Condoms full of cum

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I love going thru the booths at the sex clubs and fin ding used condoms and eating all the condom from them......... so hot... I nusually sniff poppers and am sucking cock thru a gloryhole while drinkin cum from condoms.
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  • I like doing that too. I wish I had a buddy to hang with who likes the same thing, make a little contest out of who can find the most at bookstores and cinemas then share them together. I love rubbers for this reason (but not for fucking)...also like filling them with piss.
    I bring the used rubbers home. Some I eat the cum, others I leave it in and inhale from it. The scent of cum is my poppers...makes my sleazy imagination soar.
  • fuk yeah i love to eat out used rubbers, and outdoors from gay sites and str8 dogging sites, taste the outside, empty the anonymous fukkin jizz as i wank my dick.
    • Me too. There are a couple hookers to get fucked in cars in my neighborhood and I slurp the cum out of the condoms that they throw on the street afterwards. My profile pic is one of those.
  • Hi
    I love it to
    I go to place where young guys fuck their girl friends in cars
    when they take it off and throw it i find it pick it up and swallow the lot
    • I go to car park were young men and there girlfriends go to fuck in there cars I wait till thay chuck the comdoms out of the windows and go pick it up then I start to suck on the outside of the comdom before my tong gose inside of the comdom then start to lick all of the juicy warm cum out of it then I put it on my rock hard cock and wank till I cum inside of it just love to eat cum from comdoms I find
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    I've taken used ones from myself & others & saved them for later, sticking my cock back in them & using the watery cum to jack off again. I've also taken a used condom (usually my own) & shoving it up inside my ass until just the tip is left outside. I squeeze the tip & clench my ass, pulling out the condom & letting any leftover cum run into my ass. Then I like to play with my wet hole.
  • hey same here i m collecting all condoms full of cum witch i find in sauna or public place to use for lube or to drink some time we are 2 guys so we can collect more and we swapping the loads .or so i stay for h in a glory hole and have guys afte guys dumping load up my step is to have full condoms sent to my address xx
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    Nice. I found a couple at the bath house a few weeks back and added the loads in them to the 8 I already had in me. I walked home the next morning with a nasty sloppy hole.
  • I have never taken a load in the ass, but I've watched several gang bang videos. I think I would like to be gang banged and used as everyones cum dump. I started swallowing cum at 12yr, my brothers friend came over one day. He was 16 and knew my brother wasn't home. We talked about sex, jerking and blowjobs, he could see my boner and knew I was horny, so he pulled out his cock, walked over, stood infront of me, grabbed my head and started to face fuck me. All I really remember was his cockhead ramming the back of my throat, face smashed in his pubes and his hot load blasting in my mouth. That was all it took. I have craved cum since then. I did good for a 12 yr
  • I use to take glory hole vacations for a week. Stop at the adult booksstores and suck cocks all nite long. I miss those days. I use to suck 20 to 30 cocks a night and of course swallow every single drop.
    • fuck buddy I m the same way, spent days and nights in truck stop bathrooms, dirty vid theaters ... anyplace I could get multiple loads..... love to share experiences ...hitme back.
  • Tom
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    I had a room mate that tied his condoms and put them in the trash at night. the next morning when he was gone I would get it and hold it in my mouth till it was warm and then suck the cum from it. Some times I would put it on and cum in it and then suck our cum from it. I still get condoms where ever I can find then. I really like playing and suck them.
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    I used to do a post wank. wank into a condom send I to a willing recipient then he would do the same and send it back. do this until it was full and then one of us would get a liquid lunch lol

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