Fairy Meadow

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...a magical place where the fairies rule while the birds, bees and butterflies roam freely from flower to flower mixed inbetween vegtable, herb & rose gardens, berry bushes, fruit trees, fountains, gazaboos, stone pathways and evergreen hedges surrounded by a mysical forest inhabited with plants and wild life. An organic way of living with an environment for artists of all kinds from poets, painters & potters to drummers, dancers & designers (and any other skilled or beginning craftsman) to learn, teach and share their works in open studio space. enchanted little place to escape the reality of this modern day and age of choas and destruction. Go back in time to a world that provides shelter, food, living, art and beauty the way nature intended it to be!

...a "Vision of Romance"...a "Fairy Tale Dream"...a Place of Peace for many to enjoy!

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This tribe is for us to plan and discuss the creation of this beautiful place...from plants, herbs & bushes to fruits, vegtables & berries to annuals, perrenials & bulbs whether they be organic or tropical....any info on these topics, ideas you want to share or questions you have are welcome! Please just use our simple to find again format as listed: "All about...YOUR SUBJECT (fruit, vegtable or flower)". I look forward to creating this lovely fairy meadow in beautiful Upstate New York near the village of Cambridge, NY and hope to have lots of fun planning and planting flower gardens around the birch trees, forest and pond this Spring 2007!!! :~)

For more information about our artistic home, studio space and green building also see our plans for the Cordwood Castle at RSS Feed what is XML?

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