onto his meat as he came, ignoring my gagging on his cock and cum. He was the first man to teach how to service a bear cock, orally and anally. He
  • My first taste of cum was from my best friend, I was 14 he was 13. Don't remember much about the exacts from that day other than I did swallow. I have never been a spitter. I continued to suck his cock into our early 20's until he decided that getting married to a female was the better thing to do. Still would suck his cock today if he showed up to the front door.
  • very similar to my experience. My parents and my aunt and uncle owned a summer cottage together. My cousin was a few years older than me. We shared one of the bedrooms and the younger kids had the other one. One night when our parents went out and the younger kids were asleep he started fondling me. I was maybe 11 or 12 at the time and a little scared at first but it felt good. He took my hand and slid it inside his underpants. His cock was much larger and he had pubic hair. I was pretty amped at first at the newness of all this. I remember as he stroked my little penis a very intense sensation came over me but no real orgasm. I definitely did not cum. It was just a very strong urge that kept getting more and more intense. It scared me and I asked him to stop, but he kept stroking me. The he slid his underwear off and told me to take his cock in my mouth. I was really panicing now, scared, thinking how wrong this was, but afraid the other kids would wake up and catch us. I did what he asked and all the time he was stroking me, the urge to cum building and builiding to the point that I was getting light headed. I took his cock in my mouth and he shot a huge hot load almost immediately. I wasn't expecting that to happen and most of it was wasted but I got a good taste and swallowed a little. As soon as he came, he pulled his pants back up and went into his bed never saying a thing. I laid there thinking about it as the my own sensation ebbed. I wanted to feel that pleasurable sensation again, though, so the next night when we were in the bedrrom together I went over to his bed and started fondling him. He pulled down his pajama pants and I took him in my mouth like I did the night before. He reached down and stroked me as I sucked his cock and that delicious feeling began to build again. This time he lasted a little longer and when he came I was able to swallow more than the first time because I was expecting it. Still no orgasm for me but the intense feeling was enough to bring me back night after night.
  • The first cum I tasted was one of my room-mate who is also one of my senior when I was a cadet. I remembered one time I ask him to wake me for study before the mid-term, I didn't know why, but the way he woke me up was molesting my nipple (and I finally knew he did that just for fun). At that moment, I was totally turned on and so excited. So I took of his pants and sucked him, and then he ejaculated on my mouth. I swallow it because I was kind of fascinated by him and I wanted to let he know this. He is not a gay (probably a bi), but he treated me the same way (I was so surprised). And after that, there were so many time that we got up in the early morning and had 69, ignoring other room-mates were still there.
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    I was younger than I should have been and it was my older cousing. Very much the same story you described. We alwasy stayd in one bed when visiting my grandma and he woudl dump up to 5 loads a night down my throat. I loved it. Still do. It pains me to think how many lads get jerked out every night, when i would gladly go house to house to collect if they woul let me. :)
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    My girl friend's ex boy friend when we were 17...I know it sounds weird and it was...we were all friends and after a few drinks he convinced us to have a three way, after he fucked my girl friend while she was going down on me he told me to suck him...I was too much of a pussy to say anything so I didn and loved it. I swalowed him all down and we had many more nights like that after wards...eventualy he would fuck both me and my girl then we would each eat the cum out of each other.
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    i remember most of the cum ive first will always be one of my favorites. it was my cousin, he was 14 i was 5. i kinda had a crush on him i think cause i remeber him being mean to me but me still trying to be around him. one night i snuck in his be cause i lived at my aunts house to try and play with him. i had seen his dick earlier when he was showering but i wanted to see more. i layd with him and started pulling down his underwear then he woke up. he then told me to lick it and suck it until pretty soon he started gagging me. he stoppped then he got behind me and pinned me down to start fucking me, i didnt want it but i couldnt get away..when he came he made me lick the cum of his dick and swallow it. about a year and a half later i started messing with my uncle his dad.
  • Both my cousins pretty well at the same time. I was 14, they were 18 and 19 and we were playfighting but obviously they were much bigger and stronger than me. The two of them had me pinned down and were telling me to say sorry and that I was a queer and so on, I still struggled and the older one put his hand down my shorts and grabbed my balls and began squeezing, I went crazy and he squeezed more telling me to submit, it hurt so much I had tears in my eyes and gave up struggling, then he pulled the front of his track suit bottoms down and his cock was getting hard and it was so big, laughingg he told me to kiss and lick it and prove that I was queer, my other cousing did the same and he was very hard, he increased the pressure on my balls and I was squealing and willing to do anything to stop the pain. They rubbed their cocks around my face half laughing and obviously turned on, the older one, Glen pushed it into my mouth and told me to suck, after only a few seconds he came and I was crying and gaggging on his cum, he pulled out and keeping the pressure on my balls told Barry, his brother to 'do me' Barry shoved it in my mouth and holding my head fucked my mouth which was still full of Glens cum as I was trying not to swallow. Barrry shouted out and came