Turkish Shimmy

topic posted Fri, February 5, 2010 - 4:15 AM by  Sasha
Could someone please explain the arms for the turkish shimmy while turning the wheel? Is the left arm up or down while doing the two turns?
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  • Left arm is up.

    Never heard that "turning the wheel" term before. Cute!
    • I don't get it....what is "turning the wheel"?
      • It's the TSWAT in a circle. I think she's calling the circling "turning the wheel".
        • ohhhh, I see now....haha, cute
          • turning the wheel - to change the leader in a formation - ie. we dance in a moving clockwise (sometimes anti-clockwise) direction till new leader steps up. We use that term all the time in Australia. What do you call it in your country??
            • We just call it a lead change, transition, or "circling". I like turning the wheel, though!
              • I thought I heard someone say that in a GS or TT once, makes sense.
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                  we've been using " turning the wheel" for a few years....I forgot where I heard it, but it makes it for an easy reference.
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                    I wonder how the phrase "turn the wheel" works on the mind of students, as opposed to "changing the lead"? When I encourage turning the wheel, sometimes, students just keep turning the wheel - ie. chickening out of taking the lead. Does anyone have this experience with "changing the lead" ?
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                      Yes. I chicken out of taking the lead most of the time regardless of what Philippa and Jesse call it! Transition, change lead, I chicken out. Mostly. Working on that.
                      • I think the words...'turning the wheel' makes me think if facing in to each other in a circle, so I could see it being the same for the students.

                        We have a pre-designated lead in the fundamentals course and part of the combinations course, so there's no chance to 'chicken out'.
                • I definitely heard it used in my GS in Australia about three years ago - I have it highlighted on one of my pages cos' I liked it so much :)

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