as well, then Glen told Barry to get the polaroid, he told me to be still and wait then he'd let go of my balls. Barrry got the camera and he took photo's of my face and mouth covered in cum, then they pulled my shorts down and photographed my cock and balls and then rolled me over and photographed me face down. The cum was dribbling out my mouth so he gave me a quick harder squeeze and told me to swallow and say thank you. I had to do it. Afterwards he let me go and told me that if I said anything they would show all the boys locally the pictures and they would all know what a puff I was. I was so scared that I agreed to say nothing begging them not to show the photos round. The next weekend my parents went to my uncles as usual and when they had all gone out they ordered me to strip 'or else you know what will happen' and they both had me again, one in the mouth like last time and Barry fucking me, carefully at first, even then it hurt lot's but within 3 or four weeks they had had me that many times both of them fucking my arse regularly that it didn,'t hurt anymore and they both used to have me 3 or 4 times each most Saturday nights for the next two years until my Mom and Dad moved too far away for Saturday night visits. In the two years though they did so many things to me, dressing me as a girl in their sisters underwear, spanking me regularly, letting a few of their friends fuck me and taking me to a cruising area locally and watching while they let older boys and men take it in turns fucking me. By the time it all stopped I was so used to pleasing men and other boys it never worked with girls for me and I just carried on 'being gay'.
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    Whose cum did I taste first? That would have been my Dad. I was 13 and he was 34. I just had gone to him and my mother to tell them that I might be gay. They were very understanding and he offered to train me in the ways of gay men. Started out with mutual hand jobs. He ate my cum and encouraged me to eat his. I loved it and was hooked from the very start. Later, when I was 18, I sucked my very first cock. Been swallowing and eating since 13, tho.
  • I was 15, it was with a guy I met online when chat rooms were just becoming popular. I snuck out of my house and he picked me up on his motercycle a few blocks away then took me to his place. It was my first time with a guy, he was in his 40's and he gave me my first fuck, suck, and taste of cum...He kept me for several hours of sucking and fucking and he was into rough sex, while he was gentel when he first took my cherry after that he pounded a way at me like crazy, tied me up and made me his cock whore. He came three times once in my ass, once in my mouth (swallowing), and the last was in my face & hair. When he was done with me he helped me to dress and he drove me back with cum still covering my face & hair. I had to walk a couple blocks like that back home. We kept seeing each other for a few years and he really made me into the cock whore I am today.
  • I don't remember the exact first time since I was too young. Had been swallowing my cousin's cum since as early as I could remember. Whenever we were home alone we would play his "games." Usually he would first jack off into my little white briefs and then I would suck him until he was ready to shoot a second time in my mouth. To this day I remember the smell and taste of him from spending so much time worshiping his cock and balls. We did lots of other things. He didn't actually fuck my ass until my 5th birthday though. I think he would have been 13 or 14 then.
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    I was just a wee lad, I spent alot of time with our church pastor. He fed me first and often, and taught me the ways of love and pleasure that only males can truly enjoy.
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    well i jacked off in back shack with a boyhood friend who i really had hot's for. he was soooo cute. but he came real fast and wiped himself with a sock. he left to go to restroom and i grabbed the sock with hot cum inside and licked it all up. i forgot to say we were about 13 i think so i remember so much cum. even at that age i knew i was queer and i swirled it around in my mouth. as i did i remember cumming myself as i barely touched my cock. holy shit that was my 1st taste of that lovely necter and i love hot cum in my mouth to this day 55 yrs later. i have great teeth and gums so it must have something good. happy cocksucking danny
  • First cum I tasted was my own.I love jerking off and rubbing the cum in my face and mouth.My first girlfriends that sucked it didn't want me to cum in her mouth. She liked sucking it so much it made me want to try it.I finally did and loved so much I still suck as many as I can hook up with.
    The first dick I sucked I was sure I was going to make him cum that I jumped on it too fast and was sure I was going to make him cum and do it in my mouth,That I made him cum too fast and he blew it all in my mouth.I was sorry I did it so fast because I wanted to do a lot more sucking my first dick. Now it was soft and I was wanting another dick to suck.
  • My cousin's. I was 14. He was 13. At first, he wanted me to suck him, and I resisted not knowing why anybody wants to allow a pee pee into his mouth. So, he sucked me first. Then had me suck him. We went on and did that for many years. The time he wanted to break up, I demanded to have a last suck, and he gave it to me.
  • My first taste of cum was when i was 17/18 when i lick from my finger the own cum then because i like the taste i positioned my cock above my head and jerking of all the cum i produce then exactly in my mouth. Another man cum i tasted in May this year from my boyfriend lover when we swallow cum reciproc and he share my own cum with me and i share his cum with he!!! all this moment i share with you was so great at that time!!!
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    My uncles. he was in his 20's i was 10 and we shared a bed on weekends. i started feeling him up then progressed to sucking him. At first he pretended to stay asleep. He came buckets in my mouth till it spilled out down my chin.
  • I first sucked a 20 year olds cock ans he fingered my butt hole t same time. I was in heaven doing do asand loved his cum.

    After that I wanted more cocks all the time I looked at boys and men evertwhere I could see their cocks.

    As I oot older I discovered XXX bookstores and theatres for seeing and sucking cocks.

    Then a man fucked me with his big cock and I was a true cock sucking, fucking cum slut for men ever after.

    to this day I never turn down a cock to suck or get fucked by anywhere in front of anyone.
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    I started thinking about sucking a cock when I was 27. I just didn't know how to find one. But as the idea grew stronger I tried to suck myself. By putting my legs up over my head and pulling down on my butt I was able to get my lips around the head. Doing this became part of my masturbation routine for a while.

    One night it occurred to me that when I finally sucked for real it might involve cum. So I decided to taste my own first. The only problem with that was when I got off, I lost all interest. So the next time I self-sucked I tried get around the problem myself cum while my was on my cock. But holding the position was just a bit too much stress to actually get off that way. Backing off so there was a couple of inches of gap eased the stress and I was able to jack off into my mouth.

    So the first taste was of my own.
  • I was 11 as my father gives me my first time anal.
    He fuckted me very brutal and cums deep inside me.
    After that i had to clean his cock from his cum.
    Ill never forget this day. It change all things in my life
    and was my start being a gaybottom.
  • The first cum I tasted was my own when I first discovered the art of jacking off. Wanted to see what it tasted like. It was somewhat salty but I liked the taste. In high school, I ran around with this one guy but I was afraid to tell him I was gay since I did not know if he was straight or gay. One night we got to horsing around and things lead to jacking each other off. Then things went to sucking each others cock. I was curious as to what his cum tasted like to see if it tasted like mine so I told him I wanted him to shoot his load in my mouth. He shot a nice thick load and boy did it ever taste good. I swallowed it very quickly. His cum was somewhat sweeter than mine and I have been a cum lover ever since.
  • Not counting my own, I was 14 when I first sucked a cock. A neighbor boy my age and I had been starting to fool around. Showing each other our cocks, than mutual j/o. One day we were in my room with no one else home. We started a mutual j/o and for some reason I just leaned down and took His cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to shoot and I liked it and swallowed it all. He than sucked me off. We continued to experiment and try new things with each other until we got of high school. As we were in a very small town we mostly did each other occasionally He would have friends or relatives from where He used to live come visit. He would often have me over to suck them and be fucked by them.

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    I was 19 and it was three guys I met at a party and my naughty gay fantasy of giving head got very oral for me I basiclly sucked these cute boys for the rest of that night and it tasted soo good i love cum and liked them watch me play with it in my mouth before i swallowed I felt really dirty and ashamed for awile after this because I DRANK MORE PISS THAN SPERMthat weekend but I also LICKED ASS till my tounge was covered with shit I was so turned on I really loved being there whore.... i never been with three guys at a time sence and now I want a room full of boys squirting in my ass and mouth... YUMMY....
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    I have been told that I was way way way too young the first time i tasted sperm. Lets just say it was on the changingtable. I was spermfed by dad first time, and other men, both family and friends, untill I turned 13. They then lost interest. I found other old men to satsfy, both orally and with my ass. I was opened when around 2,5 have I been told. Have taken the tradition with me to my own family.
    Knowing it is wrong, feeling guilty, but cant resist, wanting to be nulled now...
  • I was four and it was my Dad's cum, he was 23 and filled my mouth with his cock, fucked my face and throat , then told me he was cummimng and I had to take the lot of is thick, creamy, heavy load, he seemed to keep cumming for a real long time and I just loved it. Lucky me!
  • The first cum I tasted would have to have been my own. I've been able to self suck for as long as I can remember, and I first jizzed in my mouth around age 12-13. I immediately spit it out, but found myself enjoying the memory later, so next time I did it, I swallowed, and I've never looked back. I was already pretty used to the taste of cum, as it tastes pretty similar to precum, but what surprised me most was the delightful texture.
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      I was about fifteen and three guys, maybe about seventeen years old, in an old Ford picked me up from a bus stop where I was waiting for a bus. They offered to give me a ride across town to where I was going. I had seen them around town so I wasn't afraid. I was in the back seat with one. Somehow the conversation between them got around to using the taunt, "Blow me!" They told me the guy in the back seat was "queer" and he wanted to blow them. I said, "OK." Then, we drove out to a dirt road in the woods by the river and the tracks. The guy with me in the back seat got out and the guy riding shot gun from the front climbed in back with me, unzipped his khakis and shoved his cock in my face. I sucked his dick till he pulled out and jerked off. Then the driver hopped in back with me. He was a real greaser, leather jacket, blond curly hair etc., etc. I sucked on his big veiny uncut cock for a minute or so and then he blew a massive load in my mouth. I'll never forget it. I never did get to suck of the "queer" one and they never blew me. I didn't care. It was my first taste. I had sucked on other kids' dicks before but this was my first hit!
  • The first cum I tasted would have to have been my own. I've been able to self suck for as long as I can remember, and I first jizzed in my mouth around age 12-13. I immediately spit it out, but found myself enjoying the memory later, so next time I did it, I swallowed, and I've never looked back. I was already pretty used to the taste of cum, as it tastes pretty similar to precum, but what surprised me most was the delightful texture.
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    My older brother's cum was my first; 8 years difference between us. I was probably 11 or 12. He would be home all day fucking his girlfriend & when I'd get home from school, they would leave. I started rifling through the trash can in his bedroom one day and found 2 or 3 of his used rubbers--the cum still intact. The odor was so pungent--the undeniable scent of sperm. I began collecting these rubbers every couple of days, collecting all the semen and then would one by one suck each one of them dry or pour them all out onto a plate & lap up the sperm like a hungry dog. I lost count of how many of my bro's loads I consumed that year--at least one a day, sometimes more. If he knew, he never let on that he did.
  • I was 8 and sis started having me suck off her bf's. She forced me at first but soon learned to love doing it. Somecan\me in my mouth and had me swallow others just liked seeing it dripping off my face
  • My first time I ate cum was when I was 12 i put my moms clothes on and masturbated for the first time I member watching my self in the reflection when I squirted I ate it as soon as I did I felt soo gross but now I luv it
  • The first seed I tasted was of a superior black man in university. I was in a cruisy restroom on campus in the evening and was hoping to have an experience with a man for the first time. I was nervous and wanted to back out, but walked up to the urinal to pretend like I was peeing before I left when a black man walked up, whipped out his cock, and caught me looking at it. He never said a word, just took my hand and placed it on around his cock as he pissed a heavy stream of urine. I just stood there holding his cock and it was probably at this moment that I realized that I was a sissy faggot. No real man would have let someone do that to them. The first words he said to me were "clean it off" and I started to gently shake his cock, feeling it get bigger and stiffer, but he just laughed at me, reached up and pushed my head down to his crotch. My inferior white worm of a cock was dragging on the cold tile floor as I sat on the floor and began to suck my first cock. He went slowly at first, but then he started to fuck my face, but I couldn't take more than half of him in my mouth without gagging. He held my head with his hands and forced more and more of his cock down my throat as tears streamed down my face. I can recall hearing the bathroom door opening and closing several times and getting scared as I didn't know who was watching or if I would get in trouble by campus police if they caught us. It seemed to go on forever, but eventually I felt him stiffen and grow even larger in my mouth as he shot load after load of cum down my throat. I can still remember how sweet I thought his cum tasted as he grew softer in my mouth and slowly fucked my face, letting the last bit of his cum drain onto my tongue. I was hooked from that moment and also knew that I was worthless as a man and that black men were superior to me in all ways.
  • I was 10 years old when I walked into the woods, stripped naked, layed down and started jerking off when I noticed my dogs cock getting hard. The more I jerked, the harder, wetter and redder his cock got. I slid over, put my lips on it and tasted cum for the first time. I loved weekends in the woodss even more from then on

